Camshaft Sensor: Symptoms and Replacement

A modern car is equipped with a variety of sensors that are designed to monitor the operation of all its systems, in particular the power unit. Thus, the ESA in it necessarily works together with such devices. Serviceability of such a tracking element as a camshaft position sensor is the key to stable engine operation. Let's talk more about the significance of this detail, as well as how to properly replace the FDP.

camshaft sensor

What does he look like?

First, a few words about what constitutes a camshaft sensor, or abbreviated DPRV. Its design is very simple: it consists of a magnet, dressed in a plastic case. The camshaft sensor has a connection to the recognition system, and a pulse signal is transmitted through the closure of the cloves. As a result, timely fuel injection and ignition of the mixture are ensured.

Sensor value

Such a device is installed on all engines with electronic fuel supply. It not only reads information. Without its proper operation, the car will not be able to move (this applies to older cars). It becomes obvious how important this seemingly imperceptible detail is. The role of the sensor should not be underestimated, because it sends signals to the on-board computer about the need to feed and burn the fuel mixture. Due to the interaction of the computer and the sensor, the spark moment on the spark plugs and the fuel injection point on the injectors is very accurate. For each cylinder, therefore, only one nozzle is opened.camshaft position sensor

The principle of operation of the device is as follows: it is used to control the position of the camshaft at a certain point in time in accordance with the placement of the crankshaft. The signal goes to the on-board computer, which, in turn, controls the fuel supply, exhaust gases, and the burning of the combustible mixture in the engine chamber based on information about the cylinder position and piston status. In the event of a sensor malfunction, the injection will be supplied after each revolution not of the camshaft, but of the crankshaft, which turns 2 times faster.

Malfunction of DVRP

What are the signs of failure of this device? Consider them in more detail:

These are the two main signs that clearly indicate the faults in the sensor. But the diagnosis of this device is carried out using an oscilloscope or other equipment designed for this purpose.

Electronics in the event of a malfunction of the device can issue certain codes, which, of course, facilitates the detection of problems. In the event of a sensor failure in modern cars, it will be possible to drive in emergency mode, but at the same time fuel consumption will increase slightly, and engine power will decrease.


In order to independently diagnose damage, you must first determine the location of the device. The camshaft position sensor is usually located in the same place as the timing chain. It may have a non-standard location. In order to facilitate its search, it is necessary to refer to the book on the operation of the vehicle. For example, in some models of cars can be installed not one device, but several.

Malfunction camshaft sensor can be detected independently, without contacting specialized services.However, the complexity of this procedure depends on the brand of car. For example, on domestic cars it will be easier to do. For this we need a voltmeter - a measuring device for determining the voltage in electrical circuits. It will be necessary to use it to check the voltage of the entire electrical circuit, as well as the individual wires that go to the sensor. Remove the wires first, then turn the ignition key, closing the circuit. If there is no voltage at the contacts, there is a problem in the electrical circuit or at the ends of the wires. If the voltage is present, then perform the following actions: one wire of the voltmeter throw on the signal contact DPRV, and the other - on its power, then roll the starter. If there are no changes on the device, replace the sensor with a new one, the cause of the problem lies precisely in it.

camshaft sensor replacement

It should be noted that if a gasoline engine is installed in a car, then actions to replace the sensor, as a rule, will not cause any problems. However, if there is a diesel unit or a phase distribution control unit, then in this case it would be best to contact a specialist.

Also check can be done using a multimeter. Turn it on in voltmeter mode. The sensor usually has three wires. Input voltage must be at least 12 volts. To be more precise, the power at the contacts when measuring should show the following values: on the first - 12 V, on the rest - 0 V. Disconnect all wires from the sensor, connect to the output channels of the measuring device. Press the “resistance” mode, then using a metal object, for example, a screwdriver, move it near the sensor. A failure of the latter will be indicated by the fact that the numbers on the indicator will remain unchanged.

Camshaft sensor replacement

In case of a failure, the DPRV must be replaced, and this can be done independently. Even if the sensor works correctly, experts recommend changing it after 5 years or 100,000 km. But this does not always mean that the sensor must be replaced. Suppose that problems occur in it as a result of pollution, or in the event that the gap is set incorrectly. Then it must be cleaned first.If this did not help either, then a new sensor should be installed. You also need to check the contacts of the terminal block. If they are oxidized, this may also cause the sensor to malfunction.

In order for the DPRV to be replaced successfully, an oscilloscope is required, with the help of which the stability of the sensor reading data at different engine revolutions is detected. A good sign if the device draws smooth lines without spaces. First, inspect the sensor for damage, ring the electrical circuit to ensure that the connectors are properly connected and that there are no interruptions. Turn off the retaining screw, remove the terminal from the sensor and remove it from the socket. It is necessary to inspect the teeth on the camshaft disc for their integrity.camshaft sensor faults

To reset the error, you need to lose weight from the battery. The cable holder is disconnected from the DPRV. Using the key 10 unscrews the bolt that holds the sensor. After removing the device, it is necessary to spread a thin layer of sealant onto the interface of the sensor with the engine. Using a bolt, fasten the new element into place. If necessary, clean the block with wires and connect it to the sensor. Check the condition of the sealing ring and replace it if necessary.Start the engine after connecting the battery terminal.

The camshaft sensor VAZ is similar in design and electromagnetic characteristics to that installed on foreign cars. When replacing it on cars of foreign production, you can use the DPRV Russian, suitable for size.


The camshaft sensor is one of the key nodes in modern cars. If the device stops working, the injection is pairwise parallel, not phased. Without DVRP engine start will become complicated. Also, its absence will affect fuel consumption. And in some models even without a camshaft sensor, the engine will not start. It can also be replaced independently, but it is important to remember that for this it is necessary to follow certain rules that we considered in this article.

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