Classic vinaigrette: calorie

Despite the current variety of salads, many prefer proven recipes, adding new ingredients to them. In the dietary kitchen, the classic vinaigrette is quite common, its caloric content is very small, so everyone who monitors the health and condition of the figure can safely use it. In the article you will learn about the history of the origin of the salad, about the variations of cooking and how to minimize its energy value.

Who came up with a vinaigrette

vegetable calorie vinaigrette

Salad owes its name to vinegar, which used to be used as a dressing. The dish appeared during the reign of Alexander the Great. The Frenchman who worked in the kitchen with the Russian, saw that he was filling the products (potatoes, beets, pickled cucumbers, sauerkraut) with vinegar, and asked: "Vinegr?" (Vinaigre in French means "vinegar"). The cook thought that this is the name of the salad. Soon the dish went beyond the royal court and spread throughout Russia and other countriesand sunflower oil was a worthy substitute for vinegar.

Classic vinaigrette: calorie, cooking method


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Pickled cucumber




Green pea


Classic vinaigrette is prepared in a certain way. The main ingredients are taken in the same proportions. Onions are added if desired raw or roasted in sunflower oil. Potatoes, carrots and beets are boiled and cut into small cubes. Crush the cucumber and add it last, along with sauerkraut and green peas.

Calorie vinaigrette in different versions

Any woman who watches the figure and limits herself to food before eating an extra portion of soup or salad is interested in the composition and energy value. Today, programs for counting calories can be purchased at any online store - they are absolutely free. Use the above table to prepare a dietary vinaigrette. Calorie in it is indicated for every 100 g.

calorie vinaigrette with sauerkraut

Onions in a salad should be 5 times less than other ingredients, since excessive bitterness will be superfluous.Sometimes it does not put in a salad at all. If you take each product in the amount of 100 g, onions should be no more than 20 g (8 kcal). In the same amount, take chopped dill, which has a similar calorie content. If you prepare a vinaigrette from the specified amount of ingredients without oil, it will be a dietary one. The average calorie content of vinaigrette with sauerkraut will be 54 kcal per 100 g, without a potato 43 kcal, and the caloric content of a classic salad with all the ingredients varies from 110 to 150 kcal.

The secret to making delicious salad

Appearance is the first thing a person pays attention to when serving food. If you want the vinaigrette to have a rich pink color, mix the vegetables and cover them with a small amount of beetroot juice, and then season with oil.

In order for the salad to be filled with multicolored ingredients, fill them with dressing separately, mix and only then combine all the ingredients.

Boil the vegetables in their skins or bake. So their taste will be more saturated. If you are a fan of diet cuisine, cook a vegetable salad - the calorie content of the dish will allow you to use it several times a day.vinaigrette calorie

Add dressing to the salad gradually so that the ingredients in it do not "float."Excess sauce should never remain at the bottom of the plate - it is absorbed into the products.

Do not mix the ingredients in metal containers, otherwise they will acquire a specific flavor. Enamel and glass - the best that you can think of for serving dishes.

Oil in vinaigrette: the pros, cons

Mayonnaise has long lost its former popularity, cooks are increasingly looking for a replacement. For refueling, olive or sunflower oil is used, the daily rate of which should not exceed three tablespoons. Minimize fat intake, and then your lunch will be less calorie. A dietary vinaigrette can be prepared without sunflower oil, but if it is added in the amount of 50 g (50 kcal), the caloric content of the vinaigrette with oil will be 102 kcal per 100 g. Instead of this dressing, you can use vinegar or lemon juice.

vinaigrette without potatoes calorie

If you can not do without dressing in the salad, but you want to keep the natural flavor of vegetables, use unrefined oil, which is much more economical.

How to make a vinaigrette more dietary

If you carefully watch what you eat and try to minimize the energy value of food, you should reduce the amount of heavy foods.In such a dish as a vinaigrette, calorie content is growing due to the use of potatoes and sunflower oil for refueling. By adding pickled cucumbers and sauerkraut to it in larger quantities, you can get a more dietary dish. You can cook a vinaigrette without potatoes, the caloric content of which will be much less.

calorie vinaigrette with butter

Nutritionists advise to replace canned peas frozen. Instead of potatoes, use white or red beans. Keep in mind that an excessive amount of salt is not good for health, so if you are preparing a salad of sauerkraut and pickled cucumber, do not salt it at all. Add as much greens as possible to the vinaigrette, so that it becomes more juicy and dietary. Experiment with apples, lemons and oranges - in a small amount they will not harm.

Original favorite salad recipes

Vinaigrette can be prepared in several ways: add herring, mushrooms, capers and other interesting ingredients. The recipe varies depending on the tastes of the chef.

cabbage vinaigrette calorie

Despite the fact that the vinaigrette is considered to be a dietary dish, resourceful chefs sometimes add meat to it.Constant component remains beets, cucumbers and potatoes. The recipe for meat should be quite a bit - it is boiled and cut into strips. The dressing is made from mayonnaise, sunflower oil, spices and dill.

Most of us prefer to cook a salad with cabbage, the caloric content of which is minimal, but residents of coastal countries have decided to replace it with kelp. The taste of the salad is very unusual, so everyone should try it. The preparation will require potatoes (300 g), carrots (150 g), pickled cucumbers (100 g), beets (100 g), onions (80 g) and a jar of canned sea kale. Vegetables are boiled and cut into small pieces, the dressing is prepared from sunflower oil, vinegar and parsley.

Herring and tomato paste is the most unexpected combination in cooking, but housewives with imagination can experiment and cook this wonderful vinaigrette, whose caloric content will be much higher (herring energy value is 145-173 kcal). This dish can surprise even the most sophisticated gourmet. In addition to the classic ingredients (carrots, beets, potatoes, pickled cucumbers, green peas), you will need herring, tomato, green onions and tomato paste. All products must be finely chopped.The dressing is made from a mixture of mayonnaise and tomato paste, to which chopped greens are added to taste.

Original vinaigrette recipes suggest the presence of squid, mussels, canned fish, smoked fish, citrus, sometimes it adds chicory root and rhubarb or other herbs.

Vinaigrette with fish and mushrooms

classic calorie vinaigrette

This recipe can pleasantly surprise lovers of salads with a lot of ingredients. The Old Russian vinaigrette, whose caloric content is significantly higher than the classical one, has been known since the 19th century. For cooking, you will need beets (300 g), potatoes (400 g), pickled cucumbers (150 g), white beans (100 g), white pickled mushrooms (100 g), perch fillet (100 g), fresh cabbage (50 g) , capers (50 g). The dressing consists of a teaspoon of mustard, three tablespoons of sunflower oil and half a glass of vinegar 3%. Salt, sugar and black pepper are added to taste. Vegetables are boiled or baked, the fish is fried in sunflower oil. All ingredients must be cut into small pieces and mix in one container. The sauce is prepared as follows: mix mustard, sugar, salt, pepper in a small amount of water, pour in oil and vinegar.

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