Citymax AL Barsha 3 * (UAE / Dubai): description and reviews of tourists

In the UAE, our tourists travel with great pleasure, because here they get the opportunity to combine oriental flavor with European comfort. Most often, Russians prefer to come to rest in Dubai. This city is considered one of the safest in the world, and the fact that Muslim laws and traditions reign in it excludes the appearance of drunken tourists on the streets. Our compatriots call the only cost of staying in Dubai is the high cost of living in hotels. Most of them belong to the "luxury" class, which automatically negates all attempts to save on the trip. However, in recent years, there has been a tendency to build low-cost hotel complexes that allow you to make a holiday budget without detriment to comfort. Among the chains of such hotels, one of the new complexes with a very good location - Citymax AL Barsha 3 * deserves attention. This hotel is the first budget project in the Citymax Hotels chain. And at the same time, as confirmed by the reviews, quite successful.We will make a detailed review of the hotel Citymax AL Barsha 3 * and tell readers about all its features.

Description of the hotel complex

Citymax AL Barsha (Dubai) is a beautiful complex consisting of two fourteen-storey buildings. On the roof of one of them is a swimming pool and a small bar. The design of the hotel complex is made in a modern style. It is characterized by a combination of simple pure shades, drapery and furniture in the style of minimalism.

Like many other city hotels, Citymax AL Barsha 3 * does not have its own territory. But this is more than offset by the high level of service and affordable cost of living. In addition, many tourists write that of all the new hotels in Dubai, this one has the most convenient location. It is located near the beach, shopping centers and popular areas of the city, where tourists from different countries of the world love to gather.

Citymax Hotel AL Barsha 3 * was opened about nine years ago. During this time, it once closed for renovation. It was held three years ago. Therefore, hotel guests often write that they are pleased with the condition of furniture, plumbing equipment and appliances in the rooms, despite the large influx of guests in almost any season.

description of the hotel

More information about the location of the hotel

Practically for everyone who rested in Dubai in Citymax AL Barsha 3 *, this city was opened from a new perspective. This was due to the fact that the location of the hotel allowed tourists not only as part of an organized group, but also to explore all its attractions on their own.

Citymax AL Barsha 3 * is built in the business district of Dubai, where it is always quite crowded and there are many cafes, restaurants and shopping centers. Within walking distance of the hotel is the famous "Emirates Mall". This mall accommodates not only shops and food courts, but also has access to the subway. There are also exchange offices where a very favorable exchange rate is established.

From the international airport to the hotel you need to go only about half an hour. For densely populated Dubai, this time interval is minimal. Approximately the same time will need to spend on a trip to the beach. However, the road to the sea lies between busy roads, so tourists are offered free transfer to the beach directly from the hotel.

Not far from Citymax Hotel AL Barsha 3 * is located the famous district of Dubai Marina and Media City. If desired, guests of the hotel can visit the famous exhibition center, located within walking distance.And many in their reviews noted that from their window a wonderful view of the Parus Hotel opened.

beach area

Beach area

Since Citymax AL Barsha 3 * is a city hotel, naturally, it does not have its own beach area. But tourists have the opportunity to visit the city’s Jumeirah beach for free. By the way, this is the very hotel “Parus”.

The beach itself is located about five kilometers from the hotel, but due to the peculiarities of the local traffic, guests are not advised to travel there on their own. Twice a day, the hotel organizes a transfer to the beach, but it is worth bearing in mind that guests need to book in the evening at the reception. Otherwise, they may not get on the shuttle.

The first flight to the sea leaves at eight thirty in the morning, the guests are returned to the hotel at half past eleven. The second wave of tourists leaves for the beach at eleven o'clock in the morning and returns at two in the afternoon.

Jumeirah Beach is incredibly clean. It is covered with fine sand and well equipped. Here, besides the street cafes, there is a toilet and a shower, which allows washing off the sand before heading back to the hotel or for a walk around the city.

For the use of sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach, vacationers need to pay. But at the same time the place remains for the person for the whole day.

hotel infrastructure

Entertainment and Infrastructure

Going to the Citymax AL Barsha 3 * hotel, do not forget that it has only three stars, so you should not make excessive demands on it. There are two restaurants in the buildings of the hotel, where live music plays in the evening.

On one of the roofs is a small pool. During the day there are a lot of people going here, as it gets very hot on the beach. If you come to the pool in the afternoon, then there may not be enough empty seats in the recreation area. In winter, the water is additionally heated, which makes bathing even in cold weather comfortable.

In the evening, hotel guests can spend time in the sports or music bars. From entertainment in the hotel - this is probably the only options. In the lobby of the hotel there are small exchange offices and several travel agencies, offering travelers a variety of excursions around the city and its surroundings.

The hotel has Wi-Fi. You can connect to it for free, but this is done only in the lobby.

The hotel staff is quite friendly and takes care of their guests. Many tourists write that with a late arrival they were sent to a restaurant even before paperwork, in order not to waste time and not to get hungry after the flight. It should be borne in mind that the staff of Citymax AL Barsha 3 * speaks only in English. Nobody knows the Russian language from the staff. However, they are fairly well understood and broken English, so if your knowledge of the language is limited to the school curriculum, then communication problems will not arise.

description of numbers

A few words about the rooms

In Citymax Hotel AL Barsha 3 * there are three hundred and seventy eight standard rooms. There are practically no special differences in their equipment, however a certain gradation among the number of rooms does exist:

  • two rooms are equipped for people with disabilities;
  • Twenty-six apartments are made in the form of two communicating rooms;
  • fifty six rooms have two single beds;
  • Two hundred and ninety-four rooms are designed for a couple, as they have double beds.

All apartments in the Citymax Hotel AL Barsha (Dubai) are furnished quite simply, but they have everything you need for a good holiday.Most often, the decor includes a bed, bedside tables, a kind of open cabinet with plenty of hangers, a table and a chair. Also in the room without fail are installed air conditioning, a refrigerator and a TV with one Russian-language channel.

Daily maids bring guests fresh clean water and replenish the tea set. It includes tea, coffee and cream of several brands. Naturally, each room has a kettle and cups.

In general, our compatriots appreciate the hotel rooms. However, they clarify that their area is rather small and they lacked a balcony or terrace. The latter fact makes it difficult to dry personal items.

restaurant of the hotel complex

Dining at the hotel

Judging by the reviews of Citymax AL Barsha 3 *, the hotel complex offers several types of food. But most often our compatriots choose only breakfasts. Some prefer to buy a tour with paid breakfast and lunch. By the way, after check-in, you are free to change lunches for dinners and back at your discretion. No problems you have.

The hotel has two restaurants:

  • City Cafe. Here, the buffet system serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • The Huddle Bar & Grill.The menu of this establishment presents international dishes. Spirits are also served here.

Some vacationers complain about the monotony of power. Of course, such an opinion is purely personal. Therefore, we decided to list what is usually served for breakfast at the hotel, using the information from the reviews of our compatriots. Every day, several types of eggs are exposed on the tables: scrambled eggs, fried eggs, boiled eggs. In addition, guests are offered sausages, chickpeas and rice dishes, several kinds of yogurts, pancakes and fritters. For dessert, guests often take jams, honey and fruit. Usually they are represented by melons, watermelons and oranges. Kids can have breakfast with milk and cereals. Adults quite highly appreciate the local coffee.

If you take lunches for breakfast, then you definitely will not regret it. Our compatriots write that during the week meals for lunch and dinner never repeated. At the same time, there was always a wide selection of meat, fish, vegetables and desserts on the tables.

number of rooms

Some features of the settlement

When making a hotel at the tourist will ask for a passport and a credit card. Her number will be recorded in case the guest damages the property of the hotel and refuses to pay for it.

Tourists are advised to always change a small amount of money upon arrival at the airport, since upon check-in the hotel staff take a small tax. Do not confuse it with a security deposit, since the paid amount after the eviction is not refundable. On average, it is calculated on the basis of ten dirhams (approximately 170 rubles) per night per person.

Check out from the hotel at twelve o'clock in the afternoon. If your plane takes off in the evening, you will have to pay one more night.

Please note that children under the age of twelve can be checked into the hotel absolutely free. But at the same time accommodation is possible only on beds with parents. Installing an extra bed in the room is not provided for by the rules of the hotel complex.

Nuances of living in a hotel in 2018

Tourists planning to get to this hotel in the current year should have an idea about some of the features of their stay. From mid-May to the fifteenth of July the hotel complex will be closed. It is planned to carry out repairs.

Until the end of this year, it will be impossible to choose breakfast and dinner as an option for meals.Guests will only be available for breakfast and lunch, if desired, guests can limit themselves only breakfast.

Hotel staff warns that construction work is underway nearby. In this regard, guests may experience some inconvenience. However, the administration of the complex claims that the level of noise emitted by construction equipment does not exceed the maximum permissible.

Citymax AL Barsha: negative content reviews

There are quite a few comments about this hotel on the Internet and frankly negative among them. However, guests often notice certain shortcomings, which can significantly spoil the rest especially fastidious travelers.

In some reviews, our compatriots write that the hotel is always crowded. There is simply no such thing as a “low and high season”, therefore, settling in the room, you will constantly meet in the hall and restaurant with a huge number of guests. The national composition of the guests is also quite diverse: Hindus, Chinese, Arabs, Russians, Ukrainians, and so on.

Often, reviews are mentioned and complaints about the view from the window. Some guests were not lucky, and they got a room with a view of the neighboring house or street.This caused some inconvenience, but the hotel staff in such cases usually refuse to change the apartment.

A certain category of vacationer with great discontent responds about the lack of knowledge of the staff of the English language. However, this nuance is a ubiquitous phenomenon in Dubai, therefore, the hotel’s drawback cannot be considered.

pool area

Advantages of the hotel complex

The advantages of the hotel, our compatriots can list to infinity. Most of the guests were pleased with the vacation in Citymax AL Barsha and in their next trip to Dubai booked a room in this complex.

Russian tourists appreciate the level of service at the hotel. The staff responds quickly to any requests, patiently listens to broken English, tries, in the literal sense of the word, ideally to do its job of cleaning the rooms and the hotel itself. Thanks to this, a special atmosphere of joy and comfort is created here.

Internet in the hotel complex is characterized by a stable connection throughout. Some guests who took laptops with them wrote that they were free to connect to the wired internet in the room.

Food, too, seemed to most tourists undoubted advantage of the hotel. Many found it diverse and absolutely all the guests - delicious. If desired, guests can order meals in the room. Usually the assortment of such orders is limited by fast food, but in any case, all food is of high quality.

Tourists also talk a lot about the successful location of the hotel. They enthusiastically describe the places they were able to visit thanks to this fact.

In most of the reviews, our compatriots recommend the hotel complex. They note that it is ideal in terms of price and quality, and advised to book rooms in it for those who prefer an active holiday with a lot of trips around Dubai.

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