12 simple and effective masks from black spots for different skin types

Every person's skin is daily exposed to a large number of negative factors - among them poor ecology, dirt, stress, unhealthy diet. None of them keep you waiting long. As a result, black spots and acne appear on the face. One of the effective ways to deal with them is a mask of black spots for the face.

Black dots - what is it?

Black dots - what is it?

Such a small nuisance as the appearance of black dots on the face can spoil the appearance and mood at any moment. Is this really such a small problem? Inflammations strongly stand out on the surface of the skin and cause many problems to their owners.

Acne, acne, or acne are all the names of the same enemy of any woman - pinpoint inflamed areas of the skin that appear on the surface of the skin in the form of small tubercles. The pattern of acne on the face is pretty simple.Most often manifested in the form of several rashes on a certain area of ​​the face. There may be isolated cases of inflammation.

Black dots in medical science are called open comedones. Their appearance is caused by the blockage of sebaceous glands on the skin surface. The appearance of "uninvited guests" is possible not only on the face, but also on other parts of the body.

The enlarged pores of the skin become contaminated over time by excessive sebum, dead skin and keratinized skin cells, and external contaminants such as dust and dirt. The accumulated pollution remains in the pores and eventually takes the form of a small dark blotches. Hence the name - black spots.

If, with improper hygiene or trying to get rid of comedones on their own, they are opened, an infection may occur and an inflammatory process may develop. Acne with purulent contents is formed from the black dot.

The appearance of black spots is most often seen in people with oily skin. By gender it can be both men and women. Adolescence with the onset of puberty is characterized by the appearance of skin problems and the appearance of unwanted guests in the form of black spots and blackheads.

Causes of black spots

The reasons for the appearance of black dots can be several. The main one is improperly organized hygienic skin care. This includes a whole range of procedures, which include several steps:

  • washing in the mornings and evenings with a special gel corresponding to the type of skin;
  • the use of tonics to narrow pores;
  • use of daytime moisturizer and nightly nourishing;
  • timely washing off of decorative cosmetics and minimal use of pore-clogging agents.
Find the right care and determine the type of skin will help a beautician. If you use the wrong means, you can further aggravate the situation.

Enlarged pores can be a hereditary factor if all members of the family have a similar phenomenon. However, with proper care, the appearance of black dots can be avoided.

Hormonal imbalance leads to excessive activity and sebum production. If dust enters the oily skin, it settles and clogs the pores.

Many skin diseases, including the appearance of black spots, can be triggered by eating disorders.Problems of the digestive system can directly affect the condition of the skin of the face. On the presence of diseases of various organs may indicate rash appeared in a particular area.

Masking rules

Black dots

As one of the methods of dealing with black dots, as well as preventing their appearance, there is a method of using face masks, which can be not only purchased in a specialized trading network, but also prepared at home by yourself from simple products.

The use of creams and gel for washing is a daily procedure. The use of masks is a ritual that must be performed 1-2 times a week, as necessary. Masks with a carefully selected composition will help not only to relieve the skin from oily shine, enlarged pores and black spots, but also moisturize, nourish and rejuvenate the skin.

When using a facial mask, many factors must be considered. The most important of these is taking into account the type of skin. Recipes for masks in accordance with this requirement use different ingredients.

Skin type

In accordance with the condition of the cover, several types of skin are distinguished:

  • normal skin - there are no external signs of disruption of the vital activity of skin cells;
  • oily - there is an excessive secretion of subcutaneous fat, the appearance of oily shine;
  • dry - a feeling of dryness and flaking on the skin;
  • combined - alternating areas with oily, dry or normal skin;
  • fading - age-related changes in the skin, decreased elasticity and the appearance of wrinkles;
  • sensitive skin exposed to irritants.

Black spots can appear not only on oily, but also on other types of skin. In accordance with the requirements for each type of skin the mask from the black spots will be prepared according to a specific recipe.

The problem is easier to prevent than to solve. Therefore, it is recommended that regular use of cosmetic masks for prophylactic purposes.

Skin testing before application

The skin on the face is able to show a strong reaction to one or more components of the mask. The manifestation may consist in hyperemia of the skin, the appearance of severe itching and flaking. In some cases, a skin rash may occur.

In order to avoid allergic reactions and save the skin from the problems of black dots, the mask must be tested before use.

To do this, a small amount of the mask is applied on the skin on the inside of the elbow, and left for the duration of the exposure (15-20 minutes). If after the specified time there are no unpleasant symptoms - redness or itching, the mask can be used for its intended purpose, without worrying about the unpleasant consequences.

Steaming the skin before applying

Steaming the skin before applying

The procedure of preparing the skin for the application of a cosmetic mask involves pre-steaming the skin. At this stage, under the influence of hot steam, all pores open and soften the pollution in them. After that, a mask is immediately applied, allowing maximum removal of contamination from the pores.

Steaming of the skin is carried out for 15-20 minutes. After cleansing from makeup, hot water is poured into the tank. It is necessary to sit over it, covering the head with a towel so that the steam does not go out, and as much as possible has contact with the skin. Water should be hot, but steam should not burn your face.Otherwise it may have consequences - a thermal burn.

Instead of water, you can use herbal teas, for example, calendula or chamomile. You can also use water with a few drops of essential oils, such as tea tree or lavender oil.

Other rules

Preparation of the skin for the use of cosmetic masks should be carried out in several stages:

  • skin cleansing is the main rule for applying masks - clean face. With the help of special tools is made cleansing from cosmetics and other contaminants;
  • application of the composition is made in the direction of the massage lines. Compliance with this rule will avoid the appearance of premature wrinkles and signs of aging of the skin;
  • Before the procedure, be sure to collect hair and put a scarf or headband on your head to prevent hair from falling on the mask;
  • for masks with different composition emit a certain time of application. Do not exceed the specified period, because some compounds can lead to an allergic reaction or burn;
  • after the time the mask is applied, it is rinsed off with warm water without using soap.You may need to apply a moisturizing or nourishing cream.

Popular Black Mask Recipes

There are a large number of recipes for masks from black dots, they can be prepared at home from simple products that can be found in the kitchen of any housewife.

The main feature of homemade cosmetic masks is their availability and low cost. The simplest products in combination with other ingredients can have such an effect, which is achieved when using expensive cosmetic procedures in specialized salons. The main thing is to competently approach the choice of the composition of the mask.

With gelatin

Gelatin mask

Gelatin-based masks help improve skin elasticity and youth. Gelatin is a natural collagen that is able to easily penetrate the skin, promote its alignment.

On the basis of gelatin, you can use almost any composition of the mask, because the ability of gelatin to turn into a film after drying on the face makes it convenient for use in cosmetic procedures.

Gelatin in the complex has a peeling effect, eliminates impurities, including black spots, and also gives the skin a fresh and radiant appearance.

With paraffin

Paraffin is an excellent tool for use in cosmetology. It is actively used in recipes for facial cleansing masks, not only homemade, but also in salon procedures.

The ability of paraffin to actively retain heat, eliminate dry skin and promote healing of microcracks - these are characteristics that no other cosmetic product can boast.

In terms of black points, paraffin also showed significant success. Due to prolonged heat exposure, clogged clogged pores are cleaned and the skin is transformed.

The mask recipe does not contain any other ingredients except paraffin. Previously, it can be grated and melted in a water bath. Melted paraffin is poured onto gauze or cotton fabric. Impregnated cloth perform applications on different parts of the skin of the face alternately. Under the thermal effects of pollution out of the open pores.

With egg and soda

Masks using egg white are good for narrowing enlarged pores. In combination with soda, you can achieve an excellent cleansing effect, and the skin will become fresh and soft.

To prepare the mask, egg white is separated from the yolk and whipped in a strong foam. Then add a small amount of baking soda and mix. The mask is applied to a clean face until it is completely dry; the remains are washed off with cool water. After washing, a nourishing cream is applied.

With activated carbon

Mask with activated carbon

The most popular mask based on gelatin with the addition of milk. Several tablets of the activated angle are crushed into powder, mixed with milk and diluted gelatin in a ratio of 1: 1: 1.

Activated carbon is an excellent sorbent capable of removing accumulated dirt, including from the skin.

The mask is applied on a steamed face with a thin layer, avoiding the eye and lip areas. The layer is especially thick on problem areas. The mask on the face is left to dry completely and is removed in the form of the formed film.

After removing the mask on its back side, you can see the impurities that have been removed from the skin.

With oatmeal and green tea

Oatmeal is suitable for people with sensitive skin. It gently cleanses, moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the face.Oatmeal can be brewed with boiling water or green tea, which will also give the mask a tonic effect.

Green tea is also famous for its ability to remove toxins from the skin.

With kefir and oatmeal

Masks from black spots on the basis of oatmeal with the addition of kefir can quickly and effectively bring the skin in order. Lactic acid in the composition dissolves sebum, and oatmeal cares for the skin. To prepare the mask, the ingredients are mixed in equal proportions and applied to the face. After 20 minutes, wash off with cool water.

With tea tree oil

Tea tree oil masks have an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. If black spots on the face are accompanied by an infection, a clay mask with the addition of a couple of drops of tea tree oil will not only cope with pollution, but will also reduce inflammation.

With honey and lemon juice

With honey and lemon juice

The use of honey and lemon juice in the composition of the mask contributes not only to effective cleansing, but also to the saturation of the skin with beneficial microelements. Lemon juice also helps whiten skin and brighten scars and age spots.

With glycerin and aloe

Glycerin has a positive effect on the skin, nourishing it, softening and renewing it. Aloe juice has the natural strength of the moisturizing component. The skin after applying the mask with aloe and glycerin just shines. The components are mixed in equal proportions and applied for 15 minutes.

White clay

Clay is widely used in cosmetology because of its wonderful properties of exposure to skin and hair. White clay face mask does not require additional ingredients.

A small amount of clay is diluted with water or herbal decoction to a pasty consistency. The mask is left to dry completely, then rinsed with warm water. At the end is applied moisturizer.

With hydrogen peroxide

The mask with clay can be diluted with hydrogen peroxide or chlorhexidine solution, the effect of purification will be significantly enhanced. Peroxide softens the skin and impurities, and chlorhexidine exhibits an antibacterial effect.

With bodag

Bodyaga is a freshwater sponge that has a great effect on the skin, renewing it and combating pollution and inflammation. The mask is prepared from the finished pharmaceutical powder.The powder is diluted 1: 2 with hydrogen peroxide.

When using a mask, it is important not to overdo it on the face, otherwise the appearance of an allergic reaction in the form of skin hyperemia is possible. Exposure time - 20 minutes.

Useful recommendations

Useful recommendations for the preparation and use of masks from black dots are reduced to the observance of simple rules:

  • Mask preparation - if you use the recipe mask from homemade ingredients, you need to make sure that all the ingredients are of good quality. Do not use spoiled products, as this may cause an irreversible skin reaction;
  • using only freshly prepared composition - masks are prepared, as a rule, from perishable products;
  • application process - the mask covers the whole face or only problem areas of the skin. The area around the hole is not subject to application of the composition. The skin there is very thin, and an allergic reaction is possible;
  • Cosmetic brushes, spatulas or spatulas are used to apply the composition. Can be applied with clean hands;
  • Choose proven recipes from 2-3 components.


The fight against skin imperfections should not be costly for a woman. For many years, a large number of effective recipes have been pleased with the excellent results of the representatives of the weaker sex, and not only.

When using homemade recipes, of course, you should not expect a delightful effect after the first use, however, the results are not long in coming. In all important regularity.

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