Children's fountain: description, species, producers and reviews

In the life of each baby comes a time when hetries to act independently. First of all, the kid fundamentally changes his habits, begins to imitate the actions of adults, refuses the nipples and tries to try everything by touch. Naturally, he tries to eat and drink on his own. Parents begin to accustom it to an adult dish, so you often have to change your baby's clothes, clean and wash.

child's kindergarten

You are helped by a child's children's book, with the help ofwhich the child learns to tilt the container so that the liquid flows out of it in the amount necessary for it. To date, this element of children's dishes is simply necessary, because parents are always on the move, and the kids are with them. Particularly good for children's drinkerthe fact that it's easy and easy to take with you on walks. While on the street, you can give a drink to a child, not being afraid that he will stain the clothes with liquid or flatter the interior of the car.

At what age is necessary neprolivika?

Many parents, especially when raising their first child, have similar questions: "What is a children's drink? From what ageit can be applied? How to choose a safe and comfortable glass? "We can not say that children's accessories need to be introduced at a certain age, because all the kids are unique and develop in different ways.

In the house of some familiesappears immediately after the introduction of water, otherscan wait until the child wants to drink on their own, while the third and almost all from infancy, babies use liquid only with such utensils. For each family this is individual, because mother decides when to wean her crumb from the nipple. In any case, doctors recommend using such a dishware item after six months, when the kids understand that it is convenient to use such a cup, and begin to ask it themselves.

children's drink

Design Features

Children's drinker-A special cup for children, whichIt is intended for fast training to independent consumption of a liquid. To do this, it has a lid that tightly tightens and prevents water from escaping, as well as a tube or a convenient drinking spout. Mandatory handles are available for safe and convenient use.

Customer feedback, advice on choosing

Reviews left by parents who have already purchased such products will help in choosing.

To find a useful glass, you need to drawattention to the form of such an essential subject. Since it is intended for baby food, the form should be convenient to the kids. It is necessary to choose such a children's drink,so that the child could take it by himself, hold it in a pen and even drink it.

The first cup of the baby should be light andtransparent, so that my mother can control the amount of liquid inside. An indispensable condition for the manufacture of such items is a durable and unbreakable material. It is necessary that the shape of the product be simple, since the drinker must be quickly disassembled, it is good and easy to wash.

Particular attention should be paid to children'sdrinkers with a soft spout, because during use the cup should not cause discomfort to the crumbs, injure the gum or press on the teeth. Particular attention should be paid to the material of the bottom, because it should not slip off the surface of the table.

children's drinkers with a soft spout


To date, parents are invited toa huge selection of products for children. The first dish is not an exception. In stores and pharmacies there is a large assortment, differing in shape, color and purpose. They are divided into several subspecies:

  • Training equipment: the very first children's glass, which is tightly closed. Since children are taught to them at an early age, they should be comfortable, it is good to lie down in the children's pen. But first of all the attention of the crumb should attract a bright and rich color. Nose should be chosen already depending on the age of the child and the presence of his teeth.
  • Non-spiked glass: A container with a valve blocking the opening and not allowing the liquid to flow out. This glass is intended for children from six months when they are all interested, they will certainly try to throw it, but the durable material will perfectly fulfill its functions.
  • Glass-drinker: a constant cup of children closer to the year. Here the spout with holes can be changed to a tube. Usually, children use such glasses until 3-4 years old.
  • Children's thermos-drinker: The kind of glasses that are actively used on the road. It is made on the principle of thermos, its walls retain the heat of the liquid. Ideal for those cases where it is impossible to warm up the food, especially if the baby is eating milk or milk formulas.

children's thermos

Manufacturers: Fissman

The world of children's goods is so diverse thatjust the head goes around. The same applies to children's drinking. Everyone has some special feature, but we will consider the most popular ones, according to the parents.

So, at the peak of popularity are the goodscompany Fissman. Children's thermos bottle of this manufacturer is made only of high-quality materials - stainless steel and plastic. Necessarily there is a nice drawing that will attract the attention of your baby. A simple design makes it easy to drink liquid directly from the thermos. Silicone handles help the child to keep it in their little hands.

Not only the thermo glass is famous for Fissman, children's drinkeris also quite in demand. The entire children's cup line has a bright and at the same time attractive appearance. Goods from this manufacturer are environmentally friendly and safe for babies.

Bebe Confort and Philips

Consider the products of other well-known companies:

  • Bebe Confort: ideal for first learning. Has a colorful interesting design and convenient shapes. Almost all models are equipped with a valve that will not allow the child to get dirty themselves and spread everything around, but in no case should one forget to put the valve back after washing.
  • The dumplings of the Philips manufacturer have a shape,resembling an adult cup, so a child can grasp the entire edge of his lips, which means that he will drink much more comfortably. There are handles comfortable for the kid, only durable, safe materials were used in the manufacture.

Happy Baby and Canpol Lovi

No less popular are the following products:

  • A cup from Happy Baby: similar to the products of the above manufacturers. For training there is a tube made of silicone, which can be removed in due course. The dishes of this manufacturer are used to wean babies from bottles and nipples.
  • Canpol Lovi: A children's cup, inside which there is a special protective coating. Its task is to reduce the development of bacteria. It has the shape of an adult cup, so that the crumb learns to drink more quickly.

fissman children's thermos

An interesting proposition to date are cups-tumblers. At the bottom of such dishes, a weights are specially placed, which helps to swing the tank, thereby luring the child.

Teaching a child to drink from the drinker

Some babies, seeing once how they drinkparents, start imitating them. At the same time, there are no problems in using children's books. But this is a big rarity, because most kids do not understand what to do with such an incomprehensible subject. They need time to get used to, and, of course, can not do without parental care.

Initially, it is worthwhile to offer the baby withsilicone spout, which most of all reminds him of a bottle. Of course, you need to help properly insert the nozzle of the container in your mouth and even show how the process of drinking is going on. If it does not immediately come out, then you can start feeding the baby from the bottle, and then replace it with a drinker.

fissman children's drink

If there are valves, you can remove them tothe child was clearer what to do. Gradually offer to drink already with the valve, then the baby will try to draw in itself the necessary liquid. It is best to fill the cup with water only for self-study.


Many parents, buying a children's bookfor the first time, can choose this subject for a long time and carefully. When you see the materials from which they are made, questions arise about whether it is possible to pour in them not only water, but also milk, juices or even mixtures. And in general, is it safe to use plastic utensils for feeding babies?

These questions are answered by manufacturers whomanufacturing of the glass of the drinker, innovative technologies were used and only environmentally friendly materials safe for the health and life of the child were used, not entering into chemical reactions with food. Danger is only dishes with cracks.

from a child's age

It is worth remembering that the children's books are used by childrenup to a year. Therefore, when choosing a cup, carefully check all the nuances. Also, do not leave the child alone when he drinks. And finally: the temperature of liquids poured into such dishes should be below 40 degrees.

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