Anatoly Yakunin: biography and family of the general

Even without being a pop star and a movie, you can become famous throughout the country. People working in law enforcement agencies give all their efforts so that the population of their native country can sleep, walk through the streets of the city. General Anatoly Yakunin devoted his whole life to the ministry for the good of the Motherland and became one of the most visible people in his field. Consider his career achievements, achievements, get acquainted with the family of the general.

Childhood and youth

The biography of Anatoly Yakunin could have been very different. All his childhood and youth he dreamed of working in his native village of Krivtsovo-Plot, in the Oryol Region, but military service turned his whole idea about the future.

The future general Anatoly Yakunin was born in 1964, on February 11. His parents were ordinary people. The father, having returned from the front, was practically blind, but still managed to create a large and friendly family. Anatoly Ivanovich has five brothers and sisters.

The boy studied at school diligently, was no different from his peers, just like all the boys, after school he rushed into the yard to play.

When the time came, the guy called for service in the army of the USSR, and Anatoly got into the border troops. The soldier’s life pleased him, and he decided that he would necessarily connect his life with the army, would wear a uniform with honor, work for the good of the country.

Anatoly Yakunin

Work in the Ministry of the Interior

Unfortunately, it was not possible for him to remain in the army, as his parents were waiting for his son to return, they needed his support, but Anatoly Yakunin began to wear his uniform. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of the native region immediately accepted the former soldier into its ranks and appointed him a district police officer.

Anatoly Ivanovich liked the service, although it was not easy: I had to supervise two villages at once. But this was not a guy's burden; he was completely given to work, and after three months of his conscientious service he managed to independently detain the criminal. It happened like this: he and his partner drove out in an official car to supervise the streets of the village, and they caught a suspicious-looking truck. Militiamen long pursued transport, not wanting to stop, but still managed to catch up with him. In the back there were five tons of grain stolen by the driver from the elevator.

After such a dizzying start to his career, Anatoly Ivanovich was transferred to the investigative department.

General Anatoly Yakunin

Further advancement on the career ladder

From 1985 to 1991, Anatoly Ivanovich succeeded quite well at the place of service, and was appointed as the new deputy head of the district ROVD.

Anatoly Yakunin, whose photo is provided in the article, did his job with high quality and in good faith, so he quickly climbed the career ladder. In 1994, three years after occupying a high position, he was again promoted, and since then, Anatoly Ivanovich has already been listed as head of the Department of Internal Affairs.

The department headed by Yakunin soon became one of the best, he had the highest rates. Anatoly Ivanovich was known as a hardworking and conscientious person, and from his subordinates demanded a complete return to work. Together, the team was able to become the best.

By law, the persistence and work of Yakunin were rewarded, and the subsequent increase was not long in coming. The next position of a successful person was the position of the head of the Department of Internal Affairs of the city of Livny.

Already in 2002, Anatoly Yakunin was transferred to the OBOP of the Oryol region, and headed this department.This position required great strength and patience, after all, it was already a regional scale.

Yakunin Anatoly Guvd

Time to study

Anatoly Yakunin knew that the position he received could be his last, and he would have to forget about his further promotion if he was not trained. Therefore, he became a student of the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and in 2003 he graduated with honors from this institution.

After receiving a diploma, Anatoly Ivanovich began to build a career more quickly, and in 2005 he was awarded the post of deputy head of the Oryol regional militia. By the way, by this time Anatoly Yakunin was already a colonel in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and he was only 41 years old.

Such a career growth can only be afforded by a hardworking and responsible person, who is used to being a leader in everything, to achieve an ideal result.

The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs appreciated such an employee, and tried not to forget about his merits, which during the twenty years of his service were many. In 2006, the colonel was appointed acting head of the Oryol regional police. It would seem that he was worthy to take this place on a permanent basis, but in 2007 he again had to become first deputy.The head was appointed Kolokoltsev Vladimir.

Yakunin and Kolokoltsev

This tandem entered the history of the Oryol militia. Together, these people were able to completely reverse the opinion of citizens about the work of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Many believed that the entire police force consisted of idlers and bribe takers, who were staring at the tricks of officials and bandit groups. Anatoly Yakunin and Vladimir Kolokoltsev held high positions, so they were also considered bribe takers. But they all were able to prove their honesty, and soon loud cases were brought against officials, most of whom were close people of the governor. These cases were logically completed, and many famous people received decent punishment.

Yakunin and Kolokoltsev did not stop even when they received warnings, direct threats, they wanted to either bribe or remove them altogether. But they fearlessly continued to do business, to administer justice. Thus, they managed to completely destroy one of the most aggressive and dangerous gangster groups, headed by the universally known Sparrow.

photo of Yakunin, Anatoly Ivanovich

Transfer to Voronezh region

Unfortunately, the Oryol police, and to the joy of unscrupulous officials, Anatoly Yakunin in 2008 was transferred away from Kolokoltsev, in the Voronezh region. There were many rumors about such a translation. Someone thought it was a kind of revenge of high-ranking officials who were spoiled by the life of Yakunin and Kolokoltsev, others thought that this translation was connected only with the decision of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs about the need to translate Anatoly Ivanovich, since Voronezh needed his hard hand. Other information also appeared, saying that the head of the Voronezh police himself asked for this hardworking and responsible person as his deputy.

The Voronezh region was three times larger than Orlovskaya in terms of population, so the plot entrusted to Yakunin was much more difficult and dangerous. In addition to the post of deputy head, Anatoly Ivanovich was invited to head the criminal department. So with a big stretch this translation could even be called a promotion.

Until 2009, the colonel had served faithfully and responsibly in law enforcement, after which he was able to receive an actual increase.Now the stars of Major General began to shine on his shoulder straps, as the President signed the decree.

Yakunin Anatoly Ivanovich family

Long awaited leadership

A man like Yakunin Anatoly Ivanovich, Major General, cannot remain in secondary positions for a long time, this is not fair in the first place. Apparently, this fact became clear to the main leadership, since in 2010 he was entrusted with the post of head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Novgorod region.

In the new post, Anatoly Ivanovich again focused on the fight against crime, but did not lose sight of other matters either.

Reorganization of the police to the police

In 2011, Major General successfully passed a general re-certification. Anatoly Ivanovich also took under his personal control the re-certification of his employees. It was important for him that real professionals should work with him, on whom it would be possible to fully rely, to entrust difficult and responsible work. His efforts were not in vain, and the department began to be famous for qualified personnel.

I would like to mention one more merit of Yakunin in the work on the Novgorod region. Before his arrival, the department was known as the weakest in Russia, the crime rate was off the scale.Anatoly Ivanovich was able to transform all the work, and under his leadership, people began to work, to achieve success. Soon the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Novgorod region joined the ranks of the departments that had the highest rates, the crime rate dropped significantly.

In this area, Yakunin did a lot, but it was time to take a well-deserved increase again and move on.

Anatoly Yakunin photo

Destination - Moscow

Moscow is not only the capital of Russia, but also its face, the largest megalopolis with a difficult criminal situation. The head of the Goldhead is the police should be a man whose reputation is not tainted by various unpleasant stories, with a good track record, a strong hand, tough character, and other positive qualities. It was just such a person that the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs saw in Yakunin Anatoly Ivanovich, who, not only by word but also by many deeds, proved that he deserves to hold a high-ranking post.

But some of the higher-ranking officials believed that the Major General could not lead this region, since he had never worked in the capital and did not know the situation in it. There was a dispute over the appointed ones, they wanted to give the post to another person who had worked in Moscow for several years, was his own for all police officers.But nevertheless, the track record, the performance indicators and the characterization of Yakunin were decisive factors in choosing a new leader. It was also noted that he is quickly delving into new affairs, easily adapting to a new region and successfully leading unfamiliar departments. Thus, in June 2012, a presidential decree was signed that Anatoly Yakunin would be appointed to office. Moscow police department adopted a new leader.

It is worth noting that V.A. Kolokoltsev, with whom Yakunin did a lot of high-profile cases in his native Orel region, before him headed the Moscow police. Kolokoltsev was promoted, having appointed the Minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, that is, the head of the entire Russian police. Thus, Yakunin Anatoly Ivanovich was again subordinate to the former chief.

Yakunin now

Anatoly Ivanovich continued to work in good faith in the new post. The successful union of Kolokoltsev and Yakunin was revived again, the crime situation in Moscow was completely controlled by the police, and is now at a satisfactory level.

One of the most famous cases of Yakunin in Moscow has nothing to do with organized crime, but the news about him has spread throughout the country. In the summer of 2013, an accident involving a famous singer Vitas happened on one of the roads.He was driving his foreign car, and knocked down a girl - a cyclist. The artist resisted the authorities, insulted them and witnesses, did not admit his guilt, and only loudly stated that now everyone will have problems. This incident was reported to Yakunin, and he said that despite the popularity of the artist, he must answer for his misconduct, insult of personalities and police resistance.

In September 2016, the lieutenant general was decided to be dismissed from his post, and to appoint him head of the Operational Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Photo Yakunin Anatoly Ivanovich can be seen in this article. This man was able to achieve unprecedented heights in his career without high-ranking patrons, because even his parents were the most simple citizens.

Biography Anatoly Yakunin

Anatoly Yakunin: family and income

The general does not like to talk about the details of his family life and relatives. He understands the dangers of his work, and the fact that many high-ranking officials and criminals have ruined his life, they can express a desire to win back to his relatives. It is known that Anatoly Ivanovich has been married for a long time, since his service in the Oryol region.He met his wife at work, she worked as a passport officer in one of the departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Anatoly Ivanovich Yakunin’s daughter Catherine became the continuation of her father. Since childhood, she dreamed of being like him in everything, her dad was an example of masculinity, an ideal of a man, which is why the girl went to law school after graduation and, having received a diploma, began working as an assistant prosecutor in Moscow.

Unfortunately, the photo of the daughter of Anatoly Yakunin is impossible to find, so we can only guess how she looks. Now this young and ambitious woman is working in the capital. It is rumored that she was able to achieve her transfer only thanks to a high-ranking patron in the person of her father. Like it or not, we do not know exactly, it is clear only that Ekaterina Anatolyevna is very similar to Anatoly Yakunin. She has the same steel character and a great desire to reach the top of the career ladder.

Recently it became known that the Yakunin family owns a posh mansion, the value of which exceeds half a million dollars. Many believe that this country house was built with money from bribes, since Anatoly Ivanovich himself earns about three million rubles a year, and his wife is no more.However, it is worth noting that the family lives and works more than one year, and they could have savings.

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