Cool phrases for teens: how to be interesting in 5 minutes

In today's world, it is becoming more and more difficult for a teenager to gain popularity, attention and peer recognition. One has got the latest model gadget, the other has bought a newly released computer game, the third one is the permanent winner of the Olympiad, to whom everyone turns for help and advice. How to be, what to express yourself? There is a solution - these are cool phrases, using which you can declare yourself as a progressive young man who is well acquainted with modern culture.

Dead week

In English, this sounds like a “dead week” and means the most stressful time immediately preceding the delivery of any test paper, report, project, presentation, exam, etc. If you tell your friends something like “Yes, this is just some kind of dead week!”, Most probably will not understand the essence, because the expression only gradually enters the Russian language, unlike the already established “deadline”, which means "deadline."However, the steeper it will be, because, as you know, whoever first learns something new, he sets the tone for the future!

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White knight internet

"The representative of the" sofa troops "" - now it sounds irrelevant. Today, a new expression, borrowed from English, is introduced into cool phrases, where it sounds like “Internet white knight” and denotes a person who climbs into an Internet dispute and begins to protect a person who cannot defend himself through facts and arguments. Therefore, this phrase can be easily adopted by any teenager who wants to prove to anyone on the Internet that he is wrong. Cool expressions and phrases, as you can see, only help in this — one has only to try! No discussion participant will think that you are a “newfag” (brand new) who has just become acquainted with the world of social networks and cyberspores.

Productive procrastination

This phrase is especially relevant for those who like to shine with erudition and erudition. It means a state in which a person has some important thing, but due to unwillingness to do it right now or ordinary laziness, it replaces it with another, more accessible and easier.It would seem, what do cool phrases for teenagers have to do with this? Everything is very simple, because this phenomenon is very characteristic of young people. Often, the guys choose the option to replace the performance of complex homework, for example, cleaning the house or “surfing the web”, although time goes on, but the main task remains unfulfilled. This phrase is steep because it can even be given to a not too strict teacher as a reason: “Maria Ivanovna, I haven’t done my homework because I have a productive procrastination!”. Probably, the class will decide that you are going to enter the psychology department in the future. But in the first seconds a thoughtful mine on the teacher’s face and surprised admiration of classmates are guaranteed.

cool phrases for teens

Book hangover

Cool phrases also include the expression “book hangover” in their list. Do not worry - it is in no time refers to alcohol. A book hangover means a feeling experienced by a person who has just finished reading an interesting and fascinating book and returned to reality full of imperfections. And on the bookworm there are some of the coolest phrases, so do not think that they apply only to fans of online battles or other areas.From a large list, each young man and each girl will be able to choose something suitable for themselves.

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Cool words and phrases for computer games and communities

Especially actively adolescents manifest themselves today not on the streets of cities, but in virtual worlds. Well, and for them there are cool phrases, the stock of which, frankly, is inexhaustible, because every year the dictionary of "gamers" is replenished more and more.

Of course, the value of a particular game, because for each subtlety and nuances will be their own. However, there is a so-called traditional set, referring to the use of which, there is no doubt - if people are “in the subject line”, they will understand and, most likely, will come to their senses.

“Rooflit” is a word derived from the English abbreviation “ROFL”, meaning “Rolling on floor laughing” and denoting a strong laugh, identical to the abbreviation “LOL” already known to everyone today; hence “lolka”, “ lalka "in relation to man).

“Buffnut” - use a temporary advantage on yourself or an Allied hero. “Buffney me!”, Thus, carries a completely logical sense - “hang up” an extra bonus to your abilities on me.

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“Imba, imbalance” is an imbalance within the game.For example, if the opponent is difficult to defeat, players often like to write it off on “imbu” and flaws, however, this is not always the case.

“Construct” is a word derived from the English “stun”, which means “stun, stun” and “paralyze”. With respect to games, being able to “stun” means having the ability to stop the hero and hold him for a while in one place of the card without the ability to perform any action, which is especially characteristic of games of the “MOBA” category, that is, where The venue is an online multiplayer battle arena.

And, finally, the most useful and, perhaps, the most necessary word for a novice player is “noob” (from English “newbie”; according to a slightly more derogatory variant - “cancer”). It means a beginner who is just beginning to master the basics of mechanics and to understand the abilities and skills of the characters. Therefore, during a team game, it is possible in between times to explain to colleagues that you are a “noob”. Most likely, they will laugh knowingly and will not demand much, but the beginner will have the opportunity to learn everything that is necessary already during the actual gameplay.

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The time has come for conclusions ...

Thus, there are a lot of cool expressions and words for teenagers today - not to list them all, and why? Young people who are passionate about a particular field of activity will necessarily “pick up” from their comrades the phrases that are required for a certain situation. Therefore, the only advice that can be given here is that everything cool should be used in moderation and in the right circumstances. In this case, success is exactly guaranteed!

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