Dress with a fluffy skirt. Pattern dress with a full skirt

The fashion for a dress with a full skirt originates from the Middle Ages. The surge in popularity of such a cut was observed in the 50-60s of the last century after the display of the ingenious couturier Christian Dior. He presented the legendary collection New Look. Even today, in almost every fashion show, fashion designers use the technique of sewing fluffy skirts in a wide variety of variations. Having mastered the technique of the pattern that has already become a classic element of the wardrobe, you can independently create a unique model.

Retro style

Patterns of dresses and skirts were widespread in the middle of the last century.Retro dress with a fluffy skirt

A classic version of a retro dress with a fluffy skirt is considered a model with a length of below the knees with a wide belt located at the waist or slightly higher. "Wasp" silhouette could not be more consistent with this style.

The texture of the fabric can be very diverse. Use of "festive" materials or daily is allowed.Retro dress with a fluffy skirt will definitely require adherence to the fullness of the whole image. To do this, you must make the appropriate make-up and hairstyle, pick up underwear in a similar style.

Modern models

Full skirt in most cases combined with a thin waistline. This visually makes the figure graceful.

To dress with a fluffy skirt looked modern, we advise you to move away from the classic version. To do this, you can make a pattern and sew a short dress with a fluffy skirt. Models in length may be the minimum size.Long dresses with a fluffy skirt

You can leave a sufficiently large length of the product and move the belt line almost to the hips. The main thing - to combine such skirts with an underlined waist top. It should not be voluminous. Looks good with such models of shoes with heels.

In a contemporary style, both casual and evening holiday dresses look good.

Street style

The peculiarity of this style in the tailoring of models with a fluffy skirt is the combination of all kinds of textures and colors, which merge into a solid image.Dress with a fluffy skirt

This direction will suit those individuals who are open to everything new and are not afraid to experiment.

For example, you can create a corset dress with a fluffy skirt, to which shoes with a tiger print are selected. The main thing - do not be afraid to make a mistake and look for your image. Inspiration will tell the most interesting options. Ideas for a unique image can be drawn from various sources, combining and modifying your favorite things.

Wedding dresses with a fluffy skirt

The bridal outfit traditionally has a fluffy skirt. The style of this dress emphasizes the sophistication and purity of the girl, creating a graceful image of the princess.

The materials used for sewing such a dress can be very diverse. They use satin, silk, organza, chiffon and tulle. A variety of fabric options create a flowing, airy and luxurious look of the bride.Wedding dress with a fluffy skirt

Wedding dress with a full skirt became popular in the 19th century in Europe. This style is chosen for the wedding of the Queen of England Victoria.

In the modern world of wedding fashion, there are many options for the bridal outfit. These can be wedding dresses with a long full skirt, as well as models of medium length. There are also quite original outfits, for example, with a short skirt in the front and a long train in the back.Complement the image of a variety of patterns and fabrics.

Wedding dresses have a complex structure and many details. This may be a corset outfit, a full skirt and a petticoat, which gives the model extra volume. Sometimes apply crinoline, train and other elements of decoration.

Choose the right combination of all the components of the image will help advice. You can create your own model of a wedding dress, based on already existing works of designers and fashion designers.

To sew a dress with a fluffy skirt for a wedding ceremony is quite difficult, however, having ventured to take this step, you can create a truly chic and original model that will become a key attribute of the whole celebration.

Pattern modeling

The width of the material for the skirt can be calculated using standard tactics. The volume of the hips increase three times for the width of the bottom of the canvas. The length of the dress with a full skirt is increased by 2 times.

Then on the pattern are marked folds with the same distance from each other.Dress-corset with a fluffy skirt

Next is the modeling of the bodice bodice of the front part of the dress in accordance with the measured measurements of the figure.

Similarly, taking into account all sizes, the back of the product is modeled.All appropriate darts are applied.

If the model assumes the presence of sleeves, a train, additional details, their development is made in accordance with the cut.

Dress patterns with a full skirt usually involve the use of lining. To do this, make the development of the lower material, given the style of dress. It should be 7-20 cm less than the main length of the product.


Initially, the fabric is distributed on the main and lining. The upper material of the dress is divided into bodice, sleeves, bottom.

Dress patterns with a fluffy skirt

For the pattern of the bodice, the main fabric is folded in half, with the front surface inward. A paper pattern is applied by the middle of the bodice to the place of bending of the fabric and secured with pins. The contour of the pattern is applied to the fabric with chalk, leaving allowances for seams of about 1 cm.

Then, the details of the back and, if provided in the model, the side parts of the bodice are applied to the fabric. Similarly, they are circled with chalk.

Then make cutting of both the main and lining fabric.

Patterns of a dress with a fluffy skirt, in which the sides make a drawing, are more difficult than solid models. For a simple fluffy skirt, one canvas is cut out in accordance with the dimensions, but the drawing will add complexity to the work.Sew a dress with a fluffy skirt

Measured 2 m of fabric in the length of the material and folded in half.Then, the width of the product measures the required length of the skirt and take into account 3 cm of the allowance for bending the dress.

Along the edge of the material are wide folds of the opposite direction. They are cleaved with pins, and then sewn with threads.

Next, check the waist size by the standards and adjust the width of the top of the skirt to the required size.

The process of distribution of the material on the patterns is completed with additional details.

When sewing all components are swept away with each other and stitched on a typewriter.

The combination of color and texture

The creative process of developing a model is not limited to the choice of color. You can create a unique image by a combination of different textures of fabric.

Long dresses with a fluffy skirt can be sewn from several completely different types of fabric.

For example, it is allowed to make the bottom of a dress of a lighter material, and to come up with a corset of thick fabric. The jeans material will look modern on the bodice. If it is darker than the skirt, the effect of waist constriction will be created. The silhouette will be more graceful and sophisticated.

You can combine the femininity of a short fluffy skirt with sports shoes or boots.

Combining the retro style with modern hair styling and makeup, you can create a completely new, unique look.

A dress with a fluffy skirt will add romance even to leather products or models of coarse fabric. You can complement the image styling in a romantic style or appropriate details of the dress.

Taking advantage of the imagination, each girl is able to create a very interesting, simply amazing image.

Who are the fluffy skirts?

Dresses with fluffy skirts look good on the fair sex of any age.

The only thing that is required to ensure the harmony of the dress and the whole image of a woman is to correctly select the varieties of this element of the wardrobe.

Mature ladies look better in lush dresses below the knees or longer. This will give consistency and luxury to the image.

Young girls are almost any variation of such dresses. Beneficially look bright colors, extravagant models.

But middle-aged women should choose muted, pastel colors of clothing.

After reviewing the existing styles and technology of modeling a wide variety of options with the help of a pattern, you can create a dress with a fluffy skirt of incredible beauty.Using inspiration and fantasy, it is quite possible to come up with an original, stunning image that emphasizes femininity and individuality.

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