Educational toys for children from 1 year: review, recommendations and reviews

Modern stores of goods for children are pleased with a huge assortment of toys for young consumers of all ages. On the shelves, parents can see both classic balls and modern robots. What toys for children from 1 year old are the most useful and interesting? We offer you a universal list of what every child should have!

Dolls, cars and animals

Toys for children from 1 yearAll girls play with dolls, and boys play with cars. This is an indisputable fact. Such toys must appear in the household of the baby, not later than his first birthday. Prefer realistic and simple forms. Be sure to follow the absence of small parts. For a one-year-old girl it is best to choose a textile or rubber doll of a small size. A little boy will surely like bright plastic or wooden cars and locomotives.

Modern experts believe that at an early age it is not necessary to divide toys by gender. And indeed, many girls are rolling cars with pleasure, and boys are swinging dolls. So why not get some “wrong” toys for your baby? Plush and rubber animals of all colors and sizes are in any children's room. Are such toys useful for children from 1 year? Undoubtedly, because they are ideally suited for role-playing games. It is advisable to choose realistic toys that look like real animals.

Pyramids and cubes

Toys for children 1 2 yPyramids today can be found on sale in the classic and creative execution. Get a few different ones and watch the little one begin to collect them with gusto. Many kids like geometric pyramids or made in the form of fairy-tale characters. Such toys for children from 1 year are very useful. They develop fine motor skills, memory and imagination. No less useful sets of cubes. You can purchase a kit for folding a picture, a simple designer or the first alphabet. In the form of cubes, various developmental aids are performed, for example, the rather popular “Zaitsev's cubes”.Immediately after the first birthday, do not expect any special accomplishments from the baby. Better let him build towers of cubes and watch how the game will be improved every day.

Puzzles, mosaics and lacing

Educational toys for children 1 2 yBaby pens need training. Try to take them in large puzzles and multi-colored mosaic. Start with cardboard books with removable inserts. A little later, invite the kid to collect a picture of 4-8 elements. If desired, you can make such toys with your own hands for children 1 year. Print a colorful picture or cut it from an unnecessary book and cut it into several parts. A unique educational game is ready. In the year of the baby can be introduced with the lacing. The essence of this game comes down to stringing large beads on a cord.

The youngest children can play in lacing only under the supervision of their mother. No less fascinating and colorful mosaics. Such a game set consists of a base (plastic board with holes) and bright elements that are inserted into it. Such bright kits are usually the most interesting for children in 2-3 years, but you can get to know them at a more tender age.

Liners and frames

One of the most popular children's toys for an early age - sorter. Most often it is a box with openings of various shapes and individual shaped elements for insertion into them. Sorters perfectly develop logical thinking. The most useful are toys with holes of approximately the same size, but of different shapes. Such puzzles can not be collected correctly. Many manufacturers of children's toys offer sorter with additional features and interesting design. It can be wheelchairs or options with musical and lighting effects. Parents are left to choose only to your taste and wallet. Wooden toys similar to sorter for children from 1 year old are frames with inserts. In fact, we are talking about a simple puzzle. For each element there is its own deepening of the figured form. The task of the child during the game is to properly distribute all the elements.

Designers and dolls

DIY toys for children 1 yearIs your child a year old? This means that it's time to give him the first designer. Multi-colored blocks will help your child learn the names of colors and learn how to build a wide variety of objects. This toy will be relevant for several years.And some children enjoy playing their first constructors before school. If possible, purchase at least two sets: plastic with protrusions-locks (“Lego” and analogues) and simple wooden ones, consisting of blocks of different shapes. When buying, make sure that there are no small items and sharp edges.

If you buy a wooden designer, preference should be given to an unpainted set. This rule should be observed always, choosing toys for children from 1 year. Toddlers are very curious and drag everything in your mouth. This means that toys should be as safe and natural as possible. It is useful to get a set of dolls for a son or daughter. It can be a classic toy painted in the style of "mom and daughters", or a whole fairy tale. Figures hiding in each other will take very few places, and they will give a lot of joy and surprise to their little master.

Educational cards and first books

Simple and inexpensive educational tools for young children are sets of cards. With their help, you can learn letters, numbers, colors, the names of various groups of objects, professions. If desired, such kits is quite easy to do with your own hands.Simply print the appropriate pictures or cut them from magazines. For strength, you can stick the image on the cardboard.

Some mothers also laminate their benefits with adhesive tape. What is especially nice, such educational toys for children 1-2 years old can be purchased in stores. Playing with cards is simple - show them to your baby and call the image. Over time, the child will start to find pictures by name. Be sure to purchase and children's books. One year old baby will enjoy textile publications and special books for swimming. The first library can be supplemented with thick cardboard copies and interactive books.

Sets for role-playing and plot games

Toys for children 0 to 1 yearOne of the most favorite activities of all kids, without exception, is to copy the behavior of adults. Already at the age of the year, the child wants to clean up and set the table like a mom or carry out minor repairs like a dad. Obligatory toys for a child of 1-3 years old are sets: dishes, tools of the doctor and the hairdresser. You can also purchase kits with toy tools for playing in the store, caring for the garden and home cleaning.For girls it is useful to purchase accessories for the game of daughters-mothers. These are strollers and cribs for dolls, combs and nipples. In modern children's stores you can find a full range of toys that imitate household items of the adult world. This and household appliances, and sets of toy products. Try to correctly understand the interests of the baby and regularly delight him with new toys.

Materials for creativity

Toys for child 1 3 yEvery parent wants his child to develop all his talents. Create a favorable environment for creativity. Finger paints, clay, kits for applications, wax and ordinary crayons - this is what should be at the disposal of each child. Additionally, you can buy an easel, board for modeling and protective apron. All these simple materials for creativity and accessories are no worse than the most modern educational toys for children 1-2 years old. Show your child how to draw in various techniques. Use stencils, prints, sprays and other unexpected solutions. This process will give a lot of pleasant emotions to the child and his adult mentor.

Active games, sports, walks

Wooden toys for children from 1 yearMovement is necessary for the harmonious growth and development of the child.Very useful toys for children 0 to 1 year old are balls of all sizes and shapes. The smallest can be massage and fit in the palm of the baby. And the big ones should be comfortable for throwing and learning the basics of football. Useful wheelchairs that are so nice to take with you for a walk. On the street you can also take any toys that have wheels, tied a rope to them beforehand. It is useful to buy a swing, hanging in the doorway, or even a home plastic slide. Rocking toys for children from 1 year are also incredibly popular. Today they are performed not only in the form of classic horses, but also in the form of the most exotic animals.

Alternative fun - jumpers. These are soft and elastic figures of various animals, on their backs you can sit and jump so merrily. A useful toy for one-year-old children is a massage mat. If you wish, you can sew it yourself by joining together loosely stuffed bedding with various fillings. For walks in the fresh air do not forget to get a bucket, shovels and tins. Using these simple gadgets, you can play with sand and snow.

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