Golden Lotus 4 * (Kemer / Turkey): photos and descriptions, hotel infrastructure, features of the service and tourist reviews

The hotel complex Golden Lotus 4 * is located in the city of Kemer directly on the shores of the warm Mediterranean Sea. Therefore, tourists can have a rest in it during the day to bathe, and in the evening stroll through the quiet streets of this resort village. You can also book a tour and go to the nearby Taurus Mountains and admire the magnificent view that opens from them to the coastal strip. It is about this beautiful hotel and will be discussed further.

Golden Lotus Hotel 4 *

Region of the hotel

As previously noted, is located in the city of the resort Kemer Golden Lotus 4 *. Turkey has long been in high demand as a tourist destination. Low prices and excellent level of service contributed to the fact that many of our compatriots had a rest there more than once.

Kemer has relatively few places of interest. The main one is the clock tower.But from all sides the picturesque Taurus Mountains are close to him. Therefore, this resort town is very similar in appearance to the coast of the Crimea peninsula.

The nearest airport, which accepts international flights, is in Antalya. He and Kemer shares a distance of about 55 kilometers. That is, after the arrival, all vacationers are forced about one hour to get to the hotel in a comfortable bus.

Hotel Information

Many hotel complexes located in the resort town of Kemer. Reviews of Golden Lotus Hotel 4 * indicate an excellent level of service in this hotel. For the first time she took a rest in 1990. The last renovation, which was performed on its territory, dates back to 2009.


The structure of Golden Lotus 4 * includes only one four-story main body. The hotel area is 4 000 m2, and it is located almost on the seashore. On the territory of the hotel complex there is only one main pool, three separate bars and one restaurant. The latter also serves as a dining room. The relatively modest infrastructure is compensated by the good location of the hotel complex.This affordable and functional hotel is located directly in the city of Kemer. That is, you can take a stroll through the quiet streets of this resort while on vacation.

Hotel Golden Lotus 4 *. Kemer, Turkey.


Like any other hotel complex in the town of Kemer, Golden Lotus 4 * offers travelers very spacious and comfortable rooms. Some of them are called Standard Room. In this case, the area of ​​the room is 25 m.2. In addition to the bedroom, the Standard Room also has a balcony and a separate bathroom with a toilet and a small shower. In addition to this, an air conditioner is installed in the room on a mandatory basis, without which it will be very difficult to manage in the summer heat. Also each of them has a TV with satellite receiver. The presence of the latter allows you to view not only local TV programs, but also Russian-language channels. The bedroom in the Standard Room is designed to accommodate three tourists. There are 124 such rooms in this hotel complex.

There is also a special category of family rooms, called the Family Room. There are only 6 of them. In this case, you can settle already 4 or even 5 guests. In the latter case, you will need to install an extra single bed.The area of ​​the Family Room is the largest in the hotel complex and is 50 m.2. Separately, it should be noted that in this case there are already two bedrooms. The same applies to bathrooms and balconies. That is, this number consists of two interconnected Standard Room. The rest of the layout they have identical to the hotel Golden Lotus 4 *. Kemer is perfect for youth recreation, and for a quiet holiday in the family circle. It is for the latter that this hotel complex is optimally suited.

Food. Its features

As it should be, this hotel complex offers its visitors the concept of food All Inclusive. Within its framework, the main restaurant of the hotel functions, which at certain hours turns into a dining room and two bars.

Three times throughout the day, enough food is served in the restaurant. Vacationers choose those of them that they want, and eat. Breakfast lasts from 7.30 to 10.00. Lunch starts at 12.30 and ends at 14.00. Well, dinner lasts from 19.00 to 21.00.

One of the bars, which is part of the All Inclusive concept, is located near the main pool, and the second - in the lobby. They open at 10.00 and work until 24.00.

Local carbonated and alcoholic drinks are free for guests.But freshly squeezed fruit juices and foreign alcohol can be tasted only for an additional fee.

Hotel Golden Lotus 4 *. Kemer


Not only on the beach, in the pool and bars, you can relax in this hotel. There is a Finnish sauna, Turkish bath and jacuzzi. And all these procedures are free for guests. The same can be noted in relation to table tennis. Necessary for him tables, rackets and balls are on the hotel in the right quantity. You can also visit the gym.

On the paid basis massage is provided. The same can be said about darts. In addition to this, water sports are not free. This parachute, and water skiing, and surfing, and diving. In the latter two cases, additional special certificates are also required.


Like any other hotel of this class in Turkey, the Golden Lotus 4 * hotel complex has its own coastal strip. Its typical covering for this resort region is small sea pebbles. On the beach, mattresses, sun beds and umbrellas are free. But for the towel you will need to make a deposit. Also on the beach there is a bar. Only here it does not function within the framework of the concept of food of this hotel complex and it is necessary to pay extra for its menu.

Also on the beach there is a pier.Sun loungers and umbrellas located on it can only be rented for an additional fee. Towels can only be obtained after making a deposit.

Considering the fact that many hotels of this class have a free beach bar and sun beds with umbrellas, they are provided free of charge for guests, the presence of additional costs in this hotel can be attributed to disadvantages.

Hotel Golden Lotus 4 *. Kemer

Swimming pools

On the territory of Golden Lotus Hotel 4 * there are two swimming pools. And all of them are open and you can swim in them only during the holiday season. That is, from mid-May to mid-October.

The largest of them has an area of ​​160 m2and its depth is 140 cm. That is, adults can swim in it. The water in it is fresh and there is no heating system.

The second pool is small and only babies can swim in it. The water in this case is also fresh.

The pool is open from 10.00 to 19.00. Sun loungers with umbrellas in the nearby area are free for guests. But for the towels will need to make deposits. Separately, it is also necessary to note the lack of water slides in the complex. Since most hotels of this class are equipped with them, this is another disadvantage of this hotel.

Infrastructure for children

A great place to spend a holiday is the resort town of Kemer in Turkey. The Golden Lotus 4 * hotel at the same time can offer quite a lot to the kids in it. First of all, you need to highlight the previously mentioned freshwater children’s pool. There is also a small playground. Well, complements all this kids club.

Golden Lotus 4 *. Turkey Kemer

Excursions. Their features

A very impressive number of tours offered boasts the hotel complex Golden Lotus 4 *. Reviews at the same time indicate that the greatest interest are those associated with the Taurus mountain range. The nature in these places is really beautiful, and the view to the Mediterranean Sea is amazing. Therefore, it is mandatory to visit the nearest mountain peaks and get a lot of bright and unforgettable sensations. Such a sightseeing tour certainly will not leave anyone indifferent.

The second possible tourist destination in this case is the city of Kemer itself. Of course, it is relatively small and initially can not boast an impressive list of various attractions. But here you can stroll through its quiet streets, walk along the embankment.You can also go to any coastal cafe and eat well, watching the sea. In addition, you can buy a lot of souvenirs in local stores, which will become at home a vivid reminder of an unforgettable summer holiday in warm Turkey on the Mediterranean coast.

Cost of

Tours at Golden Lotus Hotel 4 * are quite expensive. The holiday season is already officially open, and this circumstance has led to the fact that prices for rest have increased significantly.

In June, Standard Room numbers will cost 90,000-100,000 rubles for 7-8 nights for two guests. The cost of the Family Room is 150,000 rubles for 11 nights for four guests. If you book a vacation at a preliminary price, you can save 30,000 - 40,000 rubles.

In July and August, the cost of tours will not change. That is, for the two guests will need to pay all the same 90 000 - 100 000 rubles. Again, this price includes 7 or 8 nights in the hotel and in the Standard Room.

In September, the cost of the tour will decrease, but not significantly. In the best case, it will be 80,000 rubles under similar conditions. But in October at the close of the holiday season prices will drop. In this case, the cost of a similar tour will be already 60,000 rubles.

Golden Lotus Hotel 4 *. Kemer. Reviews

Where better to buy a tour? Purchase recommendations

Now let's figure out where to buy a tour to the hotel complex Golden Lotus Hotel 4 *. Kemer, as previously noted, is relatively close to the main city of the region - Antalya. In any case, the transfer must be done at the airport of the latter for the reason that only he can take international flights. There are two possible ways to buy a tour to this hotel. One of them is to use the services of special tour operators who sell the turnkey tour. That is, in this case, the camper receives services in the complex. The cost of the tour includes airfare, and transfer from the airport to the hotel, and the return trip, and insurance. The second option for buying a tour is to book a hotel room on the Internet. In this case, the flight is purchased separately. Problems may also arise in order to get to the hotel or back. Therefore, it is recommended to use the services of a tour operator.


Both the advantages and disadvantages are indicated by reviews of Golden Lotus 4 * in Kemer. The first of them include the following:

  1. Convenient location of the complex. It is in the city.That is, if necessary, you can stroll through this locality. In addition to this, it is located on the beachfront and directly adjacent to the beach.
  2. Great power system.
  3. Spacious and comfortable rooms with good equipment.
  4. Friendly staff of the hotel complex.
  5. Sauna, hamam and jacuzzi are free for guests.

The disadvantages are:

  1. Beach cover - pebble. That is, barefoot to enter the sea is not quite comfortable. But you can dive from the pier, which compensates for this shortcoming.
  2. Bar, deck chairs, mattresses and umbrellas on the pier are paid.
  3. There are no water slides on site.

In any case, you need to take into account the fact that this is a four star hotel. Therefore, its disadvantages are not so significant and are compensated by a lower cost compared to five-star hotels. But at the same time more expensive hotel complexes do not always have such a convenient location.

Golden Lotus 4 *. Reviews


The hotel complex Golden Lotus 4 * is positioned by tour operators as an ideal place for a quiet and relaxing holiday in the family circle. At the same time, in terms of cost, it is not so expensive. In addition to this, it has an excellent location and excellent infrastructure.All this allows with a great degree of confidence to say that this magical place will allow you to have a great vacation and give a lot of vivid and unforgettable memories of this fabulous corner of a warm and hospitable Turkey and you definitely want to come back.

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