Design of plasterboard ceilings: options

Starting the long-awaited repair, every person thinks about the apartment of his dreams. The desire to turn a home not only into a fortress, but also into a beautiful, comfortable place has moved people for a long time. Coming into such a house should be cozy and comfortable for the whole family, so the owners are most concerned about the harmonious combination of colors, details and interior items.

How to remove the irregularities of floors

Many builders begin repairs from the ceiling. This is one of the most important parts of the apartment. Once upon a time, our grandparents whitened the ceilings. Nobody is doing this now. Parents preferred to glue the ceiling wallpaper. This method today is not for everyone. It is appropriate only in those apartments where floors are larger in size than rooms. The ceiling under the wallpaper should be smooth and dry, without any defects. Otherwise cracks and bumps will remain on it.

The uneven surface of the ceiling is easiest to hide using a sheet of drywall of the appropriate size. After installation it can be painted. Modern furnishings are stretch ceilings.They are created with a durable film that stretches over the frame.

Stretch ceiling

This option is very practical and easy to use. Installation is done quickly, without dust and debris. The film on the ceiling is moisture resistant. And if the neighbors flooded you, the apartment will not suffer, as durable vinyl will hold water, which can then be drained.

Stretch ceiling easy to give the desired color and shape. Admirers of tradition fit matte finish light shade. Individualists will choose the texture in the form of marble, granite, leather or velvet. And lovers of the exotic can stick on the ceiling wallpaper with different patterns and even mimic the starry sky with spot lighting or rhinestones. Every idea is easy to implement.

The best material for creativity

The design of ceilings made of plasterboard allows professionals to easily transform your home. A one-piece thin sheet of this material, attached to the frame and painted in a neutral color, will create a cozy atmosphere. If you choose drywall - the scope for designer imagination is limitless.

The easiest way to add variety to the design of the ceiling is to paint its parts in similar colors.Drywall allows you to create embossed structures. It is easy to make curved surfaces from it: round, oval, zigzag. Gypsum ceilings are often multi-level. This allows you to play with the relief and hide the sources of light between the tiers.

Country, hi-tech and glamor

The design of the ceilings of drywall can be adapted to the interior of any style. So, for a traditional Biedermeier comfort, a simple beige surface with a rectangular relief frame around the perimeter is suitable. In austere and practical interiors, designed in the Scandinavian style, a single sheet of drywall is usually painted white.

design of plasterboard ceilings

Modern high-tech directions loft and hi-tech are made out with flat designs of fashionable shades. For original and luxurious interiors in the style of modern, avant-garde, rococo and glamor, you can add an artistic painting or order a photo printing. Prints applied to the entire ceiling or part of it. The drawing will make the apartment unique.

Beautiful couple

Drywall surprisingly organically combined with suspended ceilings. Together they create a unique play of curvilinear shapes in contrastshiny and matte surfaces. The design of drywall ceilings is individual for each room and depends on its function. Technically, this design can be attached at any height and on the most uneven surfaces. The scope for mastery is unlimited. The main thing is to keep the style and emphasize the function of the room.

The design of plasterboard ceilings can be varied inclined structures, such as arches. If you paint them with fluorescent paint, the surface will flicker in the dark like a starry sky. Plasterboard parts successfully combined with suspended ceilings due to lighting. Vinyl film is heated, so it should not come into contact with bright and hot lamps. Lamps are usually embedded in plasterboard ceiling elements.

Guest room

The appearance of the room depends on its function. For the design of the central room is suitable if you like the modern design, the ceiling of plasterboard. The hall is the most important place in the apartment; guests are welcome here. Usually there is a TV in this room, so the whole family gathers to spend a free evening together.As a rule, this is the largest room in the apartment. It should be harmoniously furnished. If the hall is empty or, on the contrary, too crowded with furniture, guests will immediately pay attention to it.

The largest room in the apartment is better divided into two zones. In the central area may be a soft sofa with a home cinema. And in the working area that replaces the office, it is desirable to have a small writing or computer desk, a comfortable swivel chair, and hang several shelves on the wall to store the necessary documentation.

design of gypsum ceilings hall

Design and style

The ceiling should fit into the overall design of the room and the whole apartment. Therefore, before proceeding to its design, carefully consider the entire project. If you want to make the ceiling wavy with the help of drywall constructions, then the corresponding pattern will look good on wallpaper and furniture upholstery. Perhaps you should purchase a coffee table with curved legs or a sofa with an arched back.

It is desirable to maintain the design of the room in the same way. For example, glossy stretch ceilings with embossed details are not suitable for a simple design in a rustic style.For a modest country, it is best to use beige matte vinyl films with suspended structures in the form of wooden beams. Options for the design of the ceiling of plasterboard may be different. For lovers of antiquity, dome-shaped or vaulted constructions are suitable, giving the dwelling an aura of a medieval castle.

plasterboard ceiling design options

How to select functional areas

Today, popular studio apartments. They represent one large room in which the owner himself plans the functional zones. The area of ​​the kitchen, study or bedroom can be identified in many ways. For example, to lay carpets of contrasting colors, make small niches in the walls, put furniture of a different color. And you can select the functional areas with the ceiling design. If your apartment has a bay window, it is easy to emphasize it with a plasterboard circle repeating the architectural form.

How best to apply in your home modern design? It is advisable to order the project of plasterboard ceilings in a professional company. Experts will offer different options for zoning rooms with the help of multilevel relief parts.The transition between functional areas can be smooth and soft or deliberate, underlined. In the case of bunk constructions, it is desirable to make the upper part of a vinyl film. Such a ceiling has a great design potential, since it is possible to apply practically any pattern to it using photo printing. In addition, PVC film does not pass water and therefore will save the apartment from flooding. The lower level of plasterboard is created with beautiful curves in the form of arches and arches that divide the room into zones.

design project of plasterboard ceilings

Exclusive for the rich

A specialist can offer unique solutions if you like a luxurious interior design. Drywall ceilings are also relevant. Among our wealthy compatriots, hand-painted is popular. Professional artists will help to embody any, even the craziest idea. This ceiling is incredibly expensive. But then no one else will have this, and your house will eventually be able to claim the status of a museum.

Very popular is the embodiment in the apartment of the night sky. The base is blue or purple glossy stretch ceiling. Stars are created in different ways.For example, by applying rhinestones with a special glue. Or the presence of hidden spotlights. It is possible to use fiber optic web. This is the best option since it does not need a power supply. It is also possible to use a fluorescent film, but it will only glow in the dark. The print of a clear blue sky with clouds is easily applied on a polyvinyl chloride base. With the help of hidden lighting, you can transmit the effect of sunlight.

interior design plasterboard ceilings

Calculations and calculations

If you are a jack of all trades, you will make an exclusive design yourself. Preliminary design and accurate calculations are needed in order to create your own design of gypsum board ceilings. A program that will help with calculations is a common software for developing drawings and electrical circuits. The instruction is better to download on the manufacturer's website. In addition, there are various software to visualize your ideas. Independent creation of a multi-level relief with hidden lighting is a very difficult task, you need to approach it professionally.

The ceiling of plasterboard perfectly fit into the design of the children's room.Want to create your own fairytale world for your child? Turn on the fantasy, and the experts will realize your dreams. The most popular option for the nursery is a stylized sky with sun and clouds. They are made from suspended plasterboard figures of the corresponding colors. The basis is a matte vinyl film blue shade.

ceiling design drywall program

How does a house start?

Before you turn to the services of experts, carefully consider the design of the ceilings made of plasterboard. An entrance hall is a kind of calling card at home. Everyone who enters it for the first time creates their own individual impression. The hallway is usually small, so you should not clutter up the ceiling with multi-tiered structures. It is appropriate to emphasize it with one bright detail, for example, an arch, symbolizing the transition from the outside world to your personal fortress. It is good to use the elements of the coffered ceiling, that is, on the basis to impose a relief grid of plasterboard. It is desirable to place a lamp in each cell.

The design of suspended plasterboard ceilings can be very diverse. The technology of their creation is as follows. Ceiling sheets are hung from the floor to the metal frame using special fixings. Most often, plasterboard is used as a material.Separate prefabricated elements are used to create modular ceilings, for example slabs. In addition to drywall, other materials can be used.

Tasty place

On the suspended structures should pay attention when planning the design of the kitchen. The ceiling of drywall, initially in your apartment could not be. To design the premises using this technology, it is desirable to choose a profile firm. In the kitchen drywall is quite appropriate. In the process of manufacturing this material undergoes special treatment, making it durable, durable, easy to clean and moisture resistant. And metal profiles, slats and fasteners are not subject to corrosion. Drywall is slightly heated and is considered an environmentally friendly material.

The kitchen is a utilitarian room, so luxurious multi-figured ceilings are unlikely to be appropriate here. Designers prefer single-level plasterboard designs with modest lighting. When using stretch ceilings prints on fruit themes are possible.

ceiling design drywall entryway

Rest and comfort

Thinking over the repair in the apartment, pay special attention to the design of the bedroom. Drywall ceilings may not be here.In this case tension structures are used. The bedroom is a place of coziness and comfort. This is the most intimate room in the apartment. There are rarely strangers here. In the bedroom, all furnishings should have to rest after physical difficulties and heavy thoughts. If your apartment has a low ceiling, you should not get involved in multi-tiered massive structures. Is the bedroom poorly lit during the day? This problem is easy to solve. You should use a glossy stretch ceiling with well-chosen light sources. Usually in the design of the bedroom are appropriate pastel shades: blue, pink or sand.

How to better position the lamp

The design of the gypsum plasterboard ceilings with hidden illumination provides professionals with a huge scope for creativity. But first of all it is necessary to pay attention to the ability of the material to ignite. So, PVC film is very hot. Drywall is safe, so the possibilities of the original lighting are very wide. Modern suspended ceilings go well with energy-saving spotlights.

Hidden lighting is possible with a two-tier ceiling.In this case, the lamps are located on the upper side of the lower level. If the central zone of the ceiling is covered with a glossy film, this light contributes to the mirror reflection of the room on the ceiling plane. With a matte surface, hidden lamps give a soft, muted effect. Such lighting can highlight one of the areas of the room or individual details of the situation.

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