Grand Ring Hotel 5 * (Turkey, Kemer, Beldibi): room description, service, beach, reviews

There are many luxurious 5-star hotels in Turkey, where thousands of tourists come every year to get some rest and relaxation. One of those is the Grand Ring Hotel. Rest in it, of course, not cheap, but worth the money, if you believe the tourists. However, all this should be described in more detail.

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Grand Ring Hotel is located in the small resort town of Beldibi. And, to be more precise, between the sea and the road leading to Kemer, which can be reached by car in 7-10 minutes. By the way, it is important that the Antalya airport is located at a relatively short distance. From the hotel to him - about 45 kilometers.

The complex itself is located on the first coastline. The private beach can be reached in just one minute, which is one of the advantages of this hotel. The total area of ​​their territory, by the way, is 20,000 square meters. m

Since for many people the location of the hotel in which they will live, while staying on vacation, plays an important role, it is worth noting that interesting sights are concentrated near this complex. For 15 minutes, for example, you can walk to the canyon Goynuk. 10 minutes to get to Kemer pier, as well as the park and Moonlight beach. 16 kilometers separates the hotel and the commercial port of Antalya. And the ancient city of Phaselis, as well as the Tahtali mountain (the height of which is equal to 2,365 m), can be reached in 15 minutes by car.


Grand Ring Hotel has such infrastructure, which should be at the resort complex of 5-star level. On its territory there is everything - from high-speed Wi-Fi, to free private parking.

The reception in the lobby works around the clock. There is also luggage storage and a point where guests can exchange currency.

Upon arrival, guests will be aware of other services offered by the hotel. Guests arriving on holidays with children should know that there are nannies on the staff who are able to provide the children with proper care and supervision while the adults relax.

In addition, the complex has a laundry and dry cleaning, business center, banquet hall, mini market, shared lounge, several shops (including souvenir), car rental, beauty salon and hairdresser. Guests are also offered a shuttle service, room service, and even VIP services.

It is impossible not to mention that the staff at the Grand Ring Hotel 5 * speaks both Turkish and Russian, English and German.

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Of course, the vast majority of people who came to the Grand Ring Hotel spend all their free time on the sandy beach. It is spacious, closed to unauthorized visitors, and is also marked by the EU Blue Flag, which indicates its cleanliness, confirmed at the international level. In addition, umbrellas, sun beds, towels and mattresses are provided there for free.

But you can find entertainment without leaving the hotel. And this applies to guests of all ages. On its territory there are two large outdoor pools and one indoor, and three more children’s with water slides, several playgrounds, a cinema, and two clubs for kids and teenagers.

In addition, in the Grand Ring Hotel 5 * guests are constantly entertained by animation staff.During the day, group classes in gymnastics, aerobics and step, darts, beach volleyball and table tennis tournaments are organized for guests.

Tourists who do not want to participate in the animation program can visit the hotel’s fitness center, sauna, Turkish bath, steam room, or do some kind of water sports. For example, surfing. Here, by the way, they issue certificates of training this skill.

Paid entertainment

Of course, the above is not all that you can do while staying at the Grand Ring. The hotel infrastructure, as already mentioned, is well developed, so everyone will find a suitable way to have fun here, whatever his preferences may be.

The hotel has excellent massage rooms with VIP services and a jacuzzi, a gambling area with gaming machines, a small bowling club, a billiard room, and a SPA center, where guests are offered various beauty services (starting with peeling and ending with wraps).

In addition, the complex has a diving school, where anyone can enroll. And on the beach, guests can rent water skis, jet skis, canoes, motor boats, bananas, and even parasailing equipment.

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Main restaurant

As it was already possible to understand, in the Grand Ring Hotel the service is upscale, and the service here is conducted on an “all inclusive” system. So what about nutrition should be told in more detail.

So, the main restaurant covers an area of ​​500 square meters. It is divided into a closed room, which has a capacity of 300 persons, and an open one, which can accommodate 220 guests.

The institution has a schedule. From 7:00 to 10:00 in the restaurant serves breakfast. Then, before 10:30, afternoon snack lasts - for those who did not have time to eat in the morning, or were already hungry. The restaurant is closed until 12:30, as the staff prepares everything for dinner, which lasts until 14:30. The next reception after it is dinner, starting at 19:00. It lasts until 21:00, but even then the restaurant does not close. Because from 23:00 to 00:00 the night table is laid.

It should be noted that fresh juices are not included in the concept of service - they must be paid separately. Also, the main restaurant does not serve bottled drinks - everything is bottled.

Other places

Naturally, in the territory of the Grand Ring Hotel 5 * (Beldibi) there is more than one restaurant. There is also a second one in which guests are served not by the buffet system, but by the menu. If you want to visit him, then you need to book a table in advance, and be ready to observe the evening dress code - these are the rules.

Also worth noting is the attention of the Pool Bar. It is located next to the pool, surrounded by tropical green gardens. It is open from 10:00 to midnight. From 12:30 to 16:00 they serve snacks, then from 16:30 to 17:30 the coffee break lasts. And yet, by the way, by 4:00 pm everyone can have time to order gozleme - incredibly tasty Turkish cakes.

There is also a lobby bar. It works in the same mode. Connoisseurs of luxury drinks are especially fond of it, since it is in the lobby that one can find anything - from local beer to high-end whiskey aging.

And the last place to mention is the disco bar. Every evening in it hold incendiary music shows that anyone can attend.

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Accommodation in standard rooms

Now you can go to the description of the rooms of the Grand Ring Hotel. The hotel’s foundation has a total of 295 apartments, the majority of which (268, to be more precise) belong to the standard category. Here about them it is worth telling.

The area of ​​this apartment is 30 square meters. m. Inside, in a room with a modern interior, there is either one double bed or two standard beds (depending on which variant guests like).

All standards have access to a spacious balcony, separate bathroom with bath, shower and toilet. The apartments themselves have all the necessary amenities for a good rest. There is a safe, air conditioning, widescreen TV with satellite channels, dressing room, mini-bar. Also, all guests are given towels, slippers, hair dryers and hygiene items. But it is a matter of course for a hotel of this level.

What about the cost? It depends on what time of year the rest is planned. For example, at the end of August or the beginning of September, 7 days in the standard will cost two guests approximately 95,000 rubles. This amount includes all inclusive, as well as 8% VAT.

Other apartments

Standards are the cheapest rooms. But besides them, there are apartments of other categories. The Grand Ring Hotel (Kemer) also has 19 corner spacious suites, four Junior Suites and one royal suite. There are also three improved standards that fully meet the special requirements of guests with disabilities.

Prices for accommodation in these apartments should also be specified. The cost will differ from the one stated for standards, but not by much.Because most of the amount goes to pay for the service "all inclusive", and the rates for it are the same for everyone - be it a guest staying in a standard, or a guest from the luxurious Royal Suite.

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Lodgers about the beach

Many people who have visited Turkey, the Grand Ring Hotel, are happy to leave reviews about the hotel, as well as about their holidays in general. And, if you study most of the comments, you can see that the majority of tourists pay special attention to the beach. And this is logical!

The Grand Ring Hotel has a wonderful beach. First, it is as close as possible - in 8-10 steps. You just need to cross the road, and all - tourists find themselves on a private sandy-pebbled modern beach. Although you can reach it in another way - through the underground passage. Ten steps down, 10 meters through a well-lit tunnel, and 10 more steps that lead straight to the beach.

Secondly, it is very clean. The order on it is monitored constantly, and trash containers are installed every few meters. There are staff on the beach who regularly “clean out” the rest and wipe the deck chairs with disinfectant liquid.

Space on the beach is enough for everyone, only in the high season will have to go around 6:30. If you come later, the chairs under the sheds will be occupied by more adventurous travelers.

The entrance is convenient - pebbles, no sharp stones. Although some do not like it, and they advise you to take swimming shoes with you. What about depth? It starts literally from 3-4 meters after sunset.

About maintenance

As it was already possible to understand, high-class service is the main feature of the Grand Ring Hotel complex. The feedback left by the guests who have been there is not proof of this.

Guests are happy to note the high-quality daily cleaning that maids perform at a convenient time for guests. You can arrange at the reception by telling the clock when you plan to rest on the beach so that the staff does not interfere with the guests.

Also pleasantly pleased with the daily replacement of towels and linen. Stocks hygiene kits are regularly replenished. These include shampoo, liquid soap, shaving and dental supplies, shower gel, body lotion and a hair cap. The water in the mini-bar is free, and it is also provided to the guests every day.

Naturally, the staff of bars and restaurants receive the same high praise from guests. But the most emotional reviews of travelers leave about the evening show.Animation personnel, if you believe their words, is incomparable - it knows how to interest and attract to participate.

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Helpful information

Every person planning a vacation at this hotel should know that the check-in starts at 14:30. Therefore, it would be advisable to choose the appropriate flight. Of course, if guests arrive earlier, and the unoccupied rooms of their category will be available, they will definitely be accommodated without waiting, since the Grand Ring Hotel takes care of the comfort of its guests. But it is a popular hotel. And free apartments in it are rare.

It is also worth noting that the hotel can live with children of any age. Moreover, if the guests arrived with a child who is not 7 years old, then you do not need to pay extra for it. For babies under the age of 2, they will even provide an extra cot.

What about living older children? For them, parents pay 50% of the cost. But children are only teenagers under 13 years old inclusive. With 14 - a separate adult lodger.

Booking confirmation

If potential travelers intend to go to this particular hotel, they will need to take care of the reservation in advance.It is advisable a month before the planned trip - so that there was definitely a free room. In addition, perplexed with the issue of booking in advance, you can even save.

But in any case, you will need to enter your credit card details. The hotel accepts Visa, Master Card and American Express. The main thing is to use your personal card. Because upon check-in, you will need to present it along with your passport, and F. I. O. must match. Otherwise, for security reasons, the administration may refuse to register if a person provides someone else’s credit card.

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So, from all the above, it was possible to understand that the five-star Grand Ring Hotel complex is a really solid place with a good reputation and appropriate status. It will be an ideal option for those travelers who want to spend an unforgettable holiday in Turkey, enjoy a high level of service, delicious food and comfortable conditions, while not regretting the rest of the funds.

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