Apple vinegar from acne

Most people in their tireless struggle againstpimples unduly trust various medicines and expensive chemical preparations, although, probably, in every house in the kitchen a bottle of ordinary apple cider vinegar is kept. Do you know that a simple apple cider vinegar - from acne is one of the first means? It helps to dry the acne and cleanse the skin from them. The advantage of apple cider vinegar in comparison with other products is that it naturally creates on the surface of your skin an acidic environment, which pimples very much.

This useful product is obtained byfermenting apples. This apple cider vinegar contains vitamins C, A and B group. In addition, it contains bioflavonoids, iron, potassium, copper, magnesium, beta-carotene, as well as alpha-hydroxyl acids. By the way, the presence of these minerals and enzymes makes apple cider vinegar the most effective. Particularly important is the role of hydroxyl acids, which readily dissolve any fat deposits from the surface of the skin, kill pathogenic bacteria and purify dead cells, adjusting the pH balance of the skin, making it soft and smooth.

Vinegar treatment of facial skin. What is the effect of using it?

1. Exfoliating effect.

2. Cleans pores and removes black dots.

3. Disinfecting effect.

4. Toning effect.

5. Reduces the fat content of the skin, making it dull.

Is it also effective to use a homeapple cider vinegar from acne? I must say, in the cosmetic practice it is recommended to use only natural products. Therefore, home-made vinegar is better. Of course, doing it yourself is difficult and long, but the effect of its use is well worth it, and then you will be one hundred percent sure that you are using this product.

So, how to cook apple cider vinegar at home? For this, it is necessary to take the apples grown out of the city, preferably grown outside the city. And, you can use the carrion and overripe fruit.

Crush the apples (along with the core), foldthem in a large enamel saucepan. Fill them with hot water and pour in the sugar at the rate of 100 grams per kilogram of sour fruits, and for sweet varieties enough and 50 g. On top of apples should cover the water about 3 cm. Cover the tank with gauze. Then put the pot in a warm place (but not in the sun) for 2 weeks. The contents of the pan must be mixed twice a day with a wooden spatula to prevent the top layer of apples from drying out.

After 2 weeks, the wine from the apples is ready. Strain, pour into cans. And in a couple of weeks you will have a real apple cider vinegar. The last operation: filter and bottle the finished vinegar, corking with clean stoppers. The process is, of course, time-consuming and long, but the result is really worth it. You can store apple cider vinegar even at room temperature.

Here are a few recipes, where apple cider vinegar is used. Get rid of acne in two counts if you follow them:

1. Dilute 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with 5 teaspoons of cold boiled water. The resulting lotion should be wiped face and your problem areas in the mornings and evenings. This lotion can be stored in the refrigerator, but not more than 3 days.

2. Handful of chamomile flowers filled with a glass of apple cider vinegar. Insist is best in the fridge for about two weeks. Then dilute the tincture with boiled cold water in a ratio of 1: 4, mix well and fill the tincture in a mold for cubes, put in the refrigerator. Daily, wipe the face and other problem areas with ice cube from the tincture.

3. Face mask. Strawberry berries are mixed, add diluted apple cider vinegar (1: 2), persist well for 3 hours, then apply on the skin for 20 minutes (no more to avoid irritation). Then wash your face and apply moisturizing cream.

Many not only wipe problem zones, but alsothey drink apple cider vinegar for medicinal purposes. Reviews are the most positive among those who treat, for example, gastritis and anemia, of course, under the supervision of a doctor. Using 1 coffee spoon of vinegar and honey, diluted with boiled water, every morning and evening, you will achieve both general recovery and good skin condition.

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