Collection agency "PrimoKollekt": reviews

Today, banks can not always cope with the receipt of overdue debt on their own, so they have to resort to the services of collection agencies. What can be said about these organizations? Associations in most cases are not very good; I immediately recall footage from Russian feature films about the dashing 90s. We will talk about one of the debt collection agencies - PrimoKollekt.

What does this collection agency?

This question interests a lot of people. We will understand in more detail in it. The organization has been working for several years (since 2006) in the field of debt collection in Ukraine, and in addition, it has a representative office in the capital of the Russian Federation. Employee feedback on PrimoKollekt in Moscow is not the most positive. The organization is engaged in the acquisition of debt, outsourcing debt recovery, advising on scoring and risk management strategies.

prikoloklekt reviews

The general director of this organization is Eva Zakovich. The company has about 800 employees who handle almost 2 million borrowers. This organization has a website that contains complete information about the company and its activities. In the contact section you can find information about the location of all branches of the company, as well as their telephone numbers. Reviews of "PrimoKollekt" abound. You can also send your own message from the site via the feedback form. The site contains details of permits, which if desired can be found by any citizen.

Same company as others

The firm’s reputation is ambiguous, and this is understandable, since, taking into account the specifics of its activities, the feedback on PrimoKollekt will be appropriate. The actions of collection companies are often assessed as illegal. Debtors complain of intimidation and the threat of collectors. According to the laws of the Russian Federation such actions are prohibited. A collection agency, to begin with, may be subject to penalties, and then closed altogether.

primokollekt reviews debtors

Nevertheless, signals about such behavior of workers of these firms continue to come.Today it is considered almost the norm. And the feedback from employees about PrimoKollekt is not the best. Assessing them, the conclusions can be drawn not the most comforting that the company's activities are far from the framework established by the legislation of the Russian Federation. In fairness it should be said that this situation is inherent in all collection agencies. In our country, debtors very often encounter employees of collection companies. It is from their reviews that the overall impression of the work of the organization.

Availability of a license for collection activity

To date, any organization that collects debt must be in the state register of collectors and have a license. Without this, such activity is considered illegal and is subject to criminal liability. Learn this information on the official website of the Federal Bailiff Service.

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Regarding PrimoKollekt, information was provided that on January 18, 2017, the organization was included in the register of legal entities whose main activity is the return of overdue debt obligations under number 9/17/77000-KL.

Other permits

Employee liability insurance is provided by Ingosstrakh insurance company, which is documented. So, today the collection agency operates on perfectly legal grounds, despite the reviews of “PrimoKollekt. For all questions, you can contact the agency’s hotline telephone for advice (8 (800) 333-99-28.

How does the agency work?

In accordance with Russian legislation, collectors have the right to send written notifications to debtors about the formation of debt, to ring them regularly, and also to notify that they plan to apply to judicial authorities. They can also send the employee to the house to the debtor so that he at a personal meeting notify about the debt.

What is really going on?

In practice, all these actions are reduced to the fact that the collectors regularly call the debtors with threats. Usually, employees of such companies do not go home, because our country is large, and there are not enough collectors for all debtors. There are no appeals to the judicial authorities either, although the employees actively promise to start legal proceedings against the debtor.

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In most cases, the employees of this organization, as well as other collection agencies, use financial and legal illiteracy of the population and simply put moral pressure on the psyche of unprepared people, seeking all ways to return borrowed funds.

Opinions of service users

Customers speak about the company from a negative point of view. Reviews of LLC PrimoKollekt in Moscow confirm that it is rather difficult to avoid contact with the workers of this organization, that they threaten and seek to ruin people’s lives by all means. In principle, the presence of such reviews is not surprising, because rarely does anyone meet a person who has come to the debtor for his money with open arms. So, it makes no sense to wait for accolades about PrimoKollekt.

Many debtors note that the scheme of work of this company is no different from that adopted in other organizations of this kind. Reviews of LLC PrimoKollekt confirm that employees of the company are trying in every possible way to knock out debts, not especially advertising their identity. Debtors have repeatedly said that attempts to demand documents from the collector end with insults on their part.Naturally, identity documents, they do not show. Of course, all these actions gradually suggest that the organization does not act in the most legal way.

Calculated, and the collectors are not appeased

A lot of feedback from people who paid off their debt obligations, but they were disturbed by collectors from this agency, threatening and insisting on paying off nonexistent debts. During telephone conversations, PrimoKollekt employees refuse to introduce themselves, tell them on whose behalf they act, speak rudely. People who have experienced all of this, are advised to record such a conversation on a dictaphone and go straight to court with him.

prikolklekt staff reviews Moscow

According to the majority of people who are confronted with this organization, this is a typical collection agency, of which there are quite a few in our country, operating in the same way as competitors. The reviews of the debtors of “PrimoKollekt” confirm that the employees of this organization are harassing calls, threatening letters, but these letters are sent to managers or relatives, or simply acquaintances.

How to stop such illegal actions by the agency?

In this situation, it is advised to send a complaint to the Roskomnadzor. Employees of this department will consider the appeal and will withdraw personal data of the person not related to the debt obligations from the collection base. In case of incorrect behavior of employees of the company (threats, physical impact), it is necessary to file an application with the prosecutor's office. In some cases, the debtors resort to the services of lawyers and write that this was the only correct way out in such a situation. This helped not only to eliminate the intrusive attention of employees, but in some cases to receive compensation payments from unscrupulous organizations as compensation for moral harm. In addition, according to the recommendations of people who already had a similar experience, it is necessary to speak with the collector in a polite manner, but very confidently. If an employee of a collection agency understands that you are not well-versed in legislative documents, he increases moral pressure on the psyche, thereby forcing debt to be repaid in any way.

primokollekt company reviews

Debtor reviews about PrimoKollekt do not end there. People report that often when the threat of the collectors sent a photo of the prison cell and say that they will refer the case to court. It should be understood that the opening of the trial is beneficial primarily to the borrower, since in this situation the amount of payment will be fixed and much lower than that required by collectors. Moreover, when the statute of limitations on credit obligations expires, the court, as a rule, takes the side of the debtor, and the collection agency is left with nothing, while still losing money on court costs. Therefore, the collectors do not want to appeal to the court, and they simply scare the debtors. But at the same time you should remember that the collection organization in most cases receives debts legally according to all applicable rules. In such a situation, targeted non-payment of debts on credit obligations is an act punishable by law. In this regard, borrowed funds must be repaid as soon as possible, which will allow you to avoid costs of time and money, as well as liability for non-payment of loan funds.

Spoon of honey in the ointment

For the sake of fairness, it must be said that there are positive reviews about this company, although they are mainly from clients or partners of the company. They noted the high efficiency of the work of employees and a fairly high level of debt recovery. There are some reviews about the company PrimoKollekt. They are also worth mentioning in order to have a complete understanding of the organization’s activities. These are reviews of PrimoKollekt employees about employment and working conditions in the company. According to such reviews, official employment is offered in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation.

Primakollekt Ryazan Employee Reviews

On the positive side, based on feedback from PrimoKollekt employees in Ryazan, flexible working hours are noted. From negative opinions, it is worth saying that the company has a low salary, and there is no possibility of further professional growth. The last point is generally logical, if you remember what the organization does. According to the majority of ordinary employees, this company is not very suitable for a permanent job and a good career.


It can be concluded that PrimoKollekt is a typical representative of a collection organization with inherent flaws and methods of work. In practice, this means that company employees are engaged in knocking out funds from debtors at any cost, not paying attention to circumstances, and often operate by illegal means. It should be remembered that the activity of collecting debts from citizens has a specific framework with significant legal restrictions. According to the testimony of people who have experience in dealing with collectors, you should not give in to panic, you need to act by legal means through the prosecutor's office or in court.

We reviewed reviews of PrimoKollekt. Draw your own conclusions.

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