Best space strategies on PC: list

Computer games always offer incredible opportunities for gamers to travel to the fantasy world and take part in the war of orcs and elves, pick up weapons and go to shoot opponents, dress in football and help your favorite club to win as many trophies as possible. In general, games allow you to plunge into worlds that you simply do not have access to in life. Naturally, with their help, you can realize the dream that is inherent in every other child - to go into space. This article will consider the most popular and successful projects that can be attributed to the genre of space strategies. You will not just fly into space - you will command troops, build stations and explore new planets. In general, you yourself can choose which process attracts you the most. Space strategies on the PC are very diverse, so everyone can find something to their taste.


space strategies on pc

If we talk about space strategies on a PC, then first of all everyone remembers StarCraft. This game managed to catch the fancy of all generations of gamers, since the first part came out about twenty years ago and became a real eternal masterpiece. And most recently, the developers decided to revive the series, make it restart using modern technologies, advanced graphics and other features that were previously unavailable. This time the game comes out in three parts, each of which tells the story of one of the races. Both in the original design and in the restart there are three races - humans, protoss, and zerg. The Protoss is an ancient race that created the primitive, but very aggressive Zerg race, which it then abandoned to move to patronize people. But the zerg did not die, but began the conquest of the galaxy. And you have to stand on each of the three sides to see the conflict from all points of view. In general, if you are interested in space strategy on the PC, then Starcraft is a masterpiece that you should pay attention to first.

"Space Rangers"

best space strategies on pc

If you like non-standard projects,then you should definitely try to play Space Rangers. Of course, this project cannot be attributed solely to the genre called "space strategies". There are not so many games on a PC that combine such an abundance of different elements. Here you play the role of a space ranger, who has only his ship - you need to travel around space, completely determining your own destiny. You can become a pirate and attack merchant ships, or you can become a trader yourself, buy goods cheaply on one planet, and then expensively resell them to another. Or you can become a full-fledged ranger and patrol space, catching pirates and fighting against the forces of evil. There are role-playing elements, strategic ones, and even quest ones, so you will definitely like it - this is one of the most unusual projects in history. And if you are interested in the best space strategies on the PC, then Space Rangers will be an excellent choice.


space strategies on pc list

If we talk about space strategies on the PC, the list can be just huge. The fact is that the concept of strategic games is too broad.There are real-time strategies, and step-by-step, and economic, and even tactical. And if you are interested in the latter, then you should definitely pay attention to the Nexus project. Here you do not need to build a base or develop your character, you do not need to build an economic system and think about other similar trifles. The tactics in this strategy play the most important role - the whole project is divided into separate tasks, for each of which there is a specific goal, as well as a set of space ships that you can use to achieve it. The rest already depends on how you can plan the actions of your troops on the star battlefield. Nexus is no doubt included in the top space strategy on the PC, as this is really a worthwhile project, not inferior to analogues on Earth.

Endless space

 top space strategies on pc

If the previous game focused solely on the battles and their tactical component, then Endless Space is its complete opposite. Are you interested in step-by-step space strategies on a PC? So you came to the right address. In this game, you choose one of the available races and lead it to galactic dominance.Minimal attention is paid to fights here - the combat system is extremely simplified, which allows you to focus on more global things, such as the economic development of your empire, diplomatic relations with other races, resource extraction and exploration of distant worlds. In general, if you like such games as Civilization, then this project will be an ideal space project for you, since today it is the closest analogue to “Civilization”, implemented in space and an excellent example of a brilliant and thought out to the smallest detail project - There must be space games on the PC. The strategies that occur in space do not end there.


step by step space strategies on pc

Starcraft is a great example of a real-time strategy game that takes place in space. However, it is worth noting that all the battles there happen on the surface of the planets, while many people want to try cosmic battles. To do this, you need a very high-quality game Haegemonia, which will give you access to dozens of different ships that can perform various tasks that you will set for them. Some ships will colonize the planets, others - to extract resources there.But still the main focus is on warships that will protect the borders of your empire, as well as expand it. Space strategies on a PC with a stellar real-time setting are not so numerous, but recently more topics have been devoted to such topics.


space games for pc strategy

Everyone is aware of the fact that recently sandbox games have become very popular. They allow you to act in an open world, not limited to any specific tasks and goals, without completing any quests. In this case, you can always interact with almost everything that is in the game. However, it is very rare to find something similar in space, and StarDrive is the most successful project in this direction. You choose the race you want to lead to galactic domination, and start with one planet and limited resources. And what to do next is already your business, you yourself must look for ways and means of development, expanding borders and further colonization.

Master of Orion

space strategies on pc

If we talk about the cosmic classics among computer games, then we must not forget about Master of Orion - this incredible project in three parts is still one of the best of its kind.The game takes place step by step, and each time you need to make different decisions that will affect how your race and events will develop in the game. This is one of the oldest PC games and, of course, the oldest among space strategies. So if you want to feel for yourself what a real classic is, then try this trilogy - the last part is, of course, much more modern, but still it belongs to the same cult series.


We should also mention the real-time strategy called Homeworld. In most projects of this subgenre, you will control a race or a large army. But Homeworld is different from other projects, as it gives you access to one fleet consisting of several ships. You get control of all these ships, you need to develop them, improve, create formations, and much more. The process is extremely exciting and unlike any other game.

Civilization: Beyond Earth

Earlier in the article, the magnificent and masterpiece Civilization game was already mentioned, which allows you to take control of one of the nations and lead it through the entire history of our world.However, all five parts occur exactly on the Earth, that is, you play for real people and live in real epochs. But the developers decided to change the concept, and more recently a new part of the series, called Beyond Earth, was born. The plot is quite simple and clear: the planet is overcrowded, so a space program is created that gathers the healthiest and strongest people to send them into space and start all over again on another planet. It is such a civilization and you will become. Naturally, the range will be aggressive alien forms that will play the role of other civilizations, that is, you can wage war with them, and you can make peace or even unite in an alliance.

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