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One of the important elements of equipment providing comfortable living in the house is an efficient heating system. It is based on the boiler. Today the market presents such equipment in a large assortment. Products are offered by foreign and domestic manufacturers.

When choosing such a device, it is important to focus on several factors, among them it should be highlighted:

  • Type of fuel;
  • boiler placement;
  • number of contours.

Heating units are diesel, electric, gas, pellet, solid fuel and combined. As for the location of the device, it will depend on the layout. With this in mind, you can purchase floor or wall equipment.

When choosing the number of circuits, one should pay attention to whether, besides heating problems, it is necessary to solve the issue of hot water supply.In the latter case, you should purchase a dual-circuit model. If you can not make a choice, then you need to consider the boilers of one of the manufacturers. Among others, the equipment of the Zota brand is presented on the market, which will be discussed below.

Manufacturer Information

ZOTA boilers owners reviews

Manufacturer of boilers "Zota" is a plant of heating equipment and automation. It was founded in 1992, and the main products of the company are solid fuel and electric heating boilers. They are intended not only for heating, but also for hot water supply of premises for various purposes. Products under the brand name "Zota" is well known in many parts of Russia and abroad.

Overview of solid fuel boilers from the manufacturer "Zota": Pellet 15S PL

pellet boiler

If you want to buy a pellet boiler "Zota", then you should pay attention to the model Pellet 15S, which costs 162,000 rubles. This equipment is equipped with a water cooling circuit. The unit is used for heat supply of buildings, which are equipped with a water heating system with forced circulation.

The fuel for the device is wood processing products.Raw materials are sawdust hardwood and coniferous. Binding components are not used, in the end it is possible to obtain pellets.

Specifications Model Pellet 15S

zota boilers

The above-described pellet boiler "Zota" has a capacity of 15 kW. The diameter of the chimney reaches 15 mm. Working pressure is equivalent to 3 bar. The equipment weighs 333 kg. The volume of water is 96 liters.

Fuel consumption is 2.08 kg per hour. Using logs, you can load them with 400 mm length. Before purchasing a device, it is important to pay attention to its size. In the case of the model being described, the case parameters are 1060x1140x1570 mm.

Owner reviews

solid fuel boilers zota

Solid fuel boiler Zota Pellet 15S PLa, according to consumers, has many positive features, among them should be highlighted:

  • the presence of a water cooling circuit;
  • the ability of the device to operate in the system with minimal pressure;
  • high degree of automation;
  • excellent performance;
  • ability to function in hard mode;
  • availability of automation to maintain the temperature;
  • the ability to adjust power;
  • ability to track fuel consumption per day.

Consumers like the described model by the fact that it enters the standby mode when the set temperature is reached. Consumers emphasize that the circuit has an automatic ignition system. On the boiler there are adjustments that can be controlled from the console.

This solid fuel boiler Zota receives a lot of positive feedback also for the reason that it has a chronothermostat, as well as a weather-dependent control program. The operator will be able to monitor the heating process remotely using a GSM module.

If the house is temporarily disconnected from electricity, it will be possible to melt the boiler using briquettes or firewood, but for this it is necessary to remove the secondary air supply tubes. Grate bars are installed in the firebox. If pellets run out in the bunker, the equipment can be supplied with block heaters.

Consumers like the fact that the automatics of the device is designed taking into account adverse operating conditions. The furnace space is designed for efficient combustion of pellets and sawdust of softwood and hardwood. This Zota boiler has a bunker, the volume of which can be increased by installing additional modules.The bunker can be located to the right or left of the boiler.

Overview of solid fuel boiler "Topol-M 14"

electric boiler

In order to make the right choice, you should consider several models of equipment. A solid example is a solid fuel boiler brand "Topol-M 14", which costs 31,300 rubles. This device is used in autonomous heating systems, the working pressure in which does not exceed 3 atmospheres.

The fuel is wood or coal. The water jacket of the unit is hidden under the decorative covering and has a coating in the form of basalt cardboard. This reduces heat loss. The body of the boiler Zota has effective thermal insulation. For ease of use ergonomic handles are installed on the three doors.

Technical characteristics "Topol-M 14"

cauldron of magna

The power of the above model of equipment is 4 kW. For an hour of work will be spent 1.75 kg of coal. The volume of the enclosed water is 46 liters. You may also be interested in overall dimensions, which are equal to 690x440x845 mm. The device weighs 113 kg.

When connecting it is important to know the diameter of the chimney, which is 150 mm. When using firewood, their consumption will be 2.3 kg per hour.The maximum log length is equivalent to 380 mm.

Consumer feedback on the Topol-M 14 model

boiler cauldron master

Before you buy a boiler "Zota Topol", you should familiarize yourself with the opinions of consumers about it. Among other positive features, customers highlight:

  • ease of use;
  • impressive loading chamber volume;
  • the ability to use not only wood, but also coal to operate the unit;
  • new design;
  • high gas tightness;
  • presence of an airbag damper on the ash pan doors.

Buyers choose the described model of the equipment also for the reason that the device can be used as electric heating provided by block-heaters with an external control panel. The supply of oxygen is now possible to regulate. The burning cycle on one load is extended to 12 hours.

The combustion chamber has been changed. It was supplemented with a heat exchanger, which is located horizontally and is combined with a flap. This allowed us to make a three-way gas duct. The heat exchange area due to this increases, and the efficiency of heat transfer increases.

Owners' reviews on Zot boilers allow consumers to understand whether to buy one model or another.For example, Topol-M has a removable damper that allows you to clean the heat exchanger, making it easier to operate the device. On the flue there is a clean hatch through which it will be possible to remove soot. The top panel has a thermometer that measures the temperature of the water supply.

In place of the shurovochnogo door, you can install a gas burner. Its presence allows you to get additional convenience when loading firewood in the furnace. Consumers like that a separate ash door allows to get rid of ash at any time, without suspending the operation of the boiler.

If we compare this model with the budget options of combined and solid fuel boilers, it can be noted that the Topol-M has certain features of the design of the combustion chamber, as well as increased gas density. Due to this, it was possible to achieve a high efficiency, which is also promoted by the quality of the device.

Overview of the solid fuel boiler ZOTA MASTER-20

Boiler "Zota master" will cost the consumer 30 000 rubles. The model has no stove and is suitable for use in independent heating systems. Working pressure remains the same.The device is suitable for installing a gas burner, which makes the unit versatile. The equipment has a combined heat exchanger, which consists of two horizontal compartments and a pipe chamber.


Power MASTER-20 is 20 kW. The length of the log is 580 mm. The diameter of the chimney is equivalent to 150 mm. The volume of water is 53 liters.

You may be interested in overall dimensions, they are 820 x 440 x 760 mm. When using coal and firewood, fuel consumption will reach 2.6 and 3.4 kg, respectively.

Reviews of the boiler MASTER-20

Among consumers, the MASTER-20 is a fairly common model. This fact can not be called an accident, because controlling the operation of the device is quite simple. This feature is provided by a thermometer, which is located on the front casing.

Consumers consider as additional advantages universality, and also traditional design. Gas density and thermal insulation in this equipment at altitude. The housing has an insulated trim that enhances its performance.

On the door are vents that allow the outer surface to cool.Reading the reviews of the owners of the boiler "Zota", you can understand that it has a combined heat exchanger, which has established itself as a very reliable and easy to clean node.

The boiler can be set to semi-automatic mode, which is provided by the possibility of installing a mechanical thermostat. Build quality is on top. Consumers also like water cooled ashpot.

Overview of the boiler MAGNA 20 MG

You can purchase this model of equipment for 92 300 rubles. The device is a unit that is able to reach the nominal mode of operation much faster than competitors. This allows for greater efficiency and eliminates the active smoke of the external environment.

The boiler operates in semi-automatic mode and is designed for incineration:

  • coal;
  • firewood;
  • fuel briquettes.

The boiler "Zota Magna" can be supplemented with a GSM module and heating units with a control panel, which allows you to expand the functionality of the device.

Model Specifications

MAGNA-20 has a power equal to 20 kW. Using coal or wood, you get fuel consumption, which is equal to 2 or 3.5 kg / h, respectively. The device weighs 285 kg. The volume of water is 91 liters.

Model Reviews

After reading the reviews of the owners about the Magna boiler Zot, you can understand whether you should buy this model of equipment. Consumers emphasize that the device can be optionally made more functional. Another advantage is semi-automatic operation. An additional source of energy can make electricity.

Fuel is loaded manually, while burning is supported by a fan. The control module and sensors are standard part of the boiler, which allows you to monitor and maintain the combustion process. Owners' reviews of the Magna boiler Zota indicate that the design of the unit is original and allows you to solve one of the main problems of the semi-automatic, which is expressed in the output to the normal combustion mode. In just one hour, the boiler will reach the rated operating mode. At the same time, in the rated power the device will work for 12 hours, while the long-term mode is valid up to 32 hours.

Overview and characteristics of the boiler Carbon 15

As another model of the manufacturer is the boiler "Zota Carbon", which costs 47,000 rubles. The equipment weighs 152 kg.Heating area varies from 40 to 600 m2. The design provides an open combustion chamber.

The recommended fuel is coal, but you can use coal briquettes. The device is controlled by a mechanical system. The efficiency is quite high and reaches 80%.

Review, specifications and reviews of the electric boiler 12 MK ZM

This electric boiler "Zota" costs 22,500 rubles. Its power is 12 kW. Heating temperature can vary from 30 to 90 ° C. The expansion tank holds 12 liters. The dimensions of the device, according to consumers, are quite compact and are 740 x 440 x 240 mm. The equipment weighs a little - 37 kg.


When purchasing an electric boiler "Zota", you must be prepared for the fact that stopping the power supply will cause the house to plunge into the cold. Such equipment is relevant only for those houses that are located within the city. But if you want to install equipment in the country or in a cottage in the country, it is better to purchase a solid fuel boiler.

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