Alatyr-stone in Slavic mythology

Slavic mythology often mentions the existence of a certain Alatyr - a stone, which, according to legends, is the center of the universe. Folk pagan beliefs endowed him with unlimited power. The adoption of Christianity did not send this sacred stone into oblivion. Like many other elements of paganism in Russia, he smoothly “migrated” to the new religion. It was just earlier that it was believed that on Alatyr, as on a throne, the lightning god Perun sat in the winter, and now his place was taken by the holy saints, the Most Holy Mother and even Jesus Christ. Where is this stone? What is the center of the whole Universe, connecting the living and the dead, Jav and Nav? And what is meant by the stone itself - what kind of mineral? This is what we will try to find out in our article. But for this it is necessary for the time being to move away from our modern ideas about the world and look at it through the eyes of our distant ancestors, pagans.Alatyr stone

"Father to all the stones"

The ancient Slavs (and many other peoples of Aryan origin) worshiped large stones.The last global glaciation left behind them run-down to absolute smoothness, similar to the huge "lamb foreheads" boulders. These stones are found in the middle of the plain, and it seems that they fell from the sky. In the view of our ancestors, pagan Slavs, it was so: Alatyr-stone flew in from the high world, and the commandments that the creator of everything Svarog sent to people were carved on it. The place where this “tablet” lies is axial. This is the umbilical cord of the world. That is, the sacred stone is the beginning and father of all other stones. Due to the direct connection with Svarog, Alatyr-stone has a powerful positive energy. The “Tree of the World” grows on it, and from under its roots rivers of living water flow. This stone is able to cure any disease, and those who come to it can be endowed with bogatyr force.Slavic mythology

The key to the doors between the worlds

The ancient people did not know anything about the solar system and the place of our planet in it. For them, the universe had a three-layer dimension. The gods lived in heaven, people - on earth. And there was the underworld. And he bound them together sacred Alatyr-stone. Past, present and future also converged in this axis of the world.Therefore, Slavic epics placed this stone at the crossroads of roads. He could predict the future (depending on how dear a person would go: you would lose a horse, you will fold a rattle, etc.). Russian literature often mentions that the stone lies on the island of Buyan, and that, in turn, is "in the middle of the sea-okiana". It is enough to remember that our ancestors believed that the whole earth rests on the backs of three whales. And these gigantic fish swim in motionlessness in the endless waters of the ocean. The passage between the three worlds - the far, the earth and the mountain - is guarded by the mythical birds of Gagan and the serpent Garafen.


The origin of the word "alatyr" is not fully understood. There is an opinion that this is a modified "altar". If we study the epithets with which folk traditions endow this stone, then the most frequently used phrase is “white-flammable.” What does it mean? Glowing-hot? But in another place we find the following description: "it is small and studen, but no one can lift it from the ground." Although often it is also called "kip-stone". V. Martynov believes that the etymology of the word has Iranian roots. Say, al-atar and translated - "white flammable." And from the point of view of another researcher, O.Trubacheva, the word of Slavic origin and means "sun stone". Alatyr, therefore, is amber. A confirmation of this version is the alternant of the word - “latyr,” that is, “Latvian.” By the way, the Baltic Sea, on the shores of which amber is mined, folklore texts are often called “Alatyr”.Buyan Island Stone Alatyr

Where is the island of Buyan

Alatyr Stone - says almost a third of all legends and conspiracies - is located in the “sea-okayane, and on the island of Buyan”. Where is this piece of land on which the altar, the throne of Svarog, the Tree of Peace, and the prophet Elijah drive thunder with clouds? Folk fantasy put him in the Black Sea. This is the island of Berezan. There is also a common opinion that in the Middle Ages Ruten was called Alatyr in the Baltic Sea. Slavic mythology sometimes places this stone in absolutely fantastic places, without being tied to any geographical objects. "On the bank of the fast river Smorodina, at the entrance to the Hell ...". Southern Slavs believed that Alatyr should be sought in the mythical country Irie, under the pervodrevom - oak. The stone itself gives folk tradition enormous size. In one of the conspiracies it says: "Whoever disposes of Alatar will break my spell." As for the island of Buyan, in its very name lies a violent force, beating over the edge.This clot of energy, like a motor, gives movement to all things.Combustible stone alatyr

Country Iriy

Some legends say nothing about the island of Buyan. They put Alatyr-stone in Iriy. Can we assume that South Ural is meant here? After all, before these mountains were called Irian. And they were called Repean, Riphean and White. If this is so, then under the stone of Alatyr the Iremel mountain is coded - the second highest peak in the region. On its slopes originates the river Ra (White), which then flows into the Volga. There is a third version where Alatyr can be: “On the sea and on the ocean, and on the island of Buyan, and on the Yardani river” ... The mention of the Jordan, in which the Lord was baptized, gives us the right to assume that Alatyr-stone is a symbol of the ancient altar built into the base of the temple of Zion. That is why believers in Jesus Christ honor him. And the god of thunderstorms Perun was replaced by Thunder-Ilya.Alatyr love spell

Satellites of Alatyr

Next to the sacred stone there are always some mythical creatures. They are the wise Gamayun, and two other fabulous birds - Alkonost and Sirin, as well as the mysterious snake of Scorpio (or Garafen). There is also a queen, “the eldest to all bees,” and “the black raven, all dawns, the main brother.”But the most entertaining character is “the needlewoman girl Zarya”. She sits on a stone-Alatyr and sticks “bloody wounds” with a daisy-needle. And this is not surprising. If healing rivers flow from under the stone, then the virgin should heal (sew) broken hearts. And suddenly the Slavic love spells surprise us with their wonderful poetics: Dawn removes her pink veil and dawn spreads over the plain. Alatyr-stone, like a certain Noah's Ark, contains the progenitors of all representatives of the modern fauna.stone alatyr conspiracy

Bel-flammable stone Alatyr

The function of the altar - “doors”, “axes” - turns this monolith into the consciousness of the ancient Slavs into a kind of unshakable and stable basis of the universe. Almost all the conspiracies mention the fortress and the eternity of the stone: "But my word will be higher than the mountains, stronger than the waters, heavier than gold and stronger than Alatyr." The “mighty power” hidden in this stone cannot be diabolical. After all, the epithet “bel” itself means good, life, good. And what is the word "flammable"? The collector of folklore Zabylin admitted that it could mean "light", "shine". And if we take into account that Alatyr means amber, then you can only imagine what mysterious colors this stone will play in the rays of the sun! Therefore, in the minds of the people he was endowed with fiery qualities, and was associated with the heart flame.And now let us recall what amber itself is. It is a resin of prehistoric trees, petrified from falling into the sea. Sometimes in these droplets, frozen forever, ancient insects are visible - flies, bugs. Their bodies are preserved in tar, having passed through centuries and millennia. Folk fantasy, guided by formal logic, gave amber the ability to hold in time feelings, which, alas, quickly pass.Sun Stone Alatyr

Properties love

If you want to keep your loved one, keep his feelings for yourself, you can hit on the power that Alatyr stone is endowed with. The love spell is read only baptized, so if you are not dipped into the holy font, do not even try to whisper anything: you can call upon various ailments. In order not to fall out from under the protection of the Orthodox, you need to read the words below in front of the icon of your holy intercessor and at the same time beat bows. Love spell can be done at any day and time of day. After that, you need to fast for three days and confess. Love spell is as follows. “On the sea-ocean, the island of Buyane lies a white-combustible Alatyr, an unknown stone. I (such and such, so named), will cross over and release all the power of the love spell.And I will send it to my beloved (husband’s name) so that his blood boils, my heart jumps out so that he doesn’t see peace at night, and during the day he searches for me. Stand up unquenchable love, inextinguishable passion, lash out at him, so that he would yearn for me, like a lamb at a sheep, like a foal at a mare. I lock the spell with a strong word, like white-flammable Alatyr. ”

Properties of amulet at conspiracies

Amber, framed in silver (a symbol of purification from evil forces), has long served our ancestors as a defense against all evil. To the weak, such a talisman gave vitality, which the stone Alatyr generously exuded. The conspiracy against the disease also called forth the positive energy of this magical mineral. Alatyr in this sense was a kind of altar, on which sacrifices were entrusted to the gods. Therefore, in order to achieve maximum success in this undertaking, the plot was read under a tree, under the roof of a church or house. "Kamine marmuroviy" in ancient Ukrainian conspiracies and la pierre de marbre in French magic - this is the same Alatyr-stone. But these magic phrases are pronounced above the marble slab.

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