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christmas moviesA special place of Christmas in our lives

What is the place of the Christmas holidays in the lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans? Why do we all love and appreciate these magical days? Ghosts from the famous work of Charles Dickens “A Christmas Tale” would answer unequivocally: this is the moment when the magic comes to life, and sometimes it changes our lives. On this magical holiday, our consciousness is transformed, words acquire sincerity, and the heart becomes purer and kinder. In America, Christmas is considered almost the most influential holiday of the entire annual cycle. To him are preparing for a long time. On the eve of this day, every American creates a pleasant atmosphere of celebration and general well-being. Families gather together and watch old Christmas films endowed with an unprecedented atmosphere of celebration and kindness. And since Christmas is considered an authoritative holiday primarily in America, films are often made on this subject there. American Christmas films have such a strong atmosphere that it is simply impossible not to feel it. Everyone knows that.It is worth reviewing such Christmas films as “Home Alone”, “Santa Claus”, “Midnight Express”, “Christmas Present” and many others, and you are guaranteed to receive a huge charge of positive energy and feel an unforgettable atmosphere that will stay with you for a long time after the holiday.american christmas movies

Best Christmas Hits

Hits such as “Grinch: The Thief of Christmas”, “The Guardians of Dreams”, “Exchange Holidays”, “Elf”, “Family Man”, “Miracle on 34th Street”, “This Wonderful Life” are purely Christmas films. The list of such films is very diverse and often corresponds with new ones. This list includes both recognized film masterpieces and absolutely ordinary films, most of which did not even appear on the wide screen. Many of the lists are led by a very colorful film directed by Frank Capra “This Wonderful Life”. In second place, and in some places first, is the well-known story of an 11-year-old boy, who was accidentally forgotten at home, and who has to defend himself against impudent thieves. Further on in the lists are films such as: “The Apartment” by Billy Wilder, “Merry Christmas” by Christian Karion,George W. Seeton's Miracle on 34th Street, Spirits of Christmas with the inimitable Patrick Stewart as Scrooge, 8 Women, Curly Sue, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Tim Burton, Tom and Thomas, Greens Is the Christmas thief, Ron Howard, and many others.

christmas movies listHow many films about this magical moment

If you look closely, it turns out that there are more films about this sacred holiday than any other films about any event or holiday. And even in our, domestic cinema, a huge number. This should not be so surprised. We all want at least once a year to feel the magical change of those factors to which we have long been accustomed. This day truly dilutes our life, making it brighter, at least for one evening. And Christmas movies are a great catalyst. On the day of this holiday, each of us can again look into his dusty soul, in which he left his dreams. To do this, you need a key that can be easily found in beautiful magic films, Santa Claus. And gifts. Christmas films have long been a guarantee of a good mood.

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