Artist Boris Kustodiev: biography, creativity. Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev

Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev during his life wrote a huge variety of paintings. Many of them are full of bright colors, sun, fun. But not many people know that he spent most of his life in a wheelchair. Despite all the hardships and adversities he endured, his work is striking in its cheerfulness. The biography of the great artist, as well as interesting facts are offered to your attention.

Boris Kustodiyev

Talented student

Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev is considered to be one of the famous artists of the last century. He was a student of the great Ilya Repin. Boris Mikhailovich not only inherited the style of his teacher, but also introduced something special into it. The makings of a creative nature were laid in it in early childhood. Let's take a closer look at the fate of this amazingly talented and courageous man.

Boris Kustodiev: biography

He was born in Astrakhan on February 23, 1878. Boris Kustodiev’s childhood was not carefree. He almost did not remember his father at all. He died when the boy was only a few years old. A still young mother, Ekaterina Prokhorovna, was left alone with four children. There was very little money, and the family often lived hungry. What was enough of them, so it is kindness, tenderness, maternal love. Despite all the difficulties and hardships, the mother was able to instill a love of art in her children. Such upbringing allowed Boris Kustodiev at the age of nine to decide on the choice of profession. He liked to watch any changes in nature and transfer it to a sheet of paper. Rain, thunderstorm, sunny day, any other phenomena of the world around us were reflected in his work.

When Boris Kustodiev was 15 years old, he began taking drawing lessons from P. Vlasov, a talented artist. Thanks to these studies in 1896, he entered the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts. Popularity comes when he begins to draw the faces of the people around him. But the soul requires something else.He likes to depict genre scenes. He goes to the Kostroma province. Here he searches for nature for his competitive picture “At the Bazaar”, and meets his future wife.

Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev

Fruitful time

After graduating from the Academy brilliantly, he is entitled to a one-year pensioner's trip abroad and in Russia. Together with the family goes to Paris. By this time, they already had a son. The work of great artists Boris Kustodiev studied on trips to Germany, France and other countries. After six months, returning to his homeland, he works fruitfully. New ideas are reflected in his work, and critics criticize Boris Kustodiev’s paintings. As a recognition of merit, in 1907 he was admitted to the Union of Russian Artists.

Interesting Facts

Any information about the idol will always be curious to his fans. We invite you to get acquainted with some details of the biography of Boris Mikhailovich Kustodiev, about which very few people know:

  1. For the first time, the boy began to paint at the age of five.
  2. Parents were very fond of Russian art, literature and philosophy.
  3. Together with I. Repin, Boris Kustodiyev wrote the famous painting “The ceremonial meeting of the State Council”.
  4. Pictures of the artist became known all over the world when he was only thirty years old. He was trusted to represent Russia abroad, and his work won numerous medals.
  5. He was a great photographer.
  6. He worked in the theater. Preparing the scenery for the performances.
  7. Because of his illness, Boris Kustodiyev was forced to wear a corset from chin to waist.
  8. Before his death, the artist asked to plant only birch on his grave instead of a gravestone.

artist Boris Kustodiyev

Boris Kustodiev: creativity

His very first paintings were portraits. It was from them that he began his career. But the peculiarity of this artist is that he did not just paint the faces of the people around him. He revealed the individuality of the human soul through the surrounding world. Thus, the brightest portraits were created: Chaliapin, Roerich and others.

Later, the artist's work is switched to the image of the life of the people and the life of the Russian merchants. Every detail is in its place and carries a certain semantic load. His paintings are always full of life and colors. Kustodiyev liked to embody the world around him in his works.

The most famous work

Artist Boris Kustodiyev throughout his life wrote a large number of paintings. There are more than five hundred of them. Recall the most famous paintings of Boris Kustodiev.

«Horses during a thunderstorm»

A talented sample of oil painting reflects the artist’s love for nature. One of the most amazing and terrible phenomena of nature - the thunderstorm - captured in the picture.

"Merchant for tea"

The details here have a great meaning: a fat lazy cat rubbing against the hostess's shoulder; sitting on the balcony nearby merchant couple; in the background you can see the city with the shops and the church; genuine admiration causes still life of products located on the table. All this is written incredibly bright and colorful, which makes the canvas almost tangible.

Boris Kustodiyev paintings

"Russian Venus»

When the artist created this amazingly beautiful creation, he was tormented by the most severe pains. Knowing this, do not cease to admire the talent and spirit of the great man. The girl washing in a bath personifies female beauty, health, a life.


On this canvas, Boris Mikhailovich depicted his beloved wife and their first son.With genuine love and affection, he captured in the picture of his loved ones. For writing this picture the artist used only light and airy colors, he skillfully conveys the play of light and shadow in his work.

Boris Kustodiyev biography


Boris Kustodiev wrote it after a long illness and surgery that led to a wheelchair. Despite the painful pains, he creates a picture, completely penetrated by light, fun and unbridled happiness. The main place on it is assigned to the racing three, symbolizing movement. In addition, in the picture you can also see people involved in fist fights, street festivals and showers. All this is painted so colorfully, which further enhances the vortex of dizzying emotions.
Boris Kustodiyev Shrovetide

Family happiness

His personal life can only envy. At the age of 22 in the Kostroma province, where he comes in search of nature, Boris Kustodiyev meets his future wife. Yulia Evstafevna was only 20 years old when they got married. But for all her life she became his support and reliable friend. It was his wife who helped him not to break down after the operation and continue to paint, when it seemed that he had completely lost hope.

In marriage, they had three children. The very first - Cyril - can be seen in one of the paintings of Boris Kustodiev. The second was born girl Irina, and then boy Igor, but, unfortunately, he died in infancy. Julia Evstafevna survived her husband for the whole fifteen years, remaining faithful to him until the end of her life.

Terrible disease

In 1909, Boris Kustodiev had the first signs of a terrible disease - a spinal cord tumor. The artist had several operations, but, alas, they all only temporarily relieved the pain. It soon becomes clear that the disease has penetrated much deeper, and during the operation it is impossible not to hurt the nerves. It threatens to paralysis of the hands or feet. The choice comes before his wife, and she understands how important it is for her husband to have at least the hope of continuing to write pictures. And she chooses hands.

Now Boris Kustodiev is confined to a wheelchair, but his strength of will could only be envied. Despite his illness, he continued to paint pictures lying down. His courage and fortitude can not help but admire. Indeed, despite all the sufferings and agonizing pains suffered, all his works are imbued with bright colors and cheerfulness. It seems that even the disease for some time retreated before the great power of talent.

last years of life

Despite the illness and the wild pain that he was constantly experiencing, the artist painted paintings for the rest of his life. Boris Kustodiev died at the age of 49. He did not change his style of writing, and even his last works are imbued with light, kindness and happiness.

Boris Kustodiyev creativity

Fans reviews

All the lovers of Boris Kustodiev's creativity note in his paintings not only a strong vitality and energy, but also a reverent love for the Russian people and their life. The works of the artist are distinguished by their special expressiveness, brightness, and richness of colors. An important place is occupied by portraits, which are still considered one of the most brilliant works of Boris Kustodiev.

He lived a short but surprisingly bright life, in which there was a lot of love and light. It is remarkable that his paintings have remained, which can be viewed as whole hours, admiring the talent of the great master.

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