Blue screen of death: what to do? Windows 7. The error code. Computer Tips

Quite a few users have encountered suchphenomenon, like the blue screen of death. What to do (Windows 7 is most often prone to such trouble) in this situation, not everyone knows. And so the look of the blue screen brings terror. However, sometimes error codes are helped by the error codes. They point to the problem. And already proceeding from it, it is necessary to take those or other decisions concerning the treatment of the computer. Today we will learn how to deal with some of the causes of the blue screen, and we also learn what should be done to eliminate this trouble once and for all. Some tips of professional system administrators often help to solve problems even for the average user. Let's start with you as soon as possible to study our today's screen of death what to do windows 7


But let's start by understanding what we'll be dealing with at all. Only after that it will be possible to think how to remove the blue screen of death. To be honest, this issue requires special attention.

So, what for the phenomenon to us today becomesDo you know? The blue screen of death is a kind of system error. And it appears at boot of the operating system or directly during operation. In this case, you have a blue screen for a while. Hence this strange name. The codes of the blue screen of death are written on it. More precisely, the codification of errors. Based on them, you can figure out what the cause of the problem is. And even sometimes eliminate it.

But, as practice shows, the blue screen of death(error code 0x00000116 or some other one) is the first sign that your computer is going into non-existence. So, it is necessary to quickly treat it. We can say that our phenomenon is a demonstration of the fact that the operating system and hardware of the device refuse to work. Therefore, it is worth to know how to behave in this or that situation. Let's try to find out what you can do.

Screen problem

Let's start with you studying some commonblue screen death codes. After all, they will help not be frightened at the appearance of this, but quickly move to decisive action. For example, a blue screen of death often appears, error code 0x00000116. To be frightened of the given phenomenon it is not to remove the blue screen of death

The thing is that this codification points tothat when the operating system was booted, an attempt was made to reset and restart the display driver. And since we got out a mistake, the action did not work out. There are many ways to solve this problem. But there are some tips that will help to save more and your data.

First, try to reinstall the drivers on the computers. And all. And start with those that concern the monitor and video card. In addition, update the codecs. This very often helps.

It would also be nice to turn off when you seeAntivirus program errors. Sometimes they cause a blue screen of death. What to do? Windows 7, as is known, is most susceptible to this phenomenon. So, with antiviruses in it it is necessary to be very cautious.

Downloading the system

It makes no sense to list all the codes of blue screensof death. Windows 7 and so on, when errors occur, will give them to you. And then, based on the received data, you can use the special directory of computer errors. So all the codes that refer to the blue screen are listed. But still we will analyze one more screen of death error code 0x00000116

Quite often there is such a blue screendeaths: 0x0000007b. This error always occurs immediately when the computer boots. If the previous version is able to appear and while working with programs, applications, games, this one always "does not let" into "Windows".

Code 0x0000007b shows that at boot timecomputer has lost access to the system partition of the hard drive. The reasons can be different - from a banal virus to a major iron damage. But this problem must always be eliminated.

It helps reinstall Windows with full formatting and re-partitioning the hard drive. But sometimes the problem does not disappear even after such a radical step.

In this case, download the latest configurationsystem. To do this, when you start the computer, press F8, then select "Last good configuration". The computer will boot. You can enjoy the result.

Check the compatibility of the hard drive and other things"gland". If not, replace the components. After that, the problem disappears. Often, code 0x0000007b appears after connecting a new or additional hard disk.


Now it is worthwhile to find out general provisions on howremove the blue screen of death. Sometimes all the advice turns out to be quite effective, regardless of the error that has arisen. And the first option, which can only be advised - is to roll back the system. Receiving is relevant in the case when the system boots blue screen of death

In order to do a rollback, you need to go to"Start", "All programs". Then find there section "Standard", from there go to "Office". Select System Restore. Before you will be a window with a greeting and a warning about the irreversibility of the process. Agree and choose the rollback point in the next menu that opens - at the time when the computer did not bother the blue screen of death. Click "Next" and wait for a while.

For the entire process, the computer itself will rebootabout 2-3 times. This is normal. After the rollback, you have to reset some settings. But all programs and personal data will remain in order. Quite often this method helps to permanently fix the problem.

Checking the equipment

If you suddenly have a blue screen of death,what to do (Windows 7 or any other operating system) - do not know, it's time to check the hardware of your computer. Sometimes even an old train can bring a lot of inconvenience. Particular attention should be paid to accessories in cases where you have recently changed something on the computer.

As already mentioned, often problems with blueThe screen of death is due to a conflict of equipment. It can even touch the "flash drive". So be careful. If you suspect a hardware conflict in your computer and if you do not have the necessary knowledge of compatibility, it's better to refer your device to a specialized computer help service. They will help you to quickly solve the problem.

In general, carefully study the compatibility of allaccessories on the computer. This will help you avoid many problems. Including he will not let you see the blue screen of death. Why else does it arise? And how to deal with it?blue screen of death why


For example, sometimes this phenomenon is seenwhen the computer or processor overheats. In the case of stationary variants, everything is fixed quickly and easily - or an additional cooler is installed, or "iron" is cleaned (or it is better to start from this point), or the side panel is completely removed from the housing for greater air penetration.

But the blue screen of death on the laptop for a reasonoverheating is a serious problem. First, the device will have to be attributed to the computer service for cleaning. Secondly, there may be an additional need to install a cooler (and this service is not so cheap). Third, put less strain on the computer while you work. This will help avoid overheating and its consequences.


At you for not clear reasons there was a blue screenof death? What to do? Windows 7 in this regard is an unsurpassed leader. And also it is in this operating system that there are application conflicts and incompatibility with each other. This may be the result of the appearance of the death screen.

What to do in this case? To begin, remember, after installing which program problems started. After that, set the compatibility parameters. Sometimes this method helps. But strongly hope for him is not worth it.

If the compatibility mode does not help, then deleteinstalled application. Do not want to deal with the problem for a long time? In that case, if you have nothing to lose, then just reinstall the entire operating system. In this situation, this is often the best solution.


Some users complain about the appearanceblue screen of death after updating the operating system using the built-in center. If you notice that all the troubles started after that, you will have to roll back the system, and disable the automation of the process.

Go to "Windows Update". There, go to the settings. Select an option that is marked as "not recommended." That is, do not automatically check, download and install updates. Never. This will help to avoid many problems in the future. And not necessarily they will be connected with the blue screen of screen of death 0x0000007b


Another problem that only canarise and cause our today's phenomenon - it's nothing more than hardware drivers. Sometimes it is they who generate the blue screen of death. What to do? Windows 7 offers a fairly fast, simple and secure solution. This is nothing more than the reinstallation of all existing drivers and their timely update.

To make the process not inconvenient, it's bestUse the official sites of manufacturers to download applications. They will not infect the computer. And there is always only quality content. After you update and install all the drivers, it's best to restart your computer. That's all. Now you will notice how the problem with the blue screen of death disappears. But this does not always happen. After all, there are other reasons for this phenomenon.


Occasionally there are situations in whichfor some strange reason, a blue screen of death appears. What to do? Windows 7 or any other operating system - it does not matter. The main thing is that there is one small but it's an antivirus. If you have it, it's worthwhile to disable it for a while. Or delete altogether. And watch the computer. After all, sometimes this application calls the blue screen of death.

Most often, owners of this phenomenon suffer"Avasta" and "Kaspersky". In extreme cases, replace the antivirus. Did it help? You can rejoice. No? Then completely remove the antivirus, and then take the computer for repair. Tell us about the problem - professionals will help you there.


And of course, the blue screen of death can appearbecause of viruses on the computer. Some infection is aimed at just this. After all, with this phenomenon, the entire operating system collapses. Is there a suspicion of infection? Then take and treat your screen of death on laptop

Scan it with antivirus, antispyware andother treating content. Cure all dangerous objects, then delete what is not succumbing to the process. Usually this is enough. Also, clean up the computer registry - this is important. Now look at the result. If everything is useless, then reinstalling the operating system will help. But first, you should try rolling back.

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