Coral Sunset Peony: description, photo

Peonies were grown in ancient Greece and Babylon, where they decorated beautiful gardens. Today, this plant is pleased with its flowering gardeners and summer residents, who are accustomed to the traditional white, pink or burgundy color of flowers, although their color palette is much wider. Especially popular today are coral species.

peony coral sunset

History of coral varieties

The sixties of the last century were marked by the beginning of the selection period for peony varieties of coral shades. The most notable results in this work were achieved by the American Sam Wissing and the Canadian scientist Limen Cousins. They created varieties and varieties of peony Coral, which soon became very popular with beginner and experienced growers.

Thanks to the work of modern breeders, today there are about five thousand varieties and types of coral pions. The most popular and popular in our country include:

  1. Coral pink.
  2. Hawaiian Coral
  3. Coral Beach
  4. Coral fairies.
  5. Coral Sunset.

Today we will tell only about one of them.

Peony Coral Sunset Description

The name Peony Coral Sunset is translated from English as "coral sunset." This variety has very large and extremely beautiful flowers, which are painted in pale salmon with hints of bright red coral. The bush of this plant, densely covered with lush green foliage, also looks impressive.

Coral Peony Sunset is a species hybrid that combines the qualities of tree and grass varieties. The bush pleases with its power and medium height (90-110 cm), standing straight shoots. It requires special care, but this beauty is worth the effort.

This is a perennial herb. The coral bush peony bush, the photo of which you can see below, is quite compact. Stems erect and tall (up to 90 cm). The inflorescences are cupped, semi-double, with a diameter of 18 to 20 centimeters.

Peony Coral Sunset Photo


At the beginning of flowering, the buds are painted in delicate peach-pink tones. However, by the end of flowering petals acquire a yellowish color. Both shades harmoniously look against the background of bright green foliage. The peculiarity of this variety is the fact that the middle of the flower always remains brighter, and the tips of the petals are noticeably darker.


They retain a rich color throughout the season and look very decorative. In addition to the attractive and unusual appearance, many growers fell in love with the Coral Sunset Peony for its exquisite delicate fragrance.

Growing peony: choosing a place to plant

In order to grow a strong and healthy shrub of this plant, it is first necessary to choose a site where it will be comfortable. Peony lacticuline Coral Sunset prefers well-lit places protected from the wind. For example, a bush can be planted next to a tree or hedge. The main thing is to maintain a certain distance so that the roots develop and grow freely.

You should not plant a peony near the house, since its walls radiate heat and additional heating in the summer heat can become disastrous for the plant. If you want to admire the luxurious flowering from the window of the house, the landing pit should be located at a distance of at least two meters from the building.

Peony Coral Sunset Description

Soil preparation

This variety of peonies requires fertile soil. To improve its composition it is necessary to make nutritional mixtures. Coral peonies are suitable loamy soil, and on heavy clayey plants development slows down, the flowers become smaller.But this situation can also be corrected: add a mixture consisting of clay, humus and peat into the landing pit.

Top dressing

Before planting a seedling in a hole, add a mixture of superphosphate, ash and potassium sulfate. Top should be watered with a solution of potassium permanganate.

Peony Lacticular Coral Sunset

Planting and care

At the bottom of the pit, make a small mound. Put a seedling on it and gently straighten its roots. Cover all voids with earth. Plant the plant in such a way that there is a small layer of earth above its upper bud. After planting, the plant and the soil beneath it are irrigated and mulched using compost or ground soil with spruce branches.

Without a transplant, the coral sunset peony can grow in one place for about ten years. Then the shrub is divided and transferred to another place. Transplantation is usually carried out in the fall. Some novice florists are interested in the question of whether this work can be done in the spring. Yes, it is possible, but in this case in the summer of the current year you will not see flowering. In addition, the summer heat and seedlings will be difficult to move. Therefore, spring peony transplantation is an exceptional case.

Peony Coral Sunset: reviews and recommendations of flower growers

It is considered quite normal situation when no one has left negative reviews about such a beautiful and still quite rare plant. Many representatives of amateur floriculture say that they knew about this plant for a long time, but they could not risk running it on their lot: having studied the numerous reviews, they were afraid of too complex care for these beauties.

In fact, it practically does not differ from the care of our traditional, traditional varieties. Without exception, gardeners emphasize that during the flowering of this variety, the site is transformed beyond recognition: the powerful and strong bushes themselves, and, of course, the flowers from which it is simply impossible to look away are beautiful.

peony coral sunset reviews

To grow a really beautiful peony of this species, experienced growers recommend not to neglect trifles: the choice of a place to plant, the quality of the soil, timely watering and loosening the soil. Observing these simple rules, you can grow peonies of extraordinary beauty, which, undoubtedly, will be the subject of your pride.

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