Baked powder "Pupa": reviews, palette, application rules. Pupa powder

What needs to respond to a good face powder? Women often want from this decorative cosmetics directly opposite things. So that it is persistent, but nothing dirty. That she matted and at the same time gave the skin glow. That its structure was air, but the covering of the face is dense.

Masking flaws, bronzer and light, tonalian and loose powder - can it all be in one box? Probably not. But nevertheless there is a product which as much as possible satisfies to all these so inconsistent female whims. This powder baked "Pupa." Consumer reviews found only one drawback in this product of decorative cosmetics: the flooding of the market with Chinese fakes of this Italian company.

The powder itself is quite expensive - about 1000 rubles (in online stores - 980 rubles). Therefore, it will be a shame if, instead of high-quality fluorescent powder, you have in your hands a harmful powder that clogs all the pores of the skin.In this article we will devote a special section designed to help you distinguish the original from the fake. Another interesting feature of the baked Pupa powder is applying it on the face. This can be done in two ways.

Baked powder navel reviews

What is baked cosmetics?

Many women are interested in this question. After all, baked rouge, and shadows, and powder have recently appeared. How are they different from the usual? Everything is very simple. Before packaging, such cosmetics are heated in an oven at 60 degrees. Rather, it is not a simple roasting, but a special treatment. As a result, the composition of the powder / shadows / rouge reliably retains moisture, as well as the most pronounced color pigments. This makeup falls on the skin with a super-thin layer, but creates a durable coating that masks all the flaws.

People with flaking often face the fact that powder exposes this defect to the fore. But thanks to a very fine grinding and slightly wet structure, this cosmetics reliably hides all the flaws. A lot of women have already appreciated the matting and corrective effect that baked powder “Pupa” has.Reviews say that if you have original products in your hands, you can forget about tonal creams and pencils that hide flaws.

A rich palette of powder allows you to use its different shades for the "sculptural modeling" of the face. This makeup does not create the effect of the mask, it is very economical to use. Due to the fact that the color pigments were subjected to special heat treatment, they do not change the tone over time.

Baked “Pupa” powder: how to distinguish a fake

Before we begin to describe the qualities of this amazing Italian decorative cosmetics, we will explain how not to become a victim of crooks. First of all, pay attention to the powder packaging. If we are talking about a product called Pupa Luminys Silky Baked Face Powder, then it should be enclosed in a box of radically red color (not scarlet and not pink).

Note that the manufacturer strongly emphasizes the price segment "above average", to which the Pupa powder belongs. The original has embossed lettering on the box. Bar code on a fake made on a white background. The packaging itself in an authentic product is made from high-quality cardboard.

We now turn to the very powder box.Fake gives too light weight. This is plastic, covered with metallic color. In the original product, the powder box has a noticeable matte shade. Turn the jar. At the bottom of the powder box there is a product code, which should coincide with the numbers indicated on the end of the red box (where the bar code is located).

If there is such an opportunity, open the jar. The top wall with a mirror of the original recedes from the foot only 90 degrees. A fake opening angle is larger. Fake issues and hard sponge. In the original, the embossment with the words PUPA was made in the middle; in the fake, on the left and underlined.Baked Powder Pup Shades

Baked Pupa Powder: A Palette of Hues

For other manufacturers, the color classification is increasing. That is, the lightest tone is marked as 01, the darker - 02, and so on. Hand-held falsifiers are guided by this logic. But Pupa has a completely different approach to labeling flowers. If we are talking about baking powder with a silky effect, then there are only four shades in its palette. But do not immediately assume that tone 06 produces a fake. Just baked powder "Pupa" shades has a strange marking, as if they were chosen by blind draw.

The lightest color, almost white, but at the same time natural, created for northerners, is called 04.Further, in the palette follows the tone of ivory, labeled as 01. Natural beige is designated as 05. And finally, 06 will suit dark eyes or tan. As you understand, everyones 02 and 03 are not in this line in principle. Such marking of shades on the product exposes falsification.

For a moment we will return to the question of the differences between the original and the fake. The pupa powder baked has a light and pleasant, but completely fading aroma when applied. The price of the product is also a kind of marker. Italian cosmetics can not cost less than ten dollars.

Good face powder

Similar product

Crumbly powder is produced in a very similar red box. The product is called Pupa Like A Doll Loose Powder. With this “like e dollars” the producer promises skin like that of a pupa. In the annotation to the product, he says that the face under the makeup looks very natural. The skin is as naked, but at the same time all the flaws are hidden, which are reliably concealed by loose powder “Pupa”. Reviews generally say that the manufacturer’s promises are not empty words. Many women choose friable powders, considering compact ones too “heavy”. But the product "Pupa" is more than lightness.It is an invisible cloud, which twitches the face with a vein, giving the skin a radiance and a healthy fresh look.

Compact powder "Pupa" with the effect of invisible makeup is available in four matting shades and two pearl. These latter are especially loved by users, as the fine shimmer dust gives the face an extra shine. But this is not greasy shine, say reviews. The glow comes as if from the inside, rejuvenating the image with the light of youth.

There are two ways to use powder. The first is to apply it on the bare skin with a powder puff (the sponge is included in the kit). And the second - to fix a foundation with a brush.Pupa powder


What does baked "Pupa" powder consist of? Reviews of consumers who have meticulously studied and translated the label, give us the answer to this question. Nothing harmful to health was found.

  • The main ingredient is talc. But this ingredient is part of any powder. Baked talc, unlike its raw counterpart, is not clogged. And this quality will be appreciated by those who have oily skin.
  • Next is zinc oxide. This component protects the skin from both cold and windy weather, and from ultraviolet rays.It also has antiseptic properties.
  • Titanium dioxide reliably retains moisture in the layers of the epidermis, and also forms an even layer on the face, masking all sorts of defects.
  • Thanks to boron nitrite, a light shine is formed on the skin.
  • Iron oxide is needed to maintain the saturation of the color pigment powder.
  • Aluminum silicates make the skin silky and smooth, and also soften it.
  • Everyone knows about the medicinal and caring properties of aloe vera extract.

And all the other substances listed on the label are designed to protect the powder from rapid deterioration and stop the possible development of pathogens in it.

What gives "baked" cosmetics?

Externally, the powder Pupa Luminys Silky Baked Face Powder is a bit like a sponge cake. In light colors - slightly baked, and in dark - more. This visual effect is obtained because in one box granules fit in three shades at once. Light, medium and dark tones exactly fall on the skin and, poured on it, weave into one very natural color. After heat treatment, these pigments become durable. You can be sure that the powder will not make your face more yellow or pink than you want.The bakedness of the minerals and their fine grinding ensure that cosmetics will fall flat on your face.

Powder does not create a mask effect, but will become a second skin. We have already mentioned that special heat treatment of mineral cosmetics allows you to retain moisture in it - as much as possible for a substance similar in structure to fine dust. And this miracle can be seen not only by the example of “Luminis Silki Baked Face Pavder”. There are other products from the baked "Pupa" cosmetics. First of all, it is such a good face powder as Pupa Luminys Baked All Over. It can be used for sculpting the face. Or use it as a bronzer or rouge.Powder of the navel baked palette

Shades Reviews

Women often have difficulty in choosing powder, because the lighting in stores is artificial. It is difficult to choose the right shade and fit his skin. Purchased cosmetics in daylight does not look the way it seemed in the store - a shade or two lighter or darker than desired. Sometimes the color leads to a stunted yellowness or gives the face the pinkness of a suckling pig. Therefore, many consumers are surprised at the scanty palette in which the baked Pupa powder is produced. Shades, despite the fact that there are only four of them, do not disappoint girls.Just remember that 01 is not the lightest tone. And then there will be no disappointment. “Pale face” shade 04. Girls with beige complexion should choose 05. If you have a skin with a slant to pink, you will fit 06. This last shade can be worn and tan, even bronze.

Another interesting property of baked powder: if you collect powder on your finger, the tone seems to be matting. But the word "luminis" in the name of the product is given for a reason. The powder on the face will play with reflective fine minerals. From this it will seem that the face is glowing from the inside. But if matting qualities of powder are important for you, then you can recommend another Pup product: Extreme matt. Again: thanks to the heat treatment, the tone of the cosmetics will not change throughout the day.

How to use the powder

Reviews on how to wear powder

In the annotation to the product states that it is suitable for any skin type. And indeed it is. Moisture in the composition of the powder will be like a fertile balm on dry skin. All the flaking will be hidden behind this light veil. But also for owners of oily or combination skin powder baked “Pupa” will be salvation. Reviews claim that it does not clog pores.In addition, fine grinding ensures that this powder absorbs excess fat secreted by the sebaceous glands. The result is no unpleasant shine.

Baked powder fits perfectly on the face, smoothes out irregularities, creates a charming face tone. You look rested, fresh, well-groomed. The word Silky in the name of the powder is also not an empty promise. Under such make-up, the face appears smooth and soft, like natural silk.

The forums are debating about how best to apply baked powder "Pupa." There are lovers of more dense coverage (or those who have something to hide). They are advised to apply a moist base on the skin and immediately powder the face. The effect of the mask, they assure, will disappear in five minutes after all the components come into contact with each other. But most users are happy that the powder can be applied to completely bare skin. You can forget the tonal creams, corrective sticks and the like tricks. This is important for those with skin prone to allergies. Powder is washed off very easily - micellar and even plain water.

This product is consumed very economically. Nine grams per box is enough for daily use for a year. But powder should be collected carefully. Sponge captures too much powder. The brush should be shaken.

How best to apply baked powder of the navel

General product reviews

Compact baked powder Pupa like most users. Of course, decorative cosmetics, unlike the caregiver, does not cure. But the manufacturer and does not pretend to make your skin less oily, problem or dry. “Do no harm!” - this is the main principle of the Pupa brand decorative cosmetics. And this aspect is very interested buyers. But almost everyone says that after applying the powder, they did not observe any complications and even more allergic reactions.

What about hiding flaws? Alas, burgundy boils this powder does not hide. Such problems are solved in a cosmetological clinic. But all sorts of minor flaws - pimples, enlarged pores, redness, dark spots, uneven complexion and even freckles will be reliably hidden from others.

Advantages and disadvantages - what is more?

Even the best product has its drawbacks. Some users found it an inconvenient and cumbersome jar in which the Pupa powder was baked. The price of the product also seems too high to many. But here you can argue. Good cosmetics, especially powder for the face, can not cost less than ten dollars. So the price of fifteen in relation to the impeccable quality of the product no longer looks so excessive.

More users say that the puff is gaining too much powder. But at the same time, reviews indicate that the jar is as if dimensionless - the powder does not decrease.

Of course, the advantages of the powder is much more than the disadvantages. It is absolutely not felt when worn, perfectly masks flaws, the skin under it seems soft, velvety, and on the face there is a satin sheen. Powder can be applied without any prior makeup. Color pigments do not grow dull and do not change tone. Powder does not spread and is not clogged in the pores. In short, a quality product of Italian cosmetics!

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