Beautiful nail design: nails are sharp. French on sharp nails

Sharp nails are the fashion trend of the season. They are firmly held at the peak of popularity. There is every reason for this. Sharp nails are beautiful and feminine. Such a shape will make the handles attractive and slightly dangerous.

Grow or grow?

Today you can find many women with sharp nails. Previously, girls spent several months to achieve this effect. Modern extension technologies allow you to create great shape quickly enough. Own nails can also grow. But they will be felt completely differently. Thin edges will require constant filing and special care.

Nails are sharp - the dream of many girls. Do not want to increase? Try to grow yourself. Nails will not be too long, but they will look very impressive. Handle with care. Nail can catch on. It can cause injury.

Who can become a catwoman?

The sharp form of nails is not suitable for all girls. Owners of wide palms is better to choose another trend. Fingers should not be very thin, but not fat. Sharp nails will make the palm longer. Narrow fingers will seem too thin. Sharp nails are ideal for medium-sized rectangular hands and fingers. Hand skin should be well groomed.

Want to grow long nails? Take care of the nutrition and strengthening of the plate. Nails should be flat and strong. Otherwise they will begin to break and crack. It is impossible to apply a smooth coating on weak and uneven plates. Start by adjusting your diet. Eat calcium-rich foods: milk, kefir, cheese, sweet peppers, nuts and greens. Zinc is required for strong nails. It is found in garlic, spinach, beets, beans, peas and mushrooms.

We strengthen the plate

Sharp nails need gelatin. Eat marmalade, meat broths and fish soup. Cook jelly and jelly. Strengthening trays are useful. Buy in a pharmacy vitamin A, dissolve it in warm water. Add vegetable oil and lemon juice. Lower your arms and hold for twenty minutes. Flush the liquid is not necessary.Just wipe your hands with a damp cloth.

Salt baths are very useful. They are best done at bedtime. Use sea salt. It has a lot of nutrients. Natural lemon juice has a good effect. Cut the citrus fruit in half and dip the nails into it. Hold for ten minutes. Perform the procedure every other day for two weeks.

sharp nails

What determines the choice of design?

How to decorate sharp nails? Photos show a variety of design options. Often, girls do not dare to change the shape of the nails. Until now, many have a conservative square in priority. But if there is an important event or a fun party ahead, change the shape and design of the nails. You will immediately feel renewed.

Supporters of the acute form are most often supporters of gel extensions. On its own nails to achieve the effect of cat's claws is difficult. Plates should be long. Grow them is not easy. Own plates often break. Sharp nails are strong and quite comfortable. They look neat. An experienced master is able to turn nails into an artistic masterpiece. Learn fashion trends of the season. Choose your favorite design.Much depends on the upcoming event. At the wedding, it is desirable to choose a floral painting and pastel shades of lacquer. A dark pigment with neon shine is suitable for a party.

sharp nails photo

Well-groomed handles in summer and winter

Sharp nails, photos of which demonstrate colorful colors, can be of different shapes. The picture should match her. The triangular shape blends well with a monochromatic shiny varnish. Today transparent nails with sparkles are very fashionable. You can use bright varnish, such as blue, gray or amber.

The design of sharp nails depends on the time of year. Spring and summer floral prints are appropriate. During the summer holidays, you can draw a whole glade on your nails. Chamomile, cornflowers and clover on a shiny green background will go well with a transparent base. Rounded nails are suitable for floral design.

In winter, geometric abstract patterns will look good. Squares, dots and broken lines are combined with black and white colors. Want summer brightness? Combine the abstract pattern with two harmonious hues: blue and orange, lilac and green, red and white.

sharp nail design

Conservative colors are in priority

The design of sharp nails involves the use of decorative elements: foil, fabric and lace. Classic is always in fashion. As well as traditional French manicure. It goes well with the rectangular tips of sharp nails. Individual fingers can be decorated with drawings. Nail art (nail design) should be combined with clothing. Monochrome coverage is still popular. It can be matte or shiny.

The sharp form of nails always attracts attention. She alone is quite extravagant. Therefore, choosing such a form, it is better to dwell on a conservative color scheme. Too bright shades and a large amount of gloss in certain circumstances may look vulgar. It is better to limit to two colors, one of which must be neutral. With rounded nail tips, it will be appropriate to completely paint the plate using a smooth transition of similar shades. They are better placed diagonally. The imperceptible transition of black to gray will give the image severity and even some gloom.The combination of blue and blue with a pearl shimmer is the perfect option for summer holidays by the sea.

sharp extended nails

Lunar and aquarium design

Manicure for sharp nails can be done very different. Recently, many fashionable women prefer to allocate a contrasting varnish hole. You can make such a manicure at home. Cover the plate with light varnish. Glue the stencil on the hole. Paint the nail with a bright or dark contrasting lacquer. Stencil remove.

Looks great on the nails aquarium design. This name is associated with the impression of depth. Drawing on the nails is covered with clear varnish. So there are associations with fish and algae in the water. Aquarium design is often combined with drawings on the marine theme.

sharp nails

French manicure forever

French on sharp nails - this is an updated classic. French manicure has long been known. Its basis is the contrast division of the nail along the line of the so-called "smile" (the beginning of the free edge). Traditional French manicure is performed on rectangular own nails. The plate is painted beige or light pink lacquer.A white or transparent fixer is applied to the free edge. To create a French manicure use a stencil.

Today, the masters modify the traditional jacket. Only the contrast division of the nail into two parts along the “smile” line is preserved. Most often the plate remains transparent. Contrast lacquer is applied to the free edge. Drawing can be any. Its location depends on the shape of the tips. If it resembles almonds, the pattern is placed in the center or side of the plate. With pointed triangular tips, the emphasis is on the free edge of the nail.

manicure on sharp nails

The modern version of the French manicure involves bright solutions. Perhaps a combination of two contrasting colors without a pattern. They are separated by a "smile" line. The plate is painted in a dark color (for example, black), and the edge of the nail is bright (preferably red).

Perfect manicure at home

Want to make a chic french at home? It is not difficult. For drawing you need acrylic paints. They do not spread over the plate and are not absorbed. You need to buy a special thin brush. It is easily cleaned from dried paint.

If you often do a manicure at home, it is advisable to purchase a set of necessary varnishes and tools. It has a base and a fixer, as well as two types of color coating - beige (skin color) and white. There are no brushes in the set, however there are stencils adapted to create a French manicure. If you buy all these funds separately, it will be expensive. The price of the set is quite profitable.

french on sharp nails

Sharp nails are not suitable for women engaged in physical labor. Problems may arise with beauties working at the computer. Long extended nails in everyday life are rather uncomfortable. It is best to do a nail design before an important event. Exquisitely decorated nails perfectly complement the trendy look.

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