Cleaning the face at home: recipes. Medical cosmetics and folk remedies

Each girl seeks not only to lookeffective and expensive, but also to be liked first of all by yourself and your own friends. The issue of skin health and its blossoming species takes up most of the female attention. After all, a person not only constantly in the field of view of others, it eloquently speaks about the health and degree of grooming of a woman. Therefore, many beauties perform their own procedures for the face skin in order to optimally improve the tone of the cells and prevent aging.

Description of the method

cleaning the face at home recipes

Many experts emphasize the importance ofcorrect mechanical cleaning. It can be carried out only by an experienced and practicing master with the availability of suitable tools. Self-manipulation with the skin leads to extensive irritation, infection, and even more complex consequences, such as visible scars or scars, which in the future will be very difficult to disguise.

Also, cleaning leads to activation of no less important processes:

  • smoothing the surface of the skin and reducing the number of fine wrinkles and irregularities by exfoliating the dead cells of the skin, which leads to an acceleration of regeneration;
  • adjusting the diet and oxygen saturation of the lower layers of the skin, which often lack the required number of necessary components.

At home, conduct optimallycomfortable skin cleansing can be done with quality scrubs. They can easily be made up at home from the simplest and affordable products. Cleaning is designed to eliminate black spots, which are not just an aesthetic drawback, but also a colorful indicator of the internal condition of the skin.


Experts identify several basic types of cleaning at home, which can help to remedy the situation:

  • rather laborious, but mildly acting chemical peeling, the action of which is based on softening the upper layer of the skin and squashing the old cells;
  • a demanding mechanical peeling is performed using abrasive agents that help to scrupulously clean the fatty skin from the black points, and also to level its tone;
  • The newest method of influence so far is gaining popularity - a physical peeling, carried out with the help of an ultrasound machine, whose waves can gently exfoliate dead cells.

In essence, the pores of the facial skin play a role of their ownkind of natural tunnel. On it, the skin removes accumulated fat, particles of dust and sweat. Therefore, insufficient purification can lead to the appearance of traffic jams in the form of black dots or colorless hillocks, which can easily be felt after touching.

Cleaning the face at home. Recipes of masks and other means

Quality and, most importantly, non-aggressivePeeling can be done with masks, based on natural ingredients (fruit acids or lactic acid) or chemical (soda, calcium chloride). Each type of skin assumes its own range of active substances that can cleanse the skin as gently as possible without damaging the flow of internal processes.

With cucumber juice

How is face cleaning done at home? Recipes and methods are different. Some are prepared very simply, others are more difficult. Let's look at one good option. Owners of dry skin are the easiest to do home peeling for the face. The recipes for home masks are different. All of them are designed in such a way that it is possible to conduct a moderate cleaning, which would not damage the inner layers of dry skin, and at the same time provide nutrition to the cells.

To create a mask, you will need:

  • cucumber juice - 1-1,5 tablespoon;
  • quality oat flour - 1,5-2 tablespoons.

If the house does not have a fresh juicy cucumber, it can be replaced with a solution of succinic acid tablets and warm boiled water.

Oatmeal can be grinded alone,pouring rump in a convenient coffee grinder. By combining the two components, the mask must be mixed to allow the entire dry part to react with the juice. Then it should be circular soft movements, without pressing and hard rubbing on the skin. Keep such a cucumber mask is not less than 15 minutes. Then wash off with warm water. The mask besides the cleaning effect also delicately tightens the skin.

pores of the skin of the face

Honey with acetylsalicylic acid

How to clean the face with honey? This is no less effective way than the previous one. The mask consists of two main components: acetylsalicylic acid tablets and a teaspoon of liquid honey. An additional component is water. How to make a mask? The first step is to dissolve the tablet in 3-4 ml of water, and after complete dissolution, honey can be added to the mixture. Apply the mask carefully, trying not to get into the eyes and mucous. To sustain its experts advise not less than 10 minutes, after which to remove warm water.

Facial scrub reviews


Also popular is milk cleaningface at home. Recipes of this kind of masks are basically based on dairy products: homemade whey, kefir and quality yogurt. Apply the mixture with a gauze cut, fitted to the size of the face (so convenient). In two small containers it is necessary to pour kefir and whey. Then you need to wait until their temperature becomes room temperature. First, the gauze cut should be soaked for a couple of seconds in the serum, then sent to a bowl with yogurt. Not completely wrung out tissue should be placed on the face, before washing. It is necessary to keep the milk mask for at least 15 minutes. Then it is necessary to wash with cool water (so the tone of cells rises).

how to clean the face

With a skin

Owners of oily skin should pay attentionon masks with more effective particles that would replace the facial scrub. Reviews of many girls emphasize the effectiveness of masks using soda or bodyaga. They perfectly help to cleanse the skin. Including from black points. How to prepare such a remedy? Now tell.

For the preparation of a mask-scrub based on body-water will be required:

  • Powder of the body - you can start with 1.5 teaspoons;
  • water - 100 ml or as much gel for the face.

In a container, it is necessary to mix the powder with water,bringing the mass to homogeneity. After that, it should be applied to the surface of the skin, trying not to get to the area near the eyes and nostrils. Keep the mask is at least 10-15 minutes. During this period, there may be a slight sensation of tingling or tightening of the skin. During the removal of the mask, water should be lightly massageed, without pressing the skin with your fingers.

peeling of skin on the face


How do I clean my face? There are also more radical methods. You can, for example, make soda peeling. To perform cleaning, 1-1.5 teaspoons of soda and a small amount of liquid colorless soap will be needed. Dyes can cause an allergic reaction. After all, soda peeling is based on a sharp change in the acid balance of the skin in the alkaline side, which causes active exfoliation of dead cells. Follow-up massage will make it easier to clean the cover. To sustain such a mask is a couple of minutes, as a violation of pH can lead to inflammation. Will help to balance the skin after soda manipulation citric acid.

A common method of mechanical cleaningis a facial scrub. Reviews of many girls note the convenience of this option of cleansing and full accessibility. But in a number of cases, the skin can become accustomed to when this kind of cleansing is used too often. As a result, the cells of the dermis gradually refuse to independently remove dirt and fat from their pores, which can lead to a worsening of the situation.

home face peeling recipes


The main rules for using both ready-madeand home remedies are the purity of the hands and the absence of inflammatory processes. If the face has at least one pimple or redness, the use of scrubs is strictly prohibited. Why? Because, opening the pustle of the pimple, it is possible to bring the infection into the skin, and also cause the intensification of painful processes.

Ginger Sakura

When choosing a tool, it is worth paying attention todimensions of abrasive elements. Ready-made compounds often have as their basis apricot or almond bones, as is known to many facial scrub "Ginger Sakura" from the master of cosmetology Organic Shop. And this in the case of sensitive skin can lead to microdamages. Before applying the scrub, it is necessary to steam the skin, washing several times with warm water and putting on the face a towel soaked in hot water. After 5-7 minutes the compress is removed, and you can safely start using a scrub. It should be applied carefully, without rubbing too hard on the parts of the product. Rinse off with cooler water to restore the temperature balance of the skin.

Exfoliance Confort

Another consumer-recognized ready-made formulationExfoliance Confort from the wonderworker of female cosmetology - the house Lancome - is an excellent remedy based on honey and wheat particles. Due to the lack of alcohol, the product perfectly exfoliates and moisturizes the upper layers of the skin. Pre-cleaned with soap derma should be lubricated with a small amount of scrub and delicate massage. Due to the soft structure, the agent does not lead to microcracks and is easily removed by warm water.

All the ready-made products for the skin of the face is for the first time to try on the elbow bend, in order to fully appreciate the reaction of the body to its effective components.

Salt Scrub

from black dots

Skin peeling on the face appears due tolack of nutrition. Another cause of this is weathering. The dead particles aggravate the condition of the inner layers, which leads to cracking of the skin, ingress of dust and dirt into the open wounds. To avoid this scenario, many women of fashion advise to use once a week a salt scrub. For him it is necessary to mix a whisper of a fine (or shredded ordinary to powder) salt and a half teaspoon of honey. Then all you need to mix only once. Next, the product should be applied to the skin. Minor salt particles will not allow damage to appear, but will be able to detach the dead cells from the living layer.

During application, the product is gently, barelyperceptibly, massage the skin. After 3 minutes, the mask can be safely washed off with cool water. Then the face should be smeared with a light nutritious cream or almond oil.

Note that during the cleaning of the pores completelyare disclosed. After they need to return to normal. To do this, use salicylic acid or alcohol. They will do an excellent antibacterial treatment and help the pores reanimate.

means for face skin


No less popular and Chinese medicinal cosmetics. Although many reject it because of mistrust of the producer country. But certified, fully legal cosmetics is created on the basis of centuries-old oriental recipes, adapting it to modern needs.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning is an advanced methodinfluence on the skin condition at home. Sound vibrations not only help to clear the clogged pores, but also to regulate the blood circulation of cells, adjust their metabolism and bring them into tone. Before starting the procedure, the person must also be prepared. To begin with it is necessary to remove make-up, to spend an easy peeling with the help of soft fruit means. Next, you need to do an ultrasound-peeling. It will help prepare the surface for the event and remove peeling skin on the face. The direction of work of the ultrasonic apparatus rod is against hair growth. After the procedure, many masters advise to conduct a micromassage of the skin. It will help to establish processes in the cells and soften the action of ultrasound itself.

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Cleaning the face at home: recipes. Medical cosmetics and folk remedies Cleaning the face at home: recipes. Medical cosmetics and folk remedies Cleaning the face at home: recipes. Medical cosmetics and folk remedies Cleaning the face at home: recipes. Medical cosmetics and folk remedies Cleaning the face at home: recipes. Medical cosmetics and folk remedies Cleaning the face at home: recipes. Medical cosmetics and folk remedies