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In 2010, the film company 20th Century Fox launched the action movie “Team A” on big screens, whose actors are Hollywood celebrities. The picture gathered at the box office a good cashier. What is the story about its plot?

Short plot and creators of the picture

In the action movie "Team A" it tells about the adventures of a special unit of the CIA, consisting of four colorful characters. At the beginning of the picture, the main characters get acquainted while performing a secret operation in Mexico, unite into one team under the command of Colonel Smith, and then the action is transferred 8 years ahead to Iraq.

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Colonel Smith, along with his children, receives an order to illegally intercept a container with money and computer matrixes in Iraq. The task is complicated by the fact that officially there should be no American military on the territory of the country.

From the very beginning of the mission, everything goes awry. As a result, the commander of the American military base dies, and with it disappears the secret container that was to be obtained. Colonel Smith is accused of treason and imprisoned.However, after six months, he receives an offer to “recoup”: to illegally go free, find traitors and justify his good name.

The script for the film was written based on the eponymous multiseries picture, which was broadcast in the 80s on American television. “Team A” is a series whose actors are not as well known as the Hollywood remake performers. However, even among them were those who received the prestigious Emmy Award for their work in a multi-part project.

As for the 2010 full-length film, it was directed by Joe Carnahan, who also directed the thriller Narcobaron and the crime thriller Kozyrny Aces. The project was produced by Stephen J. Kennel.

“Team-A”: the actors (2010). Liam Neeson as John Smith

The main role in the action movie “Team A” was given to Briton Liam Neeson His hero Joe "Hannibal" Smith possesses, according to the plot, the gift of a great strategist and impeccable leadership qualities.

team and actors 2010

In the film “Team A”, the actors Neeson, Cooper, Jackson and Copley played companions connected not only by common secret tasks, but also friendship ties. For the shooting of the film, Liam had to pump up muscles and whiten her hair, because Colonel Hannibal has a specific appearance.

Liam Neeson collaborated with the aforementioned American actors in the frame for the first time. However, during a long career in Hollywood, the Briton managed to work on the set almost with all the modern stars of the “dream factory”.

For example, with Michael Douglas and Melanie Griffith Neeson met during the filming of David Zeltser’s melodrama Light in the Dark. Ben Kingsley and Rafe Fiennes formed the actor company on the set of the historical drama "Schindler's List". Julia Roberts became Liam's partner in the film “Michael Collins.” Ewan McGregor, Natalie Portman and Samuel L. Jackson met the Briton on the Star Wars set.

The latest projects with the actor are the Martin Scorsese drama “Silence” and the South Korean film “Operation Chromite”, in which Liam Nison got the main role.

“Team-A” (2010 film): actors. Bradley Cooper as Lieutenant Peck

Bradley Cooper, widely known for his films The Fields of Darkness and My Boyfriend is Psycho, in the project Joe Carnahan appeared in the form of Peck's operative, who is also a terrible womanizer. In addition to fulfilling combat missions, the theme of Peck’s relationship with captain Carissa Sosa inperformed by Jessica Beale.

team a movie 2010 actors

In the action movie “Team A”, the actors quite convincingly turned into officers of the US Army. After 4 years, Cooper once again had the opportunity to play a military - this time in the drama "Sniper" by Clint Eastwood, whose script was written on the basis of real events.

In 2016, Bradley played a supporting role in the biographical film “Guys with Barrels”, and also sounded Ben in the fantastic thriller “Cloverfield, 10”. In 2017, the premiere of the fantastic action movie “Guardians of the Galaxy-2” is expected, in which Cooper voiced the Raccoon Rocket.

Other Performers Roles

In the shooting of the picture of Joe Carnahan also took part professional athlete Quinton Jackson. Jackson is the UFC light heavyweight champion. In the intervals between battles, he is sometimes shot in action films like the movie “Team A”.

team and series actors

Actors Charlto Copley (“District No. 9”) and Jessica Beale (“Recall All”) appeared in the frame in the images of the captain of “Howling Psycho” Murdoch and captain Carissa Sosa.

In addition, Patrick Wilson (“Angels in America”), Omari Hardwick (“Love Songs”), Mori Sterling (“Trump Aces”) and Gerald Lee McRoney (“Gang of Motorcyclists”) can be seen in the frame.

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