ARWU grading system

Academic Ranking of World Universities

The academic ranking of universities in the world was created at the beginning of a new century. It was published thanks to research conducted by the World Class University Center (ARWU) at the Shanghai Jiao Tong University. His final grade consisted of six points. The main criteria are:

  • the number of graduates, employees who received significant scientific awards;
  • number of important research papers; they should be evaluated by the world community;
  • the number of articles published in well-known scientific journals (the twelve major publications over the past five years are being studied);
  • how many scientific articles have been written, if you count their number per student.

Initially, the creators of this type of rating wanted to determine how much education is different in China compared to the world community. But their ranking of universities in the world from an academic assessment point has become very popular and popular.

Top Medical Universities

Medical direction is the most demanded education in higher education institutions abroad. The rating of world medical universities was created by a special agency "Ward University Rankines." It conducted a comparative description of more than eight hundred universities, studying their technical and modern educational opportunities.

World Medical University Ranking

The rating of such a direction was made taking into account the popularity of universities in the Internet network, the number of studied medical subjects, the level of teachers. In addition to these criteria, requirements for modern approaches in the field of medicine were put forward.

Technical Education Rating

The ranking of the world's technical universities was first presented for general review in 2004. He created a research center with the Academic Council of QS. The goal of the ranking was to strive not only to motivate educational institutions to grow and develop, but also to show what well-known technical universities are striving for.

This rating allowed us to show the degree of growth in the technical sense. In addition, it has become an additional motivation for the younger generation.The rating was based on the following criteria:

  • scientific, research, teaching activities;
  • the demand for graduates in the labor market in their home country and abroad;
  • adaptation of technical knowledge and skills to modern technological development.

All over the world, many well-known modern companies with IT-bias, scientific approach to various technical equipment prefer to choose graduates of such universities. Therefore, it is considered very prestigious to graduate from such schools. For many students, enrolling in such a university already means achieving some success for future career growth. The ten best universities in the world are:

1. Harvard University.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

3. University of Cambridge.

4. University of Oxford.

5. University College London (UCL).

6. Stanford University.

7. California Institute of Technology (CalTech).

8. Princeton University.

9. Yale University.

10. Columbia University.


World Technical University Rankings

The ranking of universities in the world is formed by various companies, which take certain parameters and criteria as a basis for their observations. Based on the assessments, a final ball is formed. Depending on the number of points scored, a list of top educational institutions is created, which are quite authoritative for many future employers in choosing future employees.

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