Degu cage do-it-yourself: description, device, features and reviews

Who is a degu? Not so long ago, only zoologists could answer this question, and now degu are increasingly becoming pets, conquering people with their pretty appearance. But in order for the degu to feel comfortable at home with people, he needs his own world - a degu cage.

Amusing degu

The animal Degu is a resident of the South American continent. In fact, it is a wild rodent, resembling chinchillas that have already become popular in our country as pets. It has a gray-brown or yellow-brown skin, large eyes, long rounded ears, a fluffy tail with a tassel at the end. These animals are diurnal, although more active in the morning and evening hours. The southern sun at its zenith can cause a heat stroke to the animal, so at noon they hide in stone crevices and among bushes.For an animal in captivity to feel comfortable, a cage for degus must take into account the peculiarities of its life in the wild.

degu cage

Peculiarities of degu life

Still only dreaming to have a pet, you should carefully consider whether people can give him everything you need for a comfortable life. After all, each species of animals has its own peculiarities in life in the wild, which should be preserved in life in a cage. Daegu - small rodent of South American countries. He does not hibernate for the winter, eats bark and roots of plants, grass, seeds, leaves. He, like a squirrel, stores food for the winter. Animals love to run and climb, although in the hottest time of day they prefer to lie down somewhere in the shade.

Daegu - companionable animals. In the wild, they live in social groups. For their lives, dig holes and tunnels between them, sometimes quite long. The animals among themselves are able to communicate in different ways - only sounds they emit 15 species, which allows you to transfer all the necessary information to relatives. Degu get used to people quickly, and in the mode of the day can adapt to the owners. Their cute little faces, beady eyes, mobility, soft fur make Degu entertaining pets.

degu cage do it yourself

Which cell do you need a degu?

Cages for squirrels, degu, chinchillas can be bought in a specialty store, or they can be made with your own hands. In any case, the cage must meet certain requirements, so that the animals living in it, and the degu are best to start as a pair, they feel more comfortable and probably happy.

  • Since degu are very mobile, active animals, they need space for movement. Degu hamster cage does not fit! Best of all, if the housing of the degu will consist of several floors, with transitions between them, so that the animal has a place to run around and play. The minimum size of a cage on one or a pair of animals must be at least a meter on all sides.
  • Degu is a rodent, so the material of the cage must be something strong enough that, if it can become useless because of the teeth of the animal, then at least not immediately.
  • The animals are able and love to dig holes, so it is worthwhile to single out a place where they can hide and gnaw something.
  • For more activity in the cage should provide a place for the wheel - the degu will love to run in it, like a wound.
  • Particular attention when choosing a cage should be given to the pallet - it must be durable, so that the animals can not gnaw through it, digging mink.
  • The degu cage must be safe from the point of view of chemistry - there should not be any painted surfaces, otherwise the animal may get poisoned by gnawing paint. Yes, and metal parts should be chosen more reliably, since sharp and strong degu teeth can easily bite off thin wire.

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How to make a cage for degus do it yourself?

Although in pet stores you can buy or order a cage for any animal, including degu, yet a cage made with your own hands will allow you to think more carefully about its structure and take into account all the peculiarities of the life of your beloved pet. How to make a cage for degus yourself, so that the animal was there comfortable, safe and convenient, and the owners could only enjoy their pet and care for it without problems? So that the work does not go to ashes, one should carefully study the habits of the animal, know its features, use the advice of zoologists and those who already have degu houses. Then try to create on paper a model of the future world of degu, where all the nuances will be taken into account. It is also necessary to arrange a place where a rather big cell will be placed.By the way, this is a huge plus for making cages for chinchillas, degu and other similar pets by yourself, because its dimensions can be adjusted to the allocated area.

degu gnaws a cage

Materials for the world of degu

You need to start with the choice of material for the cell. Everything that I want to use when creating the world for a pet should be carefully reviewed, because the animal is a rodent, he will definitely try everything "to the tooth" and, if possible, gnaw into chips.

Immediately it should be clarified that there should be no glued materials for the construction of the cage - chipboard, MDF and similar modern construction finds are immediately sent to the prohibited category. Why? That's because the animal is a rodent, and adhesives, which are the basis for such layered materials, will become a poison for the animal.

Plexiglas, aluminum sheets, thick wide boards of natural non-resinous wood, well dried and sanded will be optimal for building a cage for degu and other similar animals. Also use a galvanized (!) Mesh with a cell side of not more than 2 centimeters. The mesh material must be durable, thick enough that the animal can gnaw it.All accessories necessary for building a cage for degus should be durable, reliable, it is better to purchase it in duplicate - in case of replacement.

how to make a cage for degus

How to collect a cage to your favorite pet?

Collect the cage for a pet should be with the base - pallet. The basis for the world of degu can be a sheet of aluminum - thick enough so that, in which case, the animal would not be able to gnaw it in a few minutes. But it is better to fix it on the basis of a thick plank of natural wood or assembled lining slats of the wall panel, fastened together with self-tapping screws. By the way, using fasteners, you must always take into account its length, so that the sharp edges of nails or screws do not stick out and could not injure the animal.

The walls of the cell can be made like this: three walls of plexiglass with small holes for air circulation, and the front wall can be made of a reliable galvanized mesh with small cells. Many degu owners use prefabricated wooden cabinets with glass doors, but they are not very reliable - animals quickly gnaw through walls and partitions. Yes, in the cage should provide a door to clean up the animals, get a pet for examination by a veterinarian, walking and for affection. Degu is very sociable and quickly get used to loving owners.Degu cage should end with a secure roof.

Constipation on the door must be made reliable. A simple loop with a hook will not work, as the degu can quickly figure out how it opens and, taking advantage of the moment, just run away. Some of the owners of these animals say that the cage needs a carrying handle. But, I think, it is not appropriate for such a cell - its dimensions will not allow moving the cell from place to place. Well, if there is a need to constantly move the cage for degu, then it is better to make a platform under it on the furniture wheels.

The entire structure should be mounted on a reliable frame. If possible, it is best to use not wood, but metal parts - aluminum profile, for example. Degou gnaws a cage, there's no getting away from it. And it is better that it was safe and secure for the animal initially.

Degu Chinchilla Cages

To the animal was comfortable

Degu cage should allow the animal to feel comfortable. It should be enough space for running around and fuss. The cage must be very strong, as the constant running around and jumping of the animal can loosen it.

Arranging the world for degus homes, you should make several transitions to different levels-floors. It can be simple wooden planks, tree branches. The animal, of course, they will chew over time, but they can be replaced by similar devices.

Also degu like, as noted by those who already contain the animals at home, lying in hammocks. For arranging a hammock, you can use regular clean burlap, firmly fixed in a cage. To entertain the animal, a rotating wheel is suitable, which is usually placed in cages with rats, squirrels and other small animals.

Be sure to feed the cage and drinker. And the mink - there the animal will sleep.

how to make a cage for degus do it yourself

Safety and space is what counts.

Degu cage, made with own hands, will become a real world for the animal, if it is as comfortable there as at will - there is enough space for active life, a cozy nest where you can sleep, a lot of safe things that you can nibble, tasty and healthy food and clean water. So the cage must be big and safe. It should not have any elements that can harm the health of the animal - painted or varnished surfaces,glued materials such as chipboard, all small holes - on a galvanized grid, climbing lights should be no more than 2 centimeters on the side so that the animal could not get through. On the walls of the cell, made of plexiglass, along the bottom and top should be a series of small holes for air circulation. They can be absent only in the case when the front wall of the cage is made of galvanized mesh. The gate on the cage door must be reliable, the hook cannot be used, because the degu are smart animals, and can learn to throw it back and run.

Daegu - cute pets. To care for them, they will respond to the owners with affection, shiny beady eyes, soft fur and funny ears and a tassel at the end of the tail.

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