Car Brilliance H530: review, specifications and reviews

The time has passed when the car from China was considered second-rate. Today it is a full-fledged devices, capable of some European brands. This article will focus on passenger cars in the body of the sedan Brilliance - H530. Consider its main features and specifications. Without fail, we will look at what car owners say about this model.

Basic data

So what is the car H530? Production of this model began in 2011. At first, sales were only at home and in Asia. In Russia, cars began to be sold relatively recently, in 2014. The Chinese company took into account the mistakes of the past when they sold the M1. Now there is Russian production in Cherkessk and a good dealer network. By the way, in China there is no such model, there is a car called Zhonghua H530.

brilliance h530

At home, Brillans is a very popular brand for various types of transport: passenger cars and minibuses.Cooperating with major Japanese and European automakers, the company took a lot of positive points and technical solutions. In our country, this is the second call of Brilliance. At this time, the middle class sedan with the appearance of a representative car looks quite confident.

Brilliance H530 reviews have positive and sometimes contradictory. This is due to the contradictory features of the car, which will be discussed below.

Who does the H530 look like

There is an outdated opinion that only clones of successful solutions of large and well-known car manufacturers are made in China. And despite the fact that the situation has changed, you can see familiar features in many models of Chinese cars. The Brilliance H530 is no exception. In this model, the features of the BMW 3-series are easily guessed. It would seem - pure plagiarism. But the fact is that Brillans and BMWs in China are major partners. BMW cars for China are manufactured at Brilliance factories. German engineers are working closely with the Chinese - hence the similarity of design solutions.

brilliance h530 reviews

I must say that the similarity with the popular third series of the Bavarian sedan is a very good solution.Learning and simply chic design is one of the biggest advantages of the H530. Thanks to this, the car has already received the popular name “Chinese BMW”. And in order to understand how this apparatus deserves such a nickname, it is necessary to consider all the positive aspects in more detail.

Main advantages

One of the biggest advantages of the H530 sedan is that its development and design was carried out in collaboration with such automaker titans as BMW and Porche. Thanks to this, the car got a great look and perfect suspension. It makes no sense to talk about the design of the car for a long time, just look at the photo. As for the suspension, there are no new solutions. In front it is independent with a stabilizer of stability, and behind - semi-independent. The secret lies in the exact balance. So, what attracts Brilliance H530, the reviews of the owners of which differ so much:

  • appearance, similar to the BMW popular third series;
  • almost perfect suspension;
  • acceptable price;
  • large trunk 520 liters;
  • excellent optics with LED addition;
  • fuel consumption in a mixed style of about 7.3 liters per 100 km, and on the highway and even less.

brilliance h530 reviews of the owners

Due to its similarity with BMW and an acceptable cost, the H530 has already found a lot of followers. And when you are driving this car, other shortcomings immediately fade into the background. Economical, beautiful and with a big boot - what more do you need for such a price? Of course, there is no limit to perfection, and Chinese engineers are striving to do just that. And cooperation with BMW brings the quality of the product to a completely different level.

What may not like

Calling the H530 a car of controversy, users were close to the truth. For each plus you can find your minus. So it is here. For example, a car has a large trunk of 520 liters, but its opening is narrow and uncomfortable. To use it is not very comfortable and you need to adapt.

brilliance h530 Price

The gorgeous representative appearance of the Brilliance H530 is compensated by a rather poor interior trim with cheap plastic and the absence of a leather interior. In the maximum configuration options becomes more, which somewhat smoothes the first impression. Here will be:

  • climate control;
  • rear camera for parking;
  • airbags;
  • keyless auto start system;
  • locking the doors when reaching a given speed;
  • power steering;
  • multifunctional steering wheel;
  • central locking;
  • mount for a child seat.

There will be mandatory systems such as ABS and ESP; Of course, the audio system and air conditioning. True, there is no such convenient opportunity as heated seats. Another important disadvantage is the low-power engine. After all, the first impression of the appearance implies exactly that. However, the lack of "low" power is compensated by the economy in fuel consumption. Here is a small clearance of 120 mm nothing to smooth. It remains only to enjoy trips on flat roads.

H530 Technical Specifications

It's time to look at the "Chinese BMW" from the technical side without the intervention of the views of car owners. The Brilliance sedan comes with just one engine. This is the company's own development, the 1.6-liter gasoline power unit is similar to the engine from Mitsubishi. Its power is 110 "horses" with a maximum torque of 5800 rev / min. Up to 100 km / h the car accelerates in 11.3 with a manual transmission. In the case of automatic transmission, this time is increased to 13 seconds.

brilliance h530 spare parts

The front-wheel drive H530 can be equipped with two types of gearboxes: manual 5-speed and automatic. Turbocharger for this model is not provided. Ecological class of the car - Euro-4.The tank for gasoline has a volume of 55 liters.

Suspension Brilliance H530, a review of which is higher, independent on the front springs and stabilizer and semi-independent rear. In addition to the springs and stabilizer rear there is a torsion beam. Both front and rear brakes are disc brakes, with the front brakes also ventilated. The size of the shod wheels - 205/55 at 16 r. The weight of the car at full load will be slightly more than 1,800 kg.

Reviews of owners of Brilliance H530

As expected, the second coming of Brilliance to the Russian market was much more successful. H530 buyers really liked. And this is not the merit of appearance, which affects only the first impression. The car is very balanced energy-intensive suspension. According to many reviews, despite the low ground clearance of 120 mm car easily goes on dirt roads, and at the same time on the bumps makes it soft. In the city “speed bumps” will cease to annoy. Handling of the H530 even on wet clay just pleases.

brilliance h530 review

A number of ordinary people complains about the interior decoration. In comparison with the exterior design, there is a certain contrast. Many people want more comfort and presentability inside.But as already mentioned, the Brilliance H530, the price of which is kept at the level of 500-600 thousand rubles, is a car of contradictions. In general, reviews on cars are quite positive. Many are surprised at the new level of the Chinese car industry.

The general opinion of car owners H530 coincides. This is a car with a presentable appearance, excellent suspension, average price and economical engine. Thanks to the "not killed" suspension cars wins over competitors in service prices. With regular oil changes, the engine does not require topping up. Therefore, all maintenance costs are reduced to the replacement of oil and consumables in the form of filters. For Brilliance H530 parts also have reasonable prices.

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