Canine fat in traditional medicine

Canine fat: a history of use

Dog fatMany people know that with prolonged bronchitis and other pulmonary diseases, including tuberculosis, traditional medicine recommends the use of dog fat. The fact is that, for example, according to Chinese medicine, a dog, as a food product, belongs to “hot” products and helps to expel the “cold” from the body, which is the cause of diseases like bronchitis, etc. In our culture, it is not accepted to eat dog meat but in China and other Asian countries, dogs are still being eaten, and eating these "best man's best friends" among these nations does not cause censures and condemnations. However, in China, dog food is eaten exclusively in winter, which confirms the fact that this product warms the body during the cold season.

Canine fat for bronchitis

So what to do when syrups from harassing cough do not work, when for the third time over the winter you have to take a hospital with a diagnosis of chronic bronchitis or even worse - pneumonia? You should try the use of dog fat.The treatment is very simple - you need to take one tablespoon of fat three times a day with meals. Not all people are easy to take and eat a spoonful of fat. Therefore, it is recommended to do this together with a meal or, for example, spread the fat on bread, add salt and eat. You can also add it to the soup. There are recommendations to add fat to milk with honey and take in this form. This is allowed. Only, for example, in diseases such as pleurisy, milk is recommended to be excluded from the diet. A little ingenuity in this matter does not hurt. Take the fat so that it does not cause unpleasant sensations, because you must also be able to be treated with pleasure.

Treatment of children with dog fat

Canine fat for bronchitis

Some recommendations relate to the use of dog fat for young children under the age of three years. The fact is that digestion of fats at this age is not perfect yet, therefore babies need to be rubbed with fat. Attention! It is recommended to do this only if there is no temperature. After bathing the child for the night, rub his breast and back, as well as the feet of the feet with fat. Baby warmly wrapped and laid to sleep. Be sure to ensure that the child is warm and sweaty, not cooled. In this case, it should be changed into dry clothes. Such rubbing of the body will be very useful for adults too.The process of recovery will go faster and easier if rubbed with fat and take it inside.

Canine Fat with Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is one of the worst diseases of our century. Nobody is insured from it, but its consequences remain forever. Traditional medicine offers, as one of the aids, in the treatment of tuberculosis to use canine fat. Apply it for this both internally (1 tbsp. Per cup of milk once a day), and externally - in the form of rubbing.

Duration of use

Canine Fat with Tuberculosis

The duration of treatment with dog fat depends on the disappearance of the symptoms of the disease. Such recommendation concerns especially grave conditions. One cup of fat is distributed for 10 days of administration (three times a day, as mentioned above), then a three-day break is taken (a break of up to five days is allowed), and everything repeats again. And so - for three months. In general, with bronchitis such prolonged use of dog fat, most likely, is not required, the symptoms of the disease will go away faster. The person simply stops coughing and does not even notice it. But fat, if left after treatment, needs to be refrigerated until the next time, it can be stored for a long time.

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