34 week of pregnancy: the weight of the fetus and its movement

The 34th week of the third trimester gestation is an exciting period for the expectant mother. The woman is already living in anticipation of meeting with the baby, sorting out children's things, preparing the children's room. Her health is accompanied by habitual ailments (heartburn, edema, pains on the sides of the abdomen, stretch marks), insomnia, shortness of breath are added. But the woman has a different attitude to the temporary discomfort. This is facilitated by communication with the baby, which is not so often, but responds to the words of the mother with sharp jolts, smooth movements.

34 weeks of pregnancy: how many months?

This is the eighth week of the third trimester. To find out the exact time in the usual calendar terms, it is necessary to divide the obstetric term by four weeks. So, the question: “34 weeks of pregnancy is how much?” Can be answered as follows: it turns out eight months to two weeks.

To this period, a pregnant woman visits a gynecologist every two weeks.If there are complaints, the woman comes to the reception before the appointed time. At 34 weeks of gestation, fetal movement is a frequent cause of circulation, since excessive activity indicates its oxygen starvation, and the lack of movement indicates an abnormal development.

The tests for the normal course of pregnancy remain the same: blood from a finger, urine for protein. Additionally, a sugar test is taken if a woman has diabetes or a genetic predisposition, since pregnant women sometimes develop gestational diabetes. This disease is most dangerous for the prenatal development of the baby, and the consequences can remain after birth (hyperinsulinemia, asphyxia, mental underdevelopment).

Ultrasound diagnosis is prescribed for pregnancy complications (placenta previa, fetal developmental pathology, hypoxia, polyhydramnios, cord entanglement, placental abnormality, uterine blood flow). In normal pregnancy ultrasound are held at the thirty-second week.

Feelings of a woman

By this time (34 weeks gestation) mothers add about nine kilograms, the stomach becomes large.This is because the bottom of the uterus occupies the highest point, almost under the ribs (fourteen centimeters from the navel). Because of this, the woman has difficulty breathing, walking, heartburn, shortness of breath, and swelling.34 week of pregnancy

It is enough to do some homework (cooking dinner, ironing, cleaning), and the woman quickly gets tired, begins to breathe often. If there is no pathology of pregnancy, soon this malaise will disappear (as soon as the stomach starts to fall down). Colostrum continues to be released from the mammary glands.

The size of the abdomen "provoke" insomnia. It is difficult for a woman to find a comfortable place, and if the fruit is large, then you often have to sleep in the half-sitting position. Due to overwork, legs can swell, whine. If a preeclampsia is not established by a doctor, then foot massage, a contrast shower, and rest will help to alleviate the condition. Wear bandage, compression stockings to avoid varicose dilatation.

These are the most characteristic signs of this period (34 week of pregnancy). Belly pulls not all women. If this sensation without bloody discharge, appears occasionally, then it testifies only to the large size of the uterus. Most often, pain is felt in the back and sides of the abdomen.This suggests that the body is preparing for childbirth, "softening" the birth canal and preparing a woman for labor. If you feel severe physical pain, consult a gynecologist for homeopathic ointments for the joints, as well as test for calcium.

Complications of this period for a woman: edema, varicose veins, preeclampsia

Some mothers in addition to the usual ailments have a number of complications.

  • Edema.Excess fluid leads to swelling of the arms, legs, face. Easy swelling indicates the normal course of pregnancy, is a consequence of the pressure of the uterus on the vessels, internal organs. Swelling, accompanied by headaches, hypertension, rapid weight gain, can cause disruption of the kidneys or the occurrence of preeclampsia.
  • Varicose veins. This is a common complication if pregnancy is 34 weeks. Fetal weight is not the root cause of the appearance of varicose veins. It can occur in women with overweight, hereditary predisposition, leading a sedentary lifestyle. This disease is accompanied by night cramps of the calves, fatigue and pain in the legs, itchy skin, edema.Varicose veins without treatment can cause thrombophlebitis, which is dangerous for the life of the mother and fetus.
  • Gestosis. This disease is accompanied by symptoms such as swelling, weight gain, hypertension, protein in the urine. May occur as a result of placental insufficiency. The danger is expressed by the anomaly of the intrauterine development of the baby and the risk to the health of the woman.34 weeks of pregnancy stirring

Related problems: hypertension, anemia, stretch marks, age spots, gestational diabetes

  • Hypertension. It is necessary to constantly monitor the pressure, especially in this period (34 weeks of pregnancy). How many months of suffering hypertension? If it is a long time, then it is necessary to urgently be examined, since high blood pressure may be the result of a serious illness - preeclampsia, which constitutes a threat to the life of the child. If recently, it is worthwhile to quickly identify the cause, since very high pressure can lead to an emergency cesarean section.
  • Anemia. Iron deficiency leads to a decrease in hemoglobin levels, disruption of the digestive, immune and respiratory systems, and the brain. Accompanied by symptoms such as weakness, confusion, dizziness, fatigue, nausea. This complication leads to preeclampsia, in the early stages causes a miscarriage.Untreated anemia can be transmitted to the baby at birth, causing developmental delay.
  • Stretch marks, age spots.This is also common in 34 weeks gestation. Movements, shocks are not the cause of stretch marks. Their formation is influenced by the huge size of the uterus, hormonal failure. For some women, by the third period, the stomach is covered with acne and spots. Such a phenomenon can be a consequence of hormonal imbalance, endocrine disruption, ultraviolet exposure.
  • Gestational diabetes.This complication can occur in healthy women who do not have diabetes, as a result of hormonal failure. Usually, this disease goes away after childbirth or by the end of pregnancy, with the normalization of the functioning of hormones. However, women are at risk of being overweight, as well as those who in the family have had cases of this disease. Gestational diabetes helps to identify the glucose tolerance test. Symptoms of the disease appear unnoticed in the form of the constant need to drink, eat, frequent urination, feeling tired. The danger threatens the child more, who may experience asphyxiation, a low sugar level if his pancreas does not cope with the splitting of the incoming glucose.

Consequences of CI, calcium deficiency, gingivitis, placental insufficiency

  • Cervical insufficiency.It can be the result of hyperandrogenism, multiple pregnancies, uterine abnormalities, endocrine disorders. Most often it appears in women who have previously had an abortion, miscarriage, and other operations on female organs. This disease leads to spontaneous miscarriage or causes uncontrollable nature of premature birth. Symptoms of ICI are a feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen, as during childbirth, discharge of amniotic fluid, frequent urination.
  • Calcium deficiency.Now there is an active strengthening of the bones, so the fetus intensively "consumes" calcium in the 34th week of pregnancy. Hair loss, tooth sensitivity to food, brittle nails, pain in the groin and joints indicate calcium deficiency. Increase the dose of its consumption due to dairy products and multivitamins.
  • Gingivitis.Gum inflammation may occur due to a lack of calcium in the mother's body, a lack of vitamins, and a metabolic disorder. Bleeding gums cause pain to a woman during pregnancyThey become an attractive focus for infections that weaken the mother’s immune system, negatively affect the development of the fetus, in particular, the formation of teeth.pregnancy 34 weeks fetal weight
  • Placental insufficiency.34 week of pregnancy may be accompanied by a violation of the blood supply to the fetus, which is called placental insufficiency. Because of this disease, the baby does not receive the necessary substances, and intrauterine development slows down. Causes a placental insufficiency causes such as hypertonicity of the uterus, deficiency or excess of amniotic fluid, perenashivanie, disruption of the activity of movements in the fetus.

Hazards for the development of the child: hypoxia, polyhydramnios

  • Hypoxia of the fetus.An insufficient amount of oxygen in the body leads to a delay in the development of the baby. This phenomenon may develop as an abnormal development of pregnancy or it may appear unexpectedly. The causes of this disease may be the following factors: anemia, dysfunction of the placenta, multiple pregnancy, preeclampsia, large fetus, high water, intrauterine infections, stress, respiratory system diseases.The baby signals a lack of oxygen with frequent, active movements, sharp jolts. If the child calms down, then it speaks of depression. Hypoxia is diagnosed by cardiotocography or dopplerometry.
  • Many water.Excessive weight at 34 weeks gestation may indicate a surplus of anatomical fluid. The amount of amniotic fluid is increasing rapidly or slowly. Releasing dangerously repeated entanglement of the umbilical cord of the fetus before the birth or the appearance of preeclampsia. This disease can provoke acute respiratory infections, large fetus, chronic heart disease, kidney problems, multiple pregnancies, fetal abnormalities, fetal impairment disorders, diabetes.

Malovodie, placental insufficiency, large fetus

  • Lack of water. Lack of amniotic fluid is also dangerous to the health of the baby. If you do not pay attention to this phenomenon, then the child at 34 weeks of pregnancy can get such complications as spinal curvature, skin problems, clubfoot. Especially dangerous is the formation of simonart ligaments, leading to physical injury or impaired blood flow in the umbilical cord.Influenza viruses, measles, acute respiratory viral infections, chicken pox, sexually transmitted infections, anomalies of the fetal membranes, amnional hydrodia (amniotic fluid flow) can be the cause of lack of water.34 weeks of pregnancy how many months
  • Placental insufficiency.Violation of the functioning of the placenta is diagnosed only by ultrasound, cardiotocography and blood flow assessment. Treatment is carried out only under the supervision of a doctor with special medicines that help restore the function of the placenta to supply the child with all the necessary substances.
  • Large fruit.Bearing a large baby is not in itself a pathology, if the parents have the same build. But the rapid increase in the height and weight of the fetus may indicate a pathology of intrauterine development, which is why constant gynecologist measurements are necessary, ultrasound examinations. Also, a large fetus causes complications of pregnancy and childbirth.

Pregnancy 34 weeks: fetal weight

Externally, the baby is completely similar to the newborn. The cheeks are formed on the face due to the sucking reflex and an increase in subcutaneous fat. The skin is smoothed, the transparency and pallor passes, the fluff gradually disappears,but the protective lubricant increases. The bones on the head are soft, mobile, which is necessary for normal delivery.

The brain is developing intensively, especially the organs of hearing and vision. The lungs are not yet fully formed, but if premature birth occurs at 34 weeks of pregnancy, the doctors will save the child. By this date, the baby reaches two and a half kilograms with growth of forty-five centimeters. It is already hard for him to tumble, so his activity is decreasing. More often mother feels smooth movements. But if the child does not have enough oxygen, he feels pain or discomfort, then the woman experiences strong sharp jolts.fetus at 34 weeks gestation

In general, the fetus should adopt the generic status two weeks ago, but there may be exceptions to the rules. He can take the position of the head, legs down or lie across. If the fetus is in the wrong position, a caesarean section may be prescribed to a woman, if ultrasound diagnostics before delivery does not confirm the opposite.

Ultrasound diagnostic results

Ultrasound at 34 weeks gestation shows that the child has activated the work of all internal organs. In boys, the formation of genital organs is completed (the testicles should descend into the scrotum in a month), but if the child is born prematurely, this process will be completed by the end of the year.By this date, the fetus should have the following parameters.

  • Abdomen circumference: two hundred seventy six - three hundred thirty six millimeters.
  • Biparietal size: seventy nine - ninety three millimeters.
  • Head circumference: two hundred ninety five - three hundred thirty nine millimeters.
  • Forehead and occipital size: one hundred and one - one hundred and nineteen millimeters.
  • Thigh length: sixty to seventy millimeters.
  • Shoulder / lower leg size: fifty-five to sixty-three millimeters.
  • Forearm length: forty eight - fifty six millimeters.34 weeks gestation baby weight

At this time (34 weeks gestation) the baby’s weight is already 2.5 kilograms, so the mother needs to control the composition of her meals, since a large child can lead to complications during childbirth. By this period there is an intensive strengthening of bone tissue, so increase the proportion of foods with calcium in the diet. If a woman has problems with hair, gums, nails, teeth, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

What should be the lifestyle of a pregnant woman?

  • Sex. Despite the fact that sexual relations prepare the muscles of the uterus for childbirth, it is better to stop having sex at 34 weeks of pregnancy. Long abstinence scares most of all dads, but it is worth thinking about the child and wife.Now the birth canal is preparing for the upcoming event, ligaments are softened, and sexual intercourse, even protected, can carry the infection. In addition, the extra gestures can affect the baby, and he will change his position, which can complicate the process of childbirth.
  • Sport. For each trimester of pregnancy, there is a special set of physical exercises with different levels of exercise. In principle, any moderate load is allowed without jumps, deep squats, bending, sharp movements that can harm the baby.
  • Food. Gradually switch to a six-fraction fractional power. Eliminate the sweet and flour. Drink no more than a liter of water per day (at the rate of thirty-five grams of fluid per kilogram of weight). Do not limit yourself to drinking if you are thirsty. A lack of fluid during this period may undesirably affect the development of the fetus, provoking preterm labor.baby at 34 weeks gestation
  • Travels. The 34th week of pregnancy becomes a “borderline” stage for travel, as women are not allowed to enter many types of transport in order to avoid premature birth. Pay attention to this if you are going to travel abroad, as you may not be allowed back from the country.
  • Swimming. Swimming in open ponds and pools (without saturated chlorinated air) is possible if there are no contraindications from a gynecologist.
  • The walks. Useful walks in the woods, where there is more oxygen. Nature has beneficial effects on the mental and emotional state of women and children.

Avoid stress, excessive physical and emotional stress, which can cause premature birth. Wear a bandage to relieve the spine and legs. Move slowly so as not to lose balance. Listen to the sensations of your body and the activity of your child. Then the pregnancy will pass without any complications.

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