Can an airliner make a "barrel"?

Where is one flight out of 10 turns out to be very shaking and you start to remember, but what are the general norms of shaking, vibrations, and the aircraft jumping in flight? When you can still not worry and when it is time to panic. Once it was so that when I was landing I would tear myself away from the chair periodically and watch the flapping wings of the plane watching the porthole.
And can a plane like that roll over in flight?
Speaking specifically about this video, on September 4, a Twitter user named Snake posted a video in which the landing plane resists a very strong wind and is actually hanging in the air. Then, trying to get on the take-off lane, the ship flips 360 degrees.
It is not known where exactly the Snake took the published video. However, his alleged original appeared in June 2017 on the Meni Things YouTube channel, which was entirely devoted to viral video fakes with varying degrees of realism.
But even if we discard the issue of computer graphics, its own content also indicates the fake nature of the video with a roll.The fact is that on the Boeing 737 in the frame there is a symbolism of the Air Canada Jetz company. However, there are no “Boeings” in the fleet of this carrier - only three charter Airbus A319 aircraft.
still fake
Moreover, if the regular Boeing 737 made a 360-degree tumble, it would be very loud news. And in the news aggregators a similar case is actually mentioned. But the plane belonged to another airline, and the turn occurred along the runway on the plane of rotation - the ship did not even take off.
On the passenger plane, you can really make a "barrel" (if you dismiss the nuance that the rules of transportation prohibit it). One of the few examples of this trick is the recording of the tests of the Boeing 707, piloted by Alvin Tex Johnson. However, the aircraft required a much greater speed and certainly a much greater height.

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