Biography of Tatiana Bulanova and interesting facts of life

The biography of singer Tatyana Bulanova, a famous Russian pop music performer who is loved for her individuality, sincerity and penetration, always arouses interest among her many admirers. Although not everyone knows that a brilliant career did not immediately find its owner, her path was thorny and winding. Everything that Tatiana Bulanova achieved in her work and in her personal life, biography, husband, children of the singer - that's what our article is about. Each title of the story is a segment of the artist's life, the next stage in the development of her creative potential, personal realization, spiritual formation and growth.

Tatiana Bulanova. Biography: year of birth, childhood memories

Biography of Tatiana BulanovaIt all began in Leningrad, in 1969, when a girl was born in the family of military Ivan Bulanov - Tanechka. She was a welcome child for both her parents and her older brother Valentine. Tatiana's family can not be called creative.Her dad - an organized, discreet man - served as a miner in the Northern Fleet, later became commander of a missile warhead.Biography of Tatiana BulanovaMom, on the contrary, a sensual person who was fond of photography, from childhood she instilled a love for art and music to little Tanya.

Tatiana Bulanova's childhood took place in Leningrad, now St. Petersburg. The future star did not go to kindergarten, her mother was engaged in her upbringing on her own. At school, Tanya was a girl who did not particularly stand out from her classmates. In elementary school, she studied as “excellent”; in older years, she did well, although without much enthusiasm. She was a diversified child, engaged in artistic gymnastics, loved the theater. He considers his childhood years at the dacha, on the shore of Lake Ladoga, not far from St. Petersburg, where he and his friends held small performances on an improvised stage to the sound of a record player. Tanya has three close friends - her friends. With one they played and grew up in the country, with the second they sat together at the school desk, with the third they studied at the music school.

Biography of Tatiana Bulanova: personal life (about boys, music and idols)

In the relationship with the opposite sex, Bulanova had no particular achievements in her adolescence. Tatyana, recalling her teenage years, said she was impregnable. The boys fell in love with her, invited to dance, tried to take care, gave her candy, but did not dare to take any bold steps, apparently afraid of the strict classmate.

Since childhood, Tanya studied piano at school, but classes were difficult, and the future artist with a grief in half graduated from music school. Although the future star always felt love for music, especially for the modern one. In one of the interviews, she said that she was terribly in love with Viktor Saltykov, the lead singer of the Forum group, later she really liked rock musician Vladimir Kuzmin.

After finishing school, Bulanova entered the institute as a librarian-bibliographer. One day while studying, Tatiana accidentally found out about enrollment in one school-studio at a music hall and, without thinking, went to the vocal department, leaving the institute in the third year. At that time, Tatyana met a man who played a key role in her fate.He not only helped the girl make her first steps in a brilliant career, but for many years he made up the woman’s personal happiness. It was Nikolai Tagrin. Thirteen years of marriage and a son, Alexander - this is the result of their personal relationships.

Biography of Tatiana Bulanova personal life

Work in the group "Summer Garden"

Looking back at past years today, Tatiana notes that, unfortunately, because of her regular work, she did not pay enough attention to her son, reproaching herself for the rare meetings that she managed to carve out between frequent tours. In general, the singer’s pregnancy with her first son was not easy, it was a difficult and difficult period in her life.

Nikolay Tagrin at that time was the head of the Summer Garden group, together with Tatyana they recorded the first songs, after which Bulanova began touring the cities of Russia. Her first musical debut took place in 1990. From this moment on, the countdown of time, development and formation of the career of the future Honored Artist of Russia - the musical biography of Tatiana Bulanova begins.

The woman recalls that the first entrances to the stage were associated with great excitement, and the actress’s mother poured some vodka for her courage. It helped, relaxed and reassured.But after a while, Tatyana realized that this was impossible. If she wants to truly become a professional in her favorite business, you need to learn how to overcome your fears without additional stimulants. Tatyana has a lucky talisman - her favorite toy, which she was presented at one of the performances - a white fluffy hippo.

First successes

In 1991, in parallel with the touring tours with the Summer Garden group, Tatyana took part in the Yalta – 91 festival, in the filming of the New Year's Blue Flame. She was awarded the Grand Prix for her performance of the song “Don't Cry” at the “Shlyager-91” competition.

In 1995, Tatyana signed a contract with the studio Soyuz, together with Ilya Reznik working on his next album, Return ticket, which, unfortunately, does not find wide acceptance among the audience. But Tatyana is not discouraged. She is a fighter, and this only encourages her to work, gives an impetus to move in a new direction, develop in a different direction, change her image.

In life, nothing happens by chance, and at the right moment fate introduces Tatiana to the composer Oleg Molchanov. With him in 1996 she recorded the album "My Russian Heart". The song “Clear My Light” opens up a new performer-Bulanova to the viewer.Her image of the eternal sufferer, an unhappy woman, a single mother, created with the songs “Don't Cry,” “Sleep, my little boy,” will be erased forever. Now this is another woman who sings completely about other things. In 1999, Tatiana decides to take even more risks and writes down a new album, “The Pack”, which is radically different from all that was previously in the singer’s record. As Bulanova herself later admits, this collection of fatal compositions, written by Oleg Molchanov, became for her the most dear and beloved.

Further more. In 2000, Tatiana collaborates with a DJ from St. Petersburg. Their joint work is a remix of the song Buy & Sell. In the same year, Tatiana releases another musical album, the author of which becomes a new person in the life of the singer - Oleg Popkov. Compositions from the album are recognized and popular love, they were awarded the national award "Golden Gramophone", included in the list of popular songs of the music festival "Song of the Year." In addition, Tatiana is working on shooting the video. It should be noted that three years - from 2001 to 2004 - are very successful for the singer, she releases album by album. Also in 2004another regalia is replenishing singing biography. Tanya Bulanova was awarded the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

Divorce. New life

The marriage of the singer with Tagrin at one moment cracked, and Bulanova broke up with her first husband. Son stayed with his mother. But loneliness was short-lived, soon a woman met her new love, in 2005 she married for the second time. Football player Vladislav Radimov became Tatyana Bulanova's choice. Two years later, the couple had a common child - a son, Nikita.

In Tatiana's life there were many difficult situations when, having had to clench her teeth, to fight, to defend our rights, to show character. For example, the song "Angel" played a cruel joke in the career of a singer. The composition became an apple of contention between Channel One and the company ARS, with which Tatyana signed a contract. The singer had to go through injustice, pressure from the television channel. She was cut out from all the airs, from replay in old concerts. This difficult period for the singer lasted until 2008. But Tatiana did not despair. She continued to live and work tirelessly, to do their favorite thing - music.

Tatyana Bulanova biography year of birth

In addition to music

Diverse hobbies and interest in many things manifested themselves in Tatiana Bulanova and in adult life. Besides music, she managed to try herself in various creative and television projects. And for whatever she took, everything turned out brilliantly for her. A woman is able to achieve goals and solve complex problems. For example, in 2007, Tatiana Bulanova, together with the popular Russian writer Oksana Robski, part-time socialite, released her autobiographical book, The Territory of a Woman. In the book, the artist frankly told about all the women's secrets, shared the most secret secrets, highlighted the touching and difficult moments in life.

In the same year, the acting biography of Tatiana Bulanova began - debut as a cinematic actress - work in the feature film “Love is still, perhaps ...”. In Tatiana’s record, she also participated in the filming of television projects “Old Songs about the Essential” (parts 2 and 3), in the TV series “Streets of Broken Lanterns”, in the serial “Gangster Petersburg”, in the sitcom “Daddy’s Daughters”, in the film “School shooter. "

Participation in the popular on NTV television project called “Super Star” was marked for Bulanova 2008. Tatiana brilliantly performed in all releases of the program and eventually reached the final. Behind Bulanova and experience in television as a leading. For two years, from 2009 to 2010, she led the program "This is not a man's case" and also participated in the filming of a documentary film about the group "Summer Garden", which premiered on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the team.

Achievements in the profession and not only

Biography of singer Tatyana BulanovaBiography of Tatiana Bulanova is filled not only with musical success. In 2011, the actress was not afraid to go to the floor and take part in the popular TV project on the RTR channel “Dancing with the Stars”. I took a chance and became the winner of the project, together with professional dancer Dmitry Lyashenko. In the same year, Tatiana was awarded the title of "Woman of the Year 2011". And this is not a complete track record of such an amazingly gentle, and at the same time strong woman.

In 2012, Tatyana Bulanova received the main prize of the prize “20 successful people of St. Petersburg” in the nomination “Pop singer”. At the same time, the singer continued to study music, working on the presentation of her two clips “Bridges Divorced” and “Never Say Never”.

Biography of Tanya Bulanova

February 2014 was bright and memorable for the artist, she was invited to participate in an entertainment show of parodies on the First Channel "Toch-to-tee". It should be said, Bulanova brilliantly performed by creating parody images of contemporary Russian performers and foreign musicians, including Natalie, Patricia Kaas, Modern Talking, Britney Spears and others. For fifteen years, from 1991 to 2015, Tatiana almost every year was honored with any of the awards or prizes. These are the awards of the Russian radio “Golden Gramophone”, and the memorable prizes of the television festival “Song of the Year”, the award “Chanson of the Year”, the award “Peter FM”, the awards of various radio stations of St. Petersburg.

Biography of Tatiana Bulanova in the creative field has 10 collections of songs, 20 albums recorded in the studio, and even a whole treasury of unreleased, but such heartfelt songs.

Tatyana Bulanova is a sensitive and sociable person, she has many collaborations with other famous personalities, popular singers and composers, including Mikhail Boyarsky, Igor Korneluk, Natasha Koroleva, Tatyana Ovsienko, Jasmin, Alsou, duet “Tea for Two”, Yevgeny Dyatlov , Sergey Penkin, Philip Kirkorov. The list can be listed for a long time.

Bulanova was often told a lie in the press, reporting something about her novels with her colleagues, for example, with Vladimir Presnyakov Jr., Or about her suicide.

About the secret

Tatyana Bulanova admits that a guardian angel always helps her in life, and all the good things that happen to her are manifestations of higher powers that lead and do not allow us to turn from the right path. In confirmation of this, the singer cites a case from the life when she miraculously survived in a terrible accident. Tatiana does not like seat belts, and at the slightest opportunity does not bother using them.

Tatyana Bulanova biography husbandOn that day, by luck, she remained fastened, although a minute before that the hand was stretching to unfasten the belt, because nothing foreshadowed trouble - the road was straight, visibility was good, and the police could not be seen in the district. At high speed, the singer's car flew off the track into a ditch. The actress remained alive, without receiving serious injuries.

Tatiana is a very bright person, and her main conviction is that you always have to go your own way, achieve your goals with hard work and never envy anyone.

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