From Moscow to Prague - one station: the metro station "Prazhskaya"

The Prazhskaya metro is one of twenty-five stations on the Timiryazesko-Serpukhovskaya line. Like all stations of the Moscow metro, is unique and inimitable, the design of which is not found anywhere else. Let's make a small excursion into the history of the creation of “Little Prague”, consider the main features of its location and design, define the persons who participated in its birth.

Prague metro

A piece of little Prague in the Moscow metro

Since its construction and for more than fifteen years, Prazhskaya has been the terminal station of the gray branch. After the opening of the metro station “Akademika Yangelya Street”, it began to be used as a zone station (due to the presence of zone turnover, trains can turn around at this station and depart in the opposite direction, which allows unloading passenger traffic during peak hours). It was named in honor of the capital of the Czech Republic. The decoration and sculptures located in the lobby and at the station itself are also directly connected with the Czech capital. It should also be noted that simultaneously with the construction inMoscow metro station “Prazhskaya”, the station “Moskovskaya” was built in Prague (at Moskevská Prague), which was later renamed Angel (at Prague Aanděl). On the construction of both objects were created international teams. In Moscow, the Czechoslovak workers were engaged in construction and decoration; in Prague, in turn, work was carried out by Soviet builders. It was a kind of friendship act of the then Soviet Union and the Republic of Czechoslovakia.

The appearance of the station

The Prazhskaya metro station, which was opened on November 6, 1985, owes its decoration to the work of Czechoslovak and Soviet masters. The style of its performance is fundamentally different from all other stations of the Moscow metro. The whole complex (including the vestibule, passages, cash zone and entrance pavilions) is designed in brown-golden color. The walls are covered with bakedMoscow metro Praguebrown ceramic tiles, traveling columns are decorated with tombac - golden metal (copper and zinc alloy). The suspended ceiling in a special way scatters light, which in combination with dark walls makes the station one of the darkest among all the others.Special attention should be paid to the sculptures adorning the metro station "Prazhskaya". At the entrance to the subway passengers are greeted by a monument depicting two cosmonauts: Soviet and Czechoslovak, with inscriptions in Russian and Czech languages: “Peace to you, blue planet ...”. The south lobby is decorated with images of the capital of the Czech Republic, skillfully executed by Czechoslovak architects. The lobby is decorated with a column with a female statue on it, symbolizing Prague's Vltava river. The station is fascinating with its cold and dark beauty. Let us dwell in more detail on the masters who had a hand in creating the masterpiece of Soviet-Czechoslovak friendship.

Technical data

The metro station "Prazhskaya" is the station of the minimum level (less than 10 meters) of the column type. Made of reinforced concrete and has a prefabricated structure. The height in the area of ​​lateral overlap is about four meters, in the area of ​​the central hall 4.3 meters. The width of the platform is ten metro. Total station is supported by 26 pairs of columns. The people of this type of station called centipedes, because of the large number of supporting columns.Thanks to the natural baked ceramics used for wall cladding, it was possible to achieve a good level of noise insulation. By the way, this material was brought to the USSR directly from Czechoslovakia. The station has two exits: north and south. Northern leads to Kirovogradskaya Street, southern - to Red Mayak and Kirovogradskaya streets.

Prague metro station

On average, over 120 thousand people visit the station per day, which gives it the right to be considered one of the busiest. The start of the station, like most others - 5.35, and the closing time of 1.00. After one o'clock in the morning the station works only on the exit.

Attractions within walking distance

Near the metro station "Prague" in large numbers are located shopping centers, here are just a few of them: "Prague Castle", "Prague Passage", "Karenfort" and "Red Mayak". Also near the subway you can find the cinema "Season Cinema", a large number of small shops, cafes and restaurants. Within walking distance from the metro there are three institutes and two colleges. Guests of the capital can comfortably accommodate in three hotels located nearby. More than 5 dental clinics, an outpatient clinic and an ophthalmologic center can be found near the metro.Of the attractions worth noting located in about three kilometers from the metro Bitsevsky park, as well as the museum-reserve "Tsaritsyno", five kilometers from the station.

Near the metro stop about 12 routes of land transport serving the Chertanovo and Biryulyovo areas.

Interesting Facts

Prague Discovery Metro

  • Metro "Prazhskaya" - one of two metro stations, which received its name not on the object located on the surface, near the metro. The first, m. "Roman", which received its name in the same way as "Prague", as a result of the exchange of "courtesies" of the Soviet Union and Rome, is decorated in the "Roman" style.
  • The underground station is one of the largest in Moscow.
  • The station has the so-called dead ends of turnover (as mentioned above, it has been a terminal for a long time), which are currently used for the repair of rolling stock, as well as for the circulation of trains during peak hours.
  • Thanks to the materials used in finishing the station, it has good sound insulation. The main material of this kind was ceramic tile brought from the Czech Republic and used for wall cladding.

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