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Every woman wants to be the owner of thick and voluminous hair. However, not all nature rewarded with such wealth. That is why you have to resort to different ways to create the hairstyle of your dreams. In this article, you will learn what corrugation tongs for basal volume are and how to use them correctly. And reviews of real users will help not to be mistaken with the choice of model.

What is the root forceps?

The curling piping is familiar to many since the 90s, when lush hairstyles were popular with fashionistas. However, over time, this device began to be forgotten, as beauty standards have changed in favor of natural appearance. But modern stylists have come up with a very interesting use of forceps, offering special technology to give hair extra volume. At the same time, you can create a unique hairstyle even at home.

bottom forceps

A distinctive feature of the curling iron is the shape of its plates.They are made according to the type of waves, which allows you to give the curls an unusual look. You can adjust the volume and length of the corrugation by replacing the nozzles.

The tongs of the new generation are equipped with special ceramic plates. As proved by numerous studies, ceramics does not injure hair as much as metal. That is why global manufacturers of styling tongs have switched to this natural and gentle material.

Advantages of additional volume with the help of curling-corrugation

In laying with the help of tongs with a special lining there are a number of advantages that should be noted:

  • visual volume that can be created even on thin and sparse hair;
  • resistant laying to the following washing;
  • the ability to correct the imperfections of the face with the help of volume in different places of the head;
  • simplicity and accessibility of the procedure, even at home;
  • in addition to creating a volume, you can fully process the curls with a curling-curl, which will give the image an extravagant and bold look.

tongs for corrugated volume

Disadvantages of using curling-corrugation

According to some users, this method of laying has some disadvantages:

  • laboriousness of the procedure (it may take from 20 to 40 minutes for the whole head), while the forceps for the basal volume require a certain skill to use;
  • the need to use additional styling products (mousses, spray, resistant varnishes);
  • heat treatment of hair, which greatly injures their structure.

This last point indicates that it is not recommended to use the root forceps regularly. Otherwise, the hair will become dry and brittle. Therefore, this installation is suitable only for special cases. However, bottom-end forceps, reviews of which are extremely positive, can transform the appearance of any woman. The main thing is to learn how to use them correctly.

bottom volume forceps reviews

How to style your hair with a curling iron?

In order to give the hair extra volume with the help of crimpers, you need to do the following:

  • wash your head with your favorite shampoo and use hair balm to help protect your hair from the strong effects of heat;
  • dry your head with a hair dryer or in a natural way;
  • heat the tongs for the basal volume to the maximum temperature;
  • divide strands into several equal parts and secure with hairpins;
  • place a curl between the forceps plates and fix for 10-15 seconds (prolonged exposure is not recommended, as this can severely injure the hair);
  • repeat the procedure with the remaining strands and fix the result with a resistant varnish or spray; if you wish to process in a similar way all the curls.

crimping forceps for basal volume reviews

Corrugated tongs for basal volume: reviews of real users

To judge the effectiveness of this procedure can be solely on the opinions of women. Nippers for radical volume of hair are really capable to change a hairdress. According to users, a quality device not only does not harm the hair, but also gives them extra shine. Most women prefer firms such as Philips and Rowenta. These manufacturers use ceramic plates that have a very gentle effect on hair. While the metal curling strongly injure the structure of the curls.

Nippers for basal volume, reviews of which prove their effectiveness, are indeed an indispensable device for home use.After all, with their help, you can select individual strands, giving the image originality and mystery. You do not need to spend money on going to a beauty salon.

forceps for basal hair volume

How else can you give your hair extra volume?

If your hair is badly injured, and the forceps for basal volume do not suit you, you can use other methods, for example, to make a pile. Women have been using this styling for hundreds of years to make their hair look thicker and lush. In this case, simply sprinkle your head with varnish - and the hair will last all day.

In addition, you can add volume using a regular hair dryer. When drying hair after washing, it is enough to lower your head down, directing air directly to the roots. You will be surprised how your hairstyle will change. However, this result will not last all day on the hair, so you will also need the use of additional styling products.

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