Business class cars for successful people

A car for a man is more thanjust a means of transportation. The feeling of strength and self-importance behind the wheel of a business car spurs and raises self-esteem. This does not in any way indicate that it was low. Agree, if you have a car of a representative class, this indicates that you have achieved certain heights in life.

What is a business-class machine

All cars are differentclasses. In Russia, they are divided into two generally accepted - this is European and domestic. But just the European cars are divided into many classifications. They are simply designated: A, B, C, D, E, etc.

Any car to determine its category must meet certain technical parameters. These include: dimensions, mass of cars, fuel consumption, engine capacity and others.

Cars of class "E" should correspond to such parameters:

  • The minimum length of the body is 4.8-5 meters;
  • Width - 1,8 meters;
  • The engine volume should be 2 liters or more;
  • Engine power - from 150 l / s;
  • High price (from 800 thousand rubles).

Business class machinesClass E includes cars represented inbody wagon or hatchback. Such cars have a spacious interior with maximum comfort for both the driver and passengers, including his back space. Also, representatives of the E-Class have a high level of standard staffing. Wide wheelbase, excellent driving performance, elegant body design - all these are expensive business class cars.

The most popular business-class cars in Russia

Russian motorists also did not ignore the business-class car. The following cars deserve great popularity from a huge number of business class cars offered in the Russian market:

  • Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

This is a luxury business class car, which has been pleased for a long time with the representative's novelties of its fans. The exterior of the new Mercedes-Benz is undoubtedly worthy of attention.

what are business class machines

  • BMW 5 Series.

The best business car from the most popularcars. He once made a real revolution. This car has the boldest innovations and design. It can not be said that something is missing in the BMW showroom. When driving him, the driver covers so many emotions that more than class cars list

  • Audi A6.

Its appearance will charm any car owner withfirst glance. Moderately athletic, expensive and beautiful. It is a car with an "eternal" body, a reliable engine and a suspension. Excellent dynamics in management gives unforgettable impressions and is one of its distinctive features.The best business class car

The best business car in 2016

One of the best cars in its class is considered to be the business sedan Volvo S90.

The best business class car Consider the exterior. A long hood, a falling roof, smoothly changing into the trunk, an aggressive "face" and an impressive radiator fender, a powerful bumper and stylish navigation lights - all this is inherent in the new E-Class sedan.
The interior of the business car looks prettystylish and effective. As the material selected: expensive leather, wood, aluminum. On the center console is a 9-inch tablet with all the main functions. The Volvo S90 is spacious enough for up to five passengers.
The cost of a front-wheel drive car withpetrol 249-horsepower engine starts from 2 million 641 thousand rubles. Option with a diesel engine will cost 3 million 99 thousand rubles. And for the "top" version of the car with a gasoline engine T6 will have to pay 3 million 339 thousand rubles. Cars are equipped with all-wheel drive.

List of business class cars of Japanese and Korean automotive industry

Korean and Japanese automakers in pursuit of the customer also lower their business-class cars from the conveyor. The list of only some models:

  • Hyundai Sonata;
  • Kia Quori;
  • KIA Optima;
  • Hyundai grandeur;
  • Hyundai Genesis;
  • Hyundai Equus;
  • KIA Quoris;
  • Lexus GS 300;
  • Jaguar XF;
  • Skoda Superb;
  • Toyota Camry.

This is by no means all the cars of the executive class, as at the moment the business models from Chinese manufacturers are also breaking into the car market.

Rent a car business class

Now in the market of services for the organizationall kinds of trips around the city, wedding celebrations, transfer to the airport or for business trips, many companies offer their business-class cars for rent.

expensive business class carsAs a rule, such cars are rented withdriver. After all, if you take in use such a machine for carrying out any activities, then for sure it will not pass without the use of alcohol. The presence of the driver of a rented car will allow you not to give up a festive feast. If the car is rented for business trips, then again the presence of a personal driver will only emphasize your solidity and representativeness.

What business-class cars are offered by the firm? The availability of companies that offer cars for rent, there is a wide range of models. As a rule, finding a suitable car will not be difficult.

Advantages and disadvantages of business-class cars

Business class cars have gathered in themselves everything thathumanity has been achieved in the whole history of existence. The highest technical achievements, the most expensive materials and the most elegant design solutions - all this is the representative segment of luxury cars.

Executive cars are notthe most popular in the market. And the thing, most likely, is not that they require large expenditures for fuel. There are cars of business class and with more modest appetites. In Russia, however, cars are preferred by the class lower, and the matter directly depends on the price.

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