Algeria received the third submarine of the project 06361 Original taken from a colleague ruspodplav to Order 01346 project 636.1 of the Algerian Navy transferred to the customer On October 2, 2018, order 01346 built by Admiralty Shipyards, OJSC, after completing the tests and..

In one row, sons of bitches! Trams on Tverskaya 29.07.18 Shot from the movie “Man with a Camera” by Dziga Vertov (VUFKU, 1929). Operator M. Kaufman. View from the bell tower of the Passionate Monastery Trams on Okhotny Ryad 27.07.18 Shot from the movie..

24 Warez Ru Information to the news Views: Author: Date: April 2, 2017 Walk on the Taimyr tundra Category: Home / Pictures Despite the apparent desert and openness, in the Taimyr tundra, life is in full swing at every step. Practically from dusk to..

Irina Keschyan, wife of Ararat Keschian Irina Keschyan is known as the first wife of the popular Russian actor Ararat Keschana, who is more remembered by the viewer as the charming Michael from the TV series "Univer". Despite its attractive appearance, Ararat is serious..

Sadomit perverts "Novaya Gazeta" openly advocate for LGBT culture Novaya Gazeta is notorious for several things: first of all, this newspaper is the mouthpiece of pro-Western anti-Russian propaganda. This is understandable, since this information dump is financed exclusively from Russophob overseas sources, such as..

24 Warez Ru Information to the news Views: 313 Author: Date: Today, 11:47 Chinese fakes of popular brands Category: Home / Pictures The Chinese economy today is one of the leading in the world. Given the potential of the state and its population, it..

Sudden happiness exporter It is profitable to cooperate with the “aggressor”, but as it is not “comme il faut”, for this you have to pay new “friends”. The Polish energy company PGNIG and the Ukrainian Energy Resources of Ukraine agreed to supply 200 million..

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