Eyelashes biowave - the secret of expressive eyes

Modern women have a wide choice of salon procedures designed to correct any strokes in appearance to create the ideal and desired image. A variety of such techniques allows you to look elegant without significant material costs. At the same time in the whole range of services it is always preferable to choose options that are safe for health, which fully applies to the creation of eyelash curvature.

Eyelash curling - a tempting offer of the beauty industry

If you often do not want to spend precious time on makeup in the morning, then you should pay attention to such a proposal as permanent beauty. This concept includes tattooing (eyelids, eyebrows, lips), contour makeup, as well as eyelash extensions and biowave. Many women have discovered a method for themselves, because it allows you to look great in the morning after sleeping, in the pool, gym and in many other life situations.

The article is devoted to biowave - curl eyelashes in women (and men) in order to make the look expressive. For this purpose, special preparations are used, consisting of natural components, which means not only complete safety for the client, but also the ability to improve the condition of the eyelashes. People who suffer from increased eye sensitivity, increased tearing, or are allergic to any ingredient, it is advisable to refrain from such effects on the face.

For the procedure used set for biowave eyelashes. It includes 3 lotions (for biowave, fixing, restoring), glue, silicone curlers.

biowave eyelashes

How is the procedure

Usually, customers are extremely excited about the safety of those procedures that are carried out next to sensitive organs. In particular, the proximity of the mucous eyes requires a very careful approach (using products on a natural basis and the work of a professional), as well as high-quality biowave eyelashes. Reviews show that it is preferable to trust your eyelashes to a master who has the appropriate certificate and good recommendations from clients.

An experienced specialist conducts the procedure completely painlessly, and some salons even provide it to clients as an excellent holiday with relaxing music. The procedure lasts 40-60 minutes. How is twisting?

  1. A strip is attached to the eyelashes of the lower eyelid that protects them from curling.
  2. On the upper eyelid superimposed special roller.
  3. Each eyelash is carefully wound on it.
  4. Top is applied fixing, and then fixing the bend tool.
  5. The composition is washed off from the eyelashes on the rollers.
  6. Removed hair curlers.
  7. A nourishing mask is applied to the eyelashes.

Used rollers visually resemble miniature hair curlers (their size is selected depending on the length of the eyelashes), and they are applied exactly 1 time. This method is somewhat reminiscent of the procedure of biowave hair.

biowave eyelashes reviews

Advantages of the method

Is it worth it or not to sign up for this procedure? This is a question that interests many women. Each person himself is determined with the acceptability of the method for himself, comparing the advantages that biowave eyelashes gives, with his personal physiological features. The advantages of the method include:

  1. Correcting the shape of the eyes with heavy eyelids and lowered corners, allowing such people to achieve the effect of a more open look.
  2. Creating the desired curl for holders of straight eyelashes, directed forward or down. Since this result in women is not achieved by using only one decorative ink.
  3. Availability in the price.
  4. The possibility not to use mascara for a long time due to the fact that the eyelashes look long, voluminous and beautifully curved.
  5. Saving time in the morning.
  6. Separation of eyelashes and giving them a spectacular look.
  7. No problem gluing eyelashes (as happens when dyeing their mascara).
  8. Maintaining a beautiful bend for about five weeks, and sometimes up to three months.

biowave eyelashes photo

How to care for your eyelashes

There are a number of simple rules that need to be fulfilled in order for the beautiful bend obtained by such a procedure as a biowave of eyelashes (the photo clearly demonstrates the effect), the time allowed for it is preserved. All of them boil down to the fact that during the day after curling you can not touch the eyelashes with your hands, and also twist it in addition, use mascara or go to the sauna.

In the future, curved eyelashes do not require special care, which allows you to lead a normal life: wear lenses or glasses, swim in the pool, sleep on your stomach. Is that the first two weeks is recommended to cover the cilia at night with castor oil (contains vitamins A and E). It should be noted that it is allowed to remove makeup with cosmetics intended for this purpose.

Autographic morning curling is a time-consuming alternative to such a procedure as biowave eyelashes. Reviews indicate that some women consider the best option for high-quality mascara, because they fear for the health of the eyes or their short inflammation from cosmetic preparations. And, of course, every woman is afraid of amateurs.

Semi-permanent mascara

eyelash biowave kit

The result of the procedure, despite the absence of hydrogen peroxide in the composition of the means used, is often accompanied by lightening of the eyelashes. Therefore, in a few days after obtaining the desired bend, it is desirable to produce a permanent mascara staining that can lengthen, restore, add volume and fix the effect that the eyelash biowave has created.

Using such mascara is safer and more reliable than dyeing. This makeup looks natural, does not smear and lasts about 3 weeks. That is, permanent mascara allows you to completely rid yourself of the constant morning troubles around the eyelashes for a rather long period.

Coloring this ink is similar to the usual procedure for all of us, with the exception of some points, for example, very fast drying. Therefore, to avoid gluing eyelashes, you need to have time to separate them with tweezers.

The procedure takes about 30–40 minutes and must necessarily be carried out in the cabin, otherwise the result may be extremely far from the expected. As a result of the above, biowave eyelashes and semi-permanent mascara can create together a stunning effect.

biowave eyelashes and semi-permanent mascara

Features of the correct conduct of perm

The above rules allow you to control the implementation of the procedure in the selected salon:

  1. Biowave eyelashes should be made only with the use of funds without ammonia and hydrogen peroxide.
  2. Preparations during the procedure are applied not at the growth line of the eyelashes, but closer to the middle, which completely eliminates the ingestion of the composition on the skin of the eyelids or in the eyes.
  3. The formation of the curl depends on the thickness of the roller. If you use thick curlers for long eyelashes, the bend becomes languid smooth. A thin eyelashes are ideal for short eyelashes.
  4. Fixing means are washed off with non-removed rollers.
  5. Be sure to use a lock that allows you to fix the curl for a long time.

The spectacular bend, which gives biowave eyelashes (photos confirm this), remains for a long time, that is, the correction is required after about 2 months. Judging by the reviews, the procedure is very attractive for women who dream of an expressive, memorable and very beautiful look.

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