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They say that theater and cinema are incompatible with each other. Actor Dmitry Gavrilov is an example of the fact that there is always an exception to the rules. He manages to combine acting and theatrical career. Next will be presented a brief biography of this talented man and his work, including "The Island of Unwanted People," The Rule of theft "and" Major. "

Biography of the actor

Dmitry Gavrilov - Ukrainian theater and film actor. Born July 1, 1982 in Odessa. His genres are melodrama, crime, comedy and drama. Dmitry Gavrilov is an actor whose biography is hidden from the public. He graduated from Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television.

Dmitry Gavrilov

Dmitry Gavrilov not only plays, but also deals with the voice acting of films. Despite the fact that he is actively involved in Russian films, in which he receives both episodic and leading roles, Dmitry works mainly for domestic cinema. In his filmography there are collaborations of Russia and Ukraine.Actor Dmitry Gavrilov began his start in the world of cinema in his work Cordon, a short film shot in 2004.

Russian Lost

Despite the fact that the plots of the pictures are not too similar, movie lovers immediately compared “The Island of Unnecessary People” with the sensational TV series “Lost”, which is not entirely fair. The plot of this multi-part film is a bit unusual for domestic screens.

The young businessman Andrei Kamorin, whose role was played by Dmitry Ulyanov, decided to hide his mistress from his wife in a very unusual way. With the help of his friend and business partner, he organizes a cruise in which those people participate who for one reason or another interfered with their relatives. The term of his stay on the island was supposed to be 3 years, but Kamorin himself did not plan that by the will of fate or chance he would be on this island with his wife, whom he wanted to get rid of.

Island of unnecessary people

In the series there are 2 main storylines, thanks to which the "Island" is attributed to the similarity with the western analogue of Lost.

  • Part 1 of the general plot tells about how the fate of the heroes on the island, far from civilization and all that they are used to, was formed.
  • The second storyline tells the story of how people lived "unnecessary" to their loved ones.

Actor Dmitry Gavrilov got the episodic role of the grandson of one of the most mysterious and mystical characters - the psychic Alexandrina, whose role was played by Nellie Millet. Also in the film "The Island of Unnecessary People" took part such beloved actors like Elvira Bolgova, Alexander Pankratov-Cherny, Maxim Lagashkin, Ekaterina Stulova and others.

Other work of the actor

Dmitry Gavrilov is an actor beloved by many viewers on the TV series “Immortal”, telling the story of a talented girl chemist Nadezhda Shevchenko. Many fans of the series celebrate Dmitry's acting. The series found its success, and the story was continued in the second season. In the series, Dmitry played the role of Boris.

"Clan Jewelers" - a romantic love story at first sight, Romeo and Juliet of our time. The action of the series takes place in Lviv. The film tells about how two best friends who dreamed of becoming jewelers fell in love with the same girl. Luck smiled at one of them, but former friends did not stop living in malice at each other.

Dmitry Gavrilov actor

"Major" - this work is considered one of the most successful in the career of Dmitry Gavrilov, although the main role is performed by Russian actor Pavel Priluchnyi. At the heart of the series is the concept of class inequality, which is somehow present in the life of modern society, no matter how hard they try to hide it. The basis is not just the familiar and intent plot of the Russian series, but the story of real relationships between people. The concept of "major" is invented by people with low incomes for children of rich and powerful parents. Thus, the masses expressed their contempt and underlined the inferiority of those who, from birth, were accustomed to big money. However, is everything so simple and beautiful in the world of glamor and luxury, as it seems to ordinary people?

"Rules of theft" - a series that tells about a young and talented mechanic Alexander, who dreams of getting on his feet and opening his own automobile shop. However, the city mafia has developed a special code called the Rules of theft. Gavrilov played the role of Yorick.

Dmitry's theater works

Dmitry Gavrilov is actively working in the theater. Among the most successful works can be identified "Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgessdirected by Igor Tikhomirov, where Dmitry played the role of a priest, and Dima's role in the play "The Case of the North", staged after the play "Phantom Pains" by Sigarev, directed by Pavel Yurov.

dmitry gavrilov actor biography


Dmitry is removed mostly in minor and bit parts. So, in the TV series "Matchmakers" a man played the role of a local hooligan. In addition to the already mentioned works, the Gavrilov filmography includes such works and roles as:

  • Episodic role in the movie "The Beach".
  • The role of Elijah in the film "Dangerous love."
  • Timur "Let's kiss."
  • The role of Denis in the film "Kill twice."
  • "Efrosinya" - the role of Garik.
  • Short film "Day 7305."
  • "Online".
  • The role of the Cross in the work of "Rage".
  • The main role in the series "Zaporogi".
  • The main role in the short film "River".
  • The role of Mike in the movie "Heavenly Relatives".
  • Garik in the movie "The Case for Two".
  • Kovalenko in the "Security Service of Ukraine. Special Operation."
  • Alexey in the film "Love with a weapon".
  • The role of Anton - "Under the gun of love."
  • "Caravan Hunters" - the role of Farid.
  • Poacher in the film "Route of Mercy".
  • The role of Boris in the film "Brother for Brother".
  • The role of Pokrovsky in the film "Detachment".
  • The role of Gray in the work "Miracle".
  • The role of the second plan in the series "This is love."

Also in Dmitry's repertoire there are a few more occasional roles. The last work of the actor - "Refuge", filmed in 2016.

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