Denis fighters: an accident in the Berlin metro

Fighters Denis - Russian professional ex-boxer, speaking at a super heavy weight. The world champion among young men weighing up to 71 kilograms in 2001, the world champion 2002 to 81 kilograms, the gold medalist of the youth world boxing championship in 2004 in a heavy weight soup (over 91 kilograms), the WBA champion in 2009. In May 2015, the press reported that Denis Fighters had been put into a state of prolonged analgesia and sedation (artificial coma) and was in a Berlin hospital. According to one German edition, the athlete was discovered by subway workers on a railway line with severe head injuries. The investigation suggests that an attempt was made on the boxer, but no direct evidence and the defendants were ever found.

Fighters Denis

Biography and sporting achievements

Denis Boytsov was born on February 14, 1986 in the city of Orel, USSR. From the age of five he began to study boxing.The guy trained hard, not missing a single class in the local section of boxing. From a young age, the Fighters showed good results in both domestic and international championships. In 2001 and 2002, Denis became the world boxing champion among boys in the weight categories up to 71 and 81 kilograms, respectively, and in 2004 he became the world champion among youth (over 91 kg). During the amateur career, the Fighters held 130 fights, in which 115 times became the winner. Throughout his amateur career, Boytsov was coached by Aspid Ivan Ivanovich.

Denis Denisov fighter

Denis has a higher education, studied at the Oryol State Technical University at the Department of Sports Management. He is married to Olga Litvinova, in June 2015, the couple had a girlfriend.

Attempted boxer

On May 11, 2015, the media began to spread the news that Denis Boytsov’s health was in danger. The fact is that he was assassinated, during which the boxer was brutally beaten and left on the railroad tracks of the Berlin subway. The investigative report stated that the boxer was drunk. According to some sources, the Russian athlete tried to hide from the unknown and, not finding an alternative solution, ran into the subway tunnel.

Olga Litvinova - the wife of Denis Boytsov - about what happened

There is no specific evidence that Denis was harassed, but his wife told about the events two years ago, which make you look at the situation in a new way: “Two years ago, Denis ceased to cooperate with the promoter Waldemar Kluch. This incident caused us to be threatened for a long time. Denis repeatedly received messages on the phone from unknown numbers with the words "you end your career in a wheelchair." The whole story ended with a couple of months attacking one of Denis's assistants and smashing his head. When the internal organs intervened, Klukh was detained and after some time received a prison sentence of three years. A few months ago we learned that Valdemar Klukh was released, allegedly for diligent behavior. We can not say anything, because the investigation is underway. Medical examination showed that not only alcohol was found in Denis’s blood, but also drugs, similar sleeping pills and sedatives. Apparently, the attackers sought to make the athlete become weaker. "

Denis Boytsov condition

The case of Fight long misleading many people. The fact is that a similar situation has already happened with another athlete. Denis Denisov (MMA fighter) in 2011 was also severely beaten on a tip from his own promoter, with whom he had differences over sports commerce. Big money, which revolves in the world of sports, sometimes change a lot of people. The tragedy that happened with Denis Boytsov caused a comprehensive resonance among the boxing world community. Denis Denisov (MMA fighter), in turn, supported Boytsov, both morally and financially.

What is the result?

The condition of Denis Boytsov was extremely difficult, experts immediately said with one voice that this young man would not return to boxing again. And it is not surprising, because the athlete spent in a coma for 7 weeks, during which he lost 33 kilograms. Fortunately, all the costs of restoring health were covered by sports insurance, which Denis had. At the end of May 2015, the athlete’s condition was stable, but preventive treatment will take several more years.

Denis Boytsov Health

The investigative committee is inclined to the accident, however, Olga Litvinova, Denis’s wife, is sure that this is not accidental.

Fighters Denis was the first potential contender for the title of absolute world champion in his weight category, however, ill-wishers robbed him of this opportunity.

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