Actress Alexandra Volkova: biography, career, films

Who is Alexandra Volkova? How successful is her career in domestic cinema? What successful films starred actress? This, and not only, will be discussed in our article.

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Childhood and youth

Alexandra Volkova was born on September 25, 1985 in Moscow. Our heroine was born in a family of hereditary artists. The girl's father, Nikolai Volkov, was one of the best actors of the Mayakovsky Theater. Mother Vera Viktorovna graduated from the State Theater Institute in Leningrad in her time. Alexandra’s grandfather Nikolai Volkov Sr. is known to a wider audience thanks to his leading role in the children's film “Old Man Hottabych”. In general, the family members of the actress come from an ancient graph family.

Alexandra Volkova graduated from the private school “Collaboration”, where her mother worked as a teacher. In her youth, the girl was fond of playing the piano, attending volleyball training, choreographing, in particular, dancing flamenco and tap dance.Closer to adulthood, Alexandra Volkova began attending model courses, began to regularly participate in creative contests of poetry readers.

After graduating from school, the future artist decided to follow in the footsteps of their ancestors. Alexandra Volkova filed documents for admission to the Shchukin Theater Institute, where she was credited on the first attempt. Here the young actress began to comprehend her stage skills under the auspices of the famous teacher Yury Shlykov.

Theatrical activities

After graduating from the Schukin Institute, Alexandra Volkova, an actress with no work experience on stage, joined the troupe of the legendary Lenkom. Here a promising, talented actress immediately began to receive roles in successful productions.

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The first work for Alexandra on the stage was the participation in the play “Juno and Avos”, where she got the image of one of the central heroines - a girl named Conchita. Then Volkova lit up in the play "Crazy Day, or the Marriage of Figaro." The young actress also played small roles in the productions of “In-Bank”, “Shut Balakirev”, and also “Visit of the Ladies”.

Movie debut

In 2004, Alexandra Volkova - an actress of the theater, received her first film role.At this time, the young actress was invited to take part in the work on the creation of a multiseries television project "Full speed ahead!". A year has passed, and the talented actress starred in the next series called "Ambulance 2". Then Alexandra Volkova, whose filmography was replenished with a whole series of motion pictures, was invited to another promising project - the television series “Doomed to Become a Star.”

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Career development

In 2007, Alexandra Volkova starred in her first full-length film - the criminal movie “Joke”. Then the actress was invited to participate in the work on the creation of the multiseries film “The Most Beautiful”.

In 2009, the young actress returned to theatrical activities. During this period, she lit up in the television play "The Marriage", where she got the role of a heroine named Dunyashka.

In 2011, the famous Russian director Vyacheslav Nikiforov invited Volkov to one of the central roles in the multi-part project “Group of Happiness”. Subsequently, the actress lit up in the comedy melodrama "May Rain", and a year later got used to the image of a young Alla Pugacheva in the biographical project "Courage."

Despite the abundance of proposals about filming a movie, Alexandra does not intend to part with the game in the theater. Over the years, Lenkom has become a real home for the artist, and the connection with this creative platform at Volkova is growing stronger from year to year.

alexander volkov private life

Alexandra Volkova: personal life

Alexandra Nikolaevna Volkova is the wife of the famous theater and film actor Sergei Piotrovsky. The actor's couple often appears on the same stage in Lenkom's productions.

Currently, Volkova focuses on developing her own career in film and theater, so she does not think about children yet. The actress devotes her free time to her childhood hobbies, such as playing the piano, singing, and dancing.

Looking around at the rapid development of a young actress’s career, it is safe to say that in the future she will have considerable success. Whatever it was, for becoming a real star of the national cinema and the continuation of the common cause of the Volkov dynasty, Alexandra has excellent makings.

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