Ben Affleck: Filmography, Biography, and Interesting Facts

Ben Affleck's filmography is quite impressive. This is a famous Hollywood actor who also tried himself in the role of a director, screenwriter and producer. As a screenwriter, he received the greatest fame, winning two Oscars. The first co-authored with Matt Damon for the screenplay of Good Clever Will Hunting, and the second with Grant Heslov and George Clooney for Operation Argo. But as an actor he was often given negative reviews. In particular, he was nominated for the Golden Prize. raspberry "for several of his paintings -" Daredevil "," Gigli "," Payback Hour "," Pearl Harbor "," Armageddon ". It is noteworthy that in 2015 he managed to become the winner of the reputation for restoring reputation after the picture" Operation " "and the movie" Disappeared, "in which he acted as an actor. This time his game was highly appreciated by critics.

Biography of the actor

Ben Affleck Filmography

The film Ben Ben Affleck opens a little-known picture "Dark end of the street." The actor was born in 1972.He was born in the city of Berkeley, located in California. His mother was a teacher, and his father worked as a doctor. You will learn about the biography, the date of birth of Ben Affleck in this article - he celebrates his birthday on 15 August.

When he was twelve years old, he played a small role in a television series called Mimi's Journey. Around this time, he met Matt Damon, who soon became his best friend. After graduating from school, the hero of our article went to study at the University of Vermont. But as a result, dropped out and moved to Hollywood.

Debut roles

Film Lobotryasy

One of the first high-profile roles in Ben Affleck filmography - Kevin Smith's comedy "Lobotryasy". The painting is dedicated to the young guys named Brodie and TI. All actions take place in one day. They go to the supermarket to just hang out regularly. At the same time, they manage to put up and quarrel with their girls, sort things out, discuss common friends and each other.

Affleck plays a character named Shannon Hamilton. He works as a salesman from the fashion department. Shannon and Brodie mutually hate each other.The first for the fact that Brody never buys anything in the supermarket, and the second for the fact that Shannon is a dandy who constantly tries to shoo him away, and also takes the girl away from him.

This was the second film from Smith’s so-called Jersey Trilogy. The previous picture was called "Clerks", and the next one was "Chasing Amy."

"Glitter glory"

Glitter Glory Movie

Films with Ben Affleck, a list of which is given in this article, also include Rich Wilks' Glitter of Glory comedy. This is an independent story about five friends who finish their studies, trying to extend their friendship as long as possible, until their paths completely diverge in different directions.

This time Afflek gets the main role. He plays a university graduate named Jack Freeman, who specializes in the study of art. In parallel, he is experiencing problems on a personal front (the girl Dina, with whom they were together, is going to quit him). Together with friends, he lives in a house called "El Rancho".

In 1997, another film directed by Kevin Smith appeared in Ben Affleck’s full filmography - “The Pursuit of Amy”. This tape is dedicated to the relationship between a bisexual and a heterosexual man.Affleck plays Holden MacNeil, who, along with his friend, is trying to create a comic under the original title "The Pykhar and the Chronicles." Explicit prototypes of the main characters of this work are, of course, Jay and Silent Bob.

Events in the picture begin to evolve rapidly when the main character meets a girl Alice, who draws comics herself. He practically falls in love with her at first sight, but all his hopes are crumbling when he learns that Alice is a lesbian.

It is worth noting that these roles, although they were very successful, did not bring Afflek real glory and recognition. He managed to fix something by changing the scope of his activities.

Work as a screenwriter

The film Good Will Hunting

Ben Affleck, a biography whose birth date is given in this article, decided to join forces with an old friend Matt Damon to write the script. The fruit of their joint work was the picture "Good Will Hunting," which was shot by Gus Van Sent. At the same time, at the stage of writing the script, they wrote two roles directly for themselves.

In this picture, Ben Affleck starred. In the actor's filmography, the tape has become a significant work. The script itself was acquired by Miramax, which selected the director, and invited Robin Williams to one of the key roles.

Damon plays the main character, who has phenomenal abilities that allow him to make discoveries in the field of mathematics. He also has an incredible memory, thanks to which he manages to regularly accumulate encyclopedic knowledge. But he himself gives this talent a little value. His work is not related to science, on an ongoing basis, he works as the most common cleaner at the Institute of Technology in Massachusetts. He lives in a poorly furnished house in the outskirts of Boston in the south of the country. He is very well brought up, but subconsciously accuses himself of having a poor life.

When classes begin, he easily solves the problem that only graduates can do in the theory of algebraic graphs. The task was left on the board by Professor Gerald Lambo, so that one of the students could solve it by the end of the semester.

The actor Ben Affleck in the film plays a character named Chucky Sullivan. He is the best friend of Will, to whom he admits that he would have dreamed of remaining as a laborer with a small salary for the rest of his life, than to experience failure and disappointment in the future.Chucky is indignant; he is convinced that Will simply buries his talent in the ground, wasting the enormous potential given to him. Chucky confesses to a friend in his dream of knocking on his door one morning and discovering that he was gone.

In the finale of the film it happens. This is one of the best films in Ben Affleck filmography. In 1998, he received two Oscars. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon won the statuette for the best screenplay, and Robin Williams for the best supporting role. Also, the script for this film was awarded the Golden Globe Awards and the US National Council of Film Critics.

It turned out to be a very commercially successful project, which can be attributed to the best Ben Affleck films with his participation. With a relatively small budget of $ 10 million, the picture has earned 20 times more.


Movie Armageddon

The next notable film in the film Ben Affleck was the dramatic film-catastrophe of Michael Bay "Armageddon". The main role in this tape was played by Bruce Willis. The project was high-budget, justified and in the box office. The picture has collected about 0.5 billion dollars.

In the center of the narrative is the planet Earth, which is regularly subjected to meteorite attacks. During one of these attacks, New York is seriously suffering.NASA blames terrorists on everything, but an amateur astronomer notices that in reality a giant asteroid is approaching Earth. At NASA, it is calculated that in exactly 18 days the asteroid will fall to the ground. According to forecasts, the result of a collision can be fatal - all living creatures, even bacteria, will die. This will be the finale of human history. This picture can rightly be attributed to all the best films with Ben Affleck. In it he gets the role of Hey Jay Frost. In the filmography of the actor Ben Affleck "Armageddon" plays an important role.

After this success follows some not entirely successful works of the hero of our article. For example, Bronwen Hughes’s comedy melodrama "Forces of Nature" in which he plays with Sandra Bullock. But after this failure, Ben Afflek in the film "Dogma" manages to rehabilitate. He leaves an ambiguous impression among critics and viewers, but is still popular. In this tape, he reappears with his old friend Matt Damon, with whom they live through all the scandals associated with the release of the picture on the screen.

"Pearl Harbor"

Pearl Harbor Film

In the filmography of Ben Affleck (from the list of the best films) includes the dramatic military fighter Michael Bay (his actor is removed not for the first time) "Pearl Harbor".The hero of this article plays Lieutenant Rafe McCowley, who with the development of the plot becomes the captain.

Together with his friend Daniel Walker, they are fond of aviation from early childhood, as a result they fulfill their dream, becoming air pilots. At Rafe at this time begins a romantic relationship with a nurse named Evelyn, but lovers are waiting for separation very soon. Rafe is part of the so-called "Eagle Squadron", which is based in the UK. That is where he goes to fight the Nazis.

At the same time, Evelyn and Danny are sent to a military base in Pearl Harbor. It is there that the message about the death of Rafe comes. His friend and girlfriend are experiencing this loss, as a result they find peace in each other, over time they come closer, a new connection arises between them. When it seems that nothing threatens their relationship, Rafe suddenly comes to everyone in Pearl Harbor. It turns out that he managed to escape from a sunken plane, and French fishermen pulled him to the shore. Resistance activists sent him to his homeland.

Yesterday's friends are starting to sort things out on high tones, which as a result leads to a real fight, because of which they have to first escape from the police, and then spend the night in a car by the road.

In parallel, another storyline unfolds: the Japanese military command is developing a plan to strike at Pearl Harbor. They succeed, the Americans are caught off guard. Evelyn and her friends help the wounded in the hospital from morning to evening, and Danny and Rafe manage to raise several fighters to shoot down Japanese planes. The US command, in order to consolidate its victory and put psychological pressure on the enemy, arranges a large-scale bombardment of Tokyo. Then friends send volunteers to the front.

At this time they get bombers, who from the number of shells hardly take off from an aircraft carrier. As a result, they manage to fly to Tokyo and drop bombs on the city. Since there is not enough fuel for the return journey, Rafe and Danny decide to sit on the border in China, which was not occupied by Japan at that time. But there they are immediately captured. Danny makes a sacrifice to save Rafe. At the end of the picture, Rafe remains with Evelyn, they bring up the child together.

In the filmography of Ben Affleck (Ben Affleck), this work becomes one of the most prominent and loved by viewers.

Another Oscar award

It is noteworthy that in the biography of Ben Affleck there is another Oscar award (for the film “Operation Argo”). It is especially important since Affleck received an Oscar soon after the release of several unsuccessful pictures with his participation. In particular, this is dramatic fighter Phil Robinson "The Price of Fear," superhero fighter Mark Stephen Johnson, "Daredevil," a fantastic fighter by John Wu, "Paycheck".

"Operation Argo" won an Oscar in 2013 for the best film of the year and the best producer.

Again at the peak of popularity

Movie Operation Argo

Speaking about all the films with Ben Affleck, you need to tell about Affleck’s own tape called “Operation Argo.” This is a historical political detective story about the operation of American special services to rescue diplomats from Tehran.

Affleck in this picture not only plays a major role, but also acts as a director and producer. The film tells about the events in Iran in November 1979, when the revolutionary movement reaches its climax. Islamists are trying to storm the American embassy, ​​rushing into its territory. Employees in a panic and rush destroy important documents and seals.In this case, 52 employees of the diplomatic mission find themselves in captivity, only six of them manage to escape, finding refuge in the mansion of the Canadian ambassador Ken Taylor. Affleck himself plays a major role in this picture - CIA agent Tony Mendes. This film allowed him to return to acting Olympus, to restore his reputation after several unsuccessful tapes.

In the role of Batman

In 2013, it officially became known that Affleck agreed to shoot in the sequel to Zak Snyder’s fantastic adventure action movie “Man of Steel”. In the film "Batman vs. Superman: At the Dawn of Justice," Affleck had to play the role of Batman.

Fans of this genre extremely negatively apprehended the news about Afflek. They even began to collect a protest petition sponsored by John Roden. It was signed by 78,000 people, but this was not enough for the film company to consider. This required 150,000 dissatisfied. As a result, Affleck still played in the role of Batman. While the film itself caused generally negative reviews, the play of the hero of our article was perceived more positively, it was even called one of the best performers of the role of Batman.

After that, he was invited several times to embody the image of this character on the screen. He appeared in David Ayer’s superhero comedy action movie “Suicide Squad” and Zack Snyder’s “Justice League” fiction film.

Virtually all of Ben Affleck’s films (the actor’s film is shown in detail in this article) were noticeable and collected full cinemas. Among his recent works can be identified the fighter Gavin O'Connor "Redemption", in which he played the main character named Christian Wulff. Affleck's hero in this tape is committed to working for famous and influential criminals. At the same time, he himself is an autistic man who possesses an enviable ability in mathematics. As an accountant, he conducts a virtuosic audit of black bookkeeping in the search for funds that have disappeared from large criminal communities. Since this is a dangerous job, he also has skills to help him protect himself. Christian - a great shooter, owns hand-to-hand combat techniques. Everything changes when one day he receives a new order to search for high-tech equipment, which one corporation has lost.Although the company itself is quite legal, the hero’s problems are quite serious. Will he cope with them, to learn the audience of this film.

In 2016, Affleck produces another own film in which he becomes a director. This gangster drama "The Law of the Night." He himself takes the main role of Joe Coglin. Also in the tape involved Sienna Miller, El Fanning, Zoe Saldana, Chris Cooper, Chris Messina.

The picture takes the audience in the 1920s. Affleck's character is the prodigal son of a police captain in Boston. He moved to Yobor City, where he became a bootlegger, an enviable specialty in America, where dry law applies. In the near future he becomes a gangster who begins to build a career in the criminal world.

The tape received cool ratings from film critics, and then deafeningly failed at the box office. With her own budget of 65 million dollars worldwide, she managed to raise only 23 million. After that, it became quite obvious that Affleck was more successful as an actor, and not as a director.

Personal life

It is noteworthy that the hero of our article has a famous brother named Casey, who is also an actor.It can be remembered from Stephen Soderbergh’s crime film “Ocean's Thirteen,” Kenneth Lonergan’s drama “Manchester by the Sea,” and Christopher Nolan’s science fiction drama Interstellar.

Much is known about Ben's personal life. In the mid-90s he had an affair with Gwyneth Paltrow. But the relationship between them deteriorated after a joint shooting in John Madden's comedy melodrama "Shakespeare in Love". As a result, the star couple broke up.

In 2002, Affleck was officially engaged to actress Jennifer Lopez, but did not make it to official marriage. In 2004, their union collapsed. Finally, in 2005, he married another actress - Jennifer Garner, who bore him a son Samuel and two daughters - Serafina Rose and Violet Ann. In 2015, the couple officially announced a divorce. But everything was documented only in the spring of 2017. According to media reports, now Ben's heart is free.

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