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In some countries, primarily in America, members of criminal groups are called gangsters. They were members of mafia clans, some of them acted independently. It was a whole culture, albeit criminal, but many American gangsters became very famous in their time. They were legends about them, they were afraid, because some gangsters of America at one time were the bosses of the underworld. However, this fame remains with them to this day, even many years after their death.

Who are the gangsters

At the beginning of the 20th century, rapid economic development took place in the United States of America. Extraction of useful resources, industrial enterprises, banks - all this already then made the US economy one of the largest in the whole world. Under these conditions, great prospects opened up for criminal activity.

Many well-known American gangsters began their careers with minor crimes, engaging in robberies and robberies, selling drugs and weapons.Bootlegging was very profitable - the illegal production, smuggling and sale of alcoholic beverages, which were banned in America in the 1920s and 1930s by the so-called prohibition.

Large gangs appeared in the USA in the 19th century, a significant place in the criminal world was occupied by arriving immigrants - Italians, Irish, and Jews, who were not doing anything. But basically the image of the American gangster is associated with bank robberies, dry law and the Great Depression. Initially, it was the members of criminal groups that were considered gangsters, and later they also began to call this word singles.

Here are some examples of the most famous gangsters of America.

Frank Costello

Real name is Francesco Castilla. Born in Italy in 1891, but after a few years his family moved to America. There he took the name of Frank Costello and at the age of thirteen became a member of a criminal gang. The first time he committed petty crimes, in 1915 he was imprisoned for illegal carrying of weapons. After serving 10 months, I decided to do more serious things.american gangsters

Together with Charlie Luciano, with whom they became good friends, engaged in gambling and bootlegging.Subsequently, he gained a great influence and even had connections among politicians whom few American gangsters could boast. These connections helped him conduct business and avoid punishment. He died his death in 1973

Frank Lucas

This famous American gangster was born in 1930 in North Carolina. At the age of 14, he urgently moved to Harlem, which was caused by a conflict with a former employer. There he joined Johnson's Bumpy grouping, where, working as a personal driver of criminal authority, he gained invaluable skills and experience, which subsequently allowed Lucas to become an influential gangster himself.frank lucas

Fame to Frank Lucas came thanks to his organizational skills. During the Vietnam War, Leslie Atkinson, a retired US Army sergeant, his cousin and accomplice, helped Lucas implement a plan to transport large quantities of heroin. For this purpose, the aircraft used by the American army transported the bodies of dead soldiers to their homeland. As Frank Lucas himself stated, the drugs were transported directly in the coffins with the bodies, but this version was later not confirmed.

Carlo Gambino

Born in 1902on the island of Sicily in the family, for more than one century, the former part of the Italian mafia clan. He joined criminal activity from a young age, and from the age of 19 he began to kill by request. Due to the political situation in Italy and the fascist movement that is gaining momentum, the Gambino moved to his cousin Paul Costellano in America.famous american gangsters

In the 50s, Albert Anastasia became the head of the family, but Gambino believes his time has come. And in 1957, in the end, he decided to go for the elimination of Anastasia. Becoming the boss, he keeps his family in an iron fist, under his rule the mafia clan thrives and expands its spheres of influence. The gangsters of Chicago, New York and many other major American cities worked at the Gambino.

Charlie Lucky Luciano

Salvatore Luciana was born in Sicily in 1897. When he was nine years old, his family immigrated to America and settled in New York, where later his criminal career began in the Five Points gang. The group was engaged in racketeering and prostitution. In 1929, an attempt was made on Luciano, but he survived. In connection with this case, he gets the nickname Lucky.Chicago gangsters

By 1935Luciano is becoming very influential, his authority is recognized not only in New York - the American gangsters of the whole country call him the boss of bosses. However, as early as next year, Lucky is sentenced to a long prison term. During World War II, the US Navy had to turn to Luciano for help in disembarking troops in Italy, for which he was released from prison ahead of time, but on condition that he leave America forever. In 1962, he died as a result of a heart attack.

Al capone

Perhaps Al Capone can be called gangster No. 1. Alfonso Gabriel Capone was born in 1899 in Brooklyn, his parents immigrated to the States from Italy. In the underworld he started working as a bouncer, and at the age of twenty he moved to Chicago. The capital of the American gangsters opened up great prospects before the young criminal. Nature endowed Al Capone with developed intelligence, which he successfully used, moving up in the criminal of the American gangsters

Being engaged in bootlegging, gambling and pimping, gangster number 1 by 1925 became the head of the criminal clan. He loved being the center of attention and was known as a cruel manproof of this is the Valentine’s Day Massacre, which killed many simple Chicago gangsters, as well as heads of various criminal groups. In the end, law enforcement agencies were able to plant Al Capone in prison only in 1931, accusing him of tax evasion. In prison, the former gangster lost his health and died in 1947.

Many American gangsters ended their lives in gunfights with the police or in internecine wars of mafia clans. And only a few, such as Frank Costello or Lucky Luciano, died of their own death. However, few became famous too. Books were written about them and films were made, and the topic of organized crime is almost a full-fledged element of American culture.

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