Can massage at home. Can massage from cellulite

Cupping massage is a well-known way to improve health and eliminate cosmetic defects.

Properties of canned massage

During the procedure, special banks are used within which a vacuum is created (using heat or a special pump). The effect of the massage is based on increasing blood flow to the massaged area, and as a result, microcirculation improves, oxygen respiration of cells is stimulated, their exchange and renewal is accelerated.

In the 20th century, medical studies were conducted that confirmed the effectiveness of this procedure. Has one indisputable advantage canned massage. At home, it is easy to carry out yourself.can massage at home

The history of canned massage

A long time ago, our ancestors carried out a canned massage with the help of hollow horns of animals. Such an unusual tool was used to suck snake venom from a wound or pus during inflammations on the skin.Later, the horns were replaced with bamboo cups, and after them classic glass jars appeared.

The vacuum massage technique is especially common in China. There is a saying that half of all diseases can be cured with the help of cans. The Chinese used them even in surgery, when they needed to draw blood from the place of operation. Later, canned massage became an independent type of treatment with the help of vacuum devices.

In Egypt, they also knew about this technology and used it to lower the temperature, eliminate pain, dizziness and, in general, to accelerate recovery.

The ancient Greeks adopted the technology of massage from the Egyptians, and with time around the world became known canned massage. At home, they made him everywhere and shared their experiences with each other.

Massage devices

can massage from cellulite

A mandatory attribute for a massage is just the presence of the device with which the vacuum will be created.

Modern devices for massage are presented in a huge range:

  • Fire models, mostly made of glass.
  • Fireless are made of plastic, silicone, rubber.
  • Compression - complex devices, they require connection to the mains.
  • The most common today - silicone jars. They allow you to determine the power of absorption, therefore, suitable for people, especially sensitive to pain, and children.
  • Rubber cans can be with a dispenser, however, for models made of this material, this function is less common.
  • Glass jars are losing their popularity because of the need to use fire, the inability to regulate the strength of vacuum and fragility.

For women, manual canned massage is in great demand. Reviews about him are enthusiastic and confirm its effectiveness. In cosmetology salons, compression devices are commonly used, but their counterparts can be purchased commercially. Electric massagers for home use are noisy, expensive and less convenient to use.cupping massage reviews

Contraindications to canned massage

Unfortunately, canned massage at home, not everyone can afford. There are a number of general contraindications to its holding.

Vacuum massage is contraindicated in the case of:

  • if a person has a fever;
  • there are skin tumors and inflammation of the skin;
  • human cardiovascular insufficiency;
  • when there are problems with the veins: thrombophlebitis, thrombosis, vascular fragility, varicose veins;
  • the presence of human hematological and oncological diseases;
  • if a person has tuberculosis or has other serious lung problems;
  • if he suffers from hypertension or hypotension.

It should also be borne in mind that banks can not be held for a long time in the projection of vital organs: kidneys, heart, liver. Also, you can not put banks on the spine. In the area of ​​accumulation of lymph nodes it is strictly forbidden to conduct canned massage. “How to do it right?” Is a question that interests almost everyone.canned face massage

General technology of canned massage

The direction of movement is set from the periphery to the center and from top to bottom, that is, from the fingers to the shoulders, from the sides to the spine, from the knees to the pelvis in the form:

  • straight lines;
  • circles;
  • zigzags;
  • spirals;
  • numbers "8".

With effort, only forward movement is carried out, the reverse - without pressure. Any manipulation is carried out 5-10 times.

Proper canned massage is not difficult even for a beginner. The main thing is to follow the sequence of actions.

  • Before you start a massage, you need to clean the massaged area of ​​the skin, and then warm it with your hands.
  • In order for the bank to easily slip on the skin, you need to apply a cream or petroleum jelly.
  • The bank is placed on a flat area (not on the knees, not in the armpit). The thickness of the skin that must be drawn into the jar is about 1 cm. It is impossible to allow the drawn in area to change color.
  • Then, with sliding movements, proceed to performing the movements, depending on the technology.
  • You need to remove banks from one edge, fixing a piece of skin, and in no case can you pull the jar up with your body, trying to tear it off.

Virtually anyone can improve their health by regularly doing a can massage. The feedback from people about this procedure is positive, which has been proven by many years of practice.

After the massage, you need to cover the body area with a wool blanket and lie down for about half an hour.

If during the procedure a person complains of pain, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the pressure in the can is not too strong (a large layer of skin in the can), perhaps you should reduce the speed of movements, or add more lubricant.canned belly massage

Can facial massage

In order to perform a canned face massage, you should choose the capacity of the desired size. In pharmacies, you can find sets of different sizes. The smallest jars are used for eyelids and areas of the nasolabial triangle. Medium size for cheeks, neck and forehead. The direction of movement here is different from all other areas and is made from the center to the periphery, that is, from nose to ears, from eyebrows to hairline.

Technique canned facial massage

It is necessary to start from the clavicles downward. After the neck massage, the chin and jaw are treated. Next, massage the cheekbones, and then - the central part of the face. The forehead and temples are treated last.

A canned face massage implies that during the session it is necessary to support the skin so that it does not stretch. The suction power should be minimal. It is recommended to use face cream, mask or serum as a lubricant.

Vacuum massage of the abdomen

A canned massage at home for the abdominal area can help solve such problems as:

  • poor skin tone of this area (for example, due to age or pregnancy);
  • the presence of cellulite;
  • stretch marks (stretch marks);
  • fat deposits.

A canned cellulite massage very quickly gives the first results: after 5-6 procedures, the skin is tightened, leveled, and the fat layer is reduced. The maximum time of the procedure during the first sessions is no more than 5 minutes. Later, you can increase the duration of exposure to 20 minutes.

Canned massage of the abdomen is carried out simply: circular spiral movements are used, which are conducted in a clockwise direction. They begin at the navel and gradually spread to the bottom and sides.

Canned massage of the abdomen is very popular with women. Anti-cellulite cream or honey is perfect as a lubricant. But it is contraindicated for those who have inflammation of the pelvic organs (uterus and appendages, bladder). It is also forbidden to do such a massage during pregnancy.can massage how to do

Can massage for the treatment of cellulite of the legs, hips and buttocks

Canned massage from cellulite is very common in women, as this problem is not uncommon. It is desirable to heat the skin of this area under a stream of hot shower, and then proceed to a massage. As a lubricant used anti-cellulite cream or honey. Movement during this massage should be zigzag, spiral. Their direction is from bottom to top.It is necessary to avoid the area of ​​the inguinal fold, it is impossible to massage the popliteal part and the fold between the leg and abdomen. On the buttocks and thighs, it is necessary to act in the transverse direction. If the skin is very red, then the procedure should be stopped.

The duration of the course during the massage

correct can massage

The number of treatments depends on the condition of the skin and the neglect of the problem. 15-20 procedures are usually sufficient every day or every other day for 20 minutes. Courses are held 1 time in 3 months. It is also possible preventive sessions once a week.

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