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Member of the "United Russia" faction in the lower houseof the Russian parliament Grigory Anikeev is quite a notable figure on the political Olympus. At the same time, the media writes that he is not used to demonstrating the skills of oratory in the State Duma, and lawmaking is not his strongest hobby. However, Grigory Anikeev achieved great success in another field.

He is an experienced and venerable businessman, so colleaguesaccording to the party, he is appreciated and respected. The deputy of the last two convocations, Grigory Anikeev, has been repeatedly recognized as the wealthiest man in the country's main legislative body, or rather the lower house of parliament. Still, the businessman really owns huge property assets. Firstly, it owns a large network of meat processing enterprises. Secondly, the entrepreneur operates in his own media empire, which includes one newspaper, one television channel, two radio stations and an Internet portal.

Grigory Anikeev

And thirdly, Grigory Anikeev has a wholearsenal of expensive property objects, including houses, apartments, cars, land and so on. How did he manage to achieve such successes in the field of entrepreneurship and get into big politics? Let's consider this issue in more detail.

Biographical information

Grigory Anikeev, whose family had the statusaverage, was born on February 28, 1972 in the village of Dutovo (Komi Republic). After receiving the certificate of maturity, the young man went to receive higher education in the city of Vladimir. There he successfully passed the exams at the Technical University, having previously chosen the profession of radio engineering.

The first steps in business

The young man immediately realized that it was very difficult to live for one scholarship, therefore, like most young men who felt the economic freedom of the 90s, he decided to start business.

Anikeev Grigory Viktorovich

Anikeev Grigory Victorovich began with the fact thatcreated his own line for the production of pelmeni. The calculation was simple: a cheap and uncomplicated in the preparation of the product will always be in demand. And he really was justified. Soon Grigory Anikeev, whose biography is not familiar to everyone, turned into a major supplier in the dumplings market. His company eventually grew larger and became known as Anikeev Business Invest.

At the beginning of the zero brainchild of Grigory Viktorovich,in addition to the production of pelmeni, began to produce sausages. Currently, the businessman owns the largest commercial structure of ABI GROUP, which occupies a dominant position in the market. The direction of its activities - trade, construction, food production, media sphere.

Political career

At the beginning of the zero Anikeev Grigory Viktorovich somewhat shifts his professional interests towards politics.

Grigory Anikeev photo

He joins the ranks of the "Party of Socialjustice "and after a while becomes the head of its regional branch. In 2005, a businessman tries to get into the legislative body of the Vladimir region, enlisting the support of the Rodina Party electorate. But this political structure was then removed from the elections.

Deputy of the State Duma

Two years later, Grigory Anikeev, whose photofamiliar to almost every inhabitant of the Vladimir region, changes political "orientation" and becomes "United Russia". The entrepreneur acquires a local television channel and a local newspaper in order to facilitate his journey to the legislative body of the country. In 2007, he receives a mandate to represent the Vladimir region in the State Duma of the Russian Federation, due to the fact that the mayor of the city refused from the lower house of parliament.

A year later, the businessman organizes two publicreception rooms, so that it would be easier for citizens to address deputies with urgent questions. Currently, the owner of the dumplings business works in the committee on property issues.

Grigory Anikeev Biography

Anikeev Grigory Viktorovich (contacts: Moscow, Okhotny Ryad st., 1, room 14-49, tel. 7 (495) 692-87-76) has already examined not one hundred complaints and claims from ordinary people.

In the election of deputies of the VI convocation, the businessman wasin the fifth place, but after the final summing up of the voting results he moved to the second position and ensured himself the right to occupy the seat in the lower house of the Russian parliament. The entrepreneur joined the Duma committee, which oversees labor and social policy issues.

In the autumn of 2013, Grigory Viktorovich became a member of the General Council of the United Russia party.


For more than a year, Anikeyev has beenfounder of the "Melody and Order" foundation, in which he has for a long time been the head of the Board of Trustees. What does the above structure do?

Grigory Anikeev family

First, by promoting patriotic,moral education of youth. Secondly, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. Third, the provision of assistance to people of retirement age. Fourth, the elimination of legal illiteracy among the population. Fifth, overcoming obstacles to the formation of a social partnership program. The "Charity and Order" foundation provides real help not with words, but with deeds.

With the help of a charity structure,function social stores and pharmacies, in which low-income people can buy at low prices. Retired people can usefully spend their leisure time in the club of the elderly "Be Healthy!" The United Russia deputy pays a scholarship to socially needy children.

He specially organized a sports and leisurecenter for schoolchildren, so that they have a place for the useful conduct of their own time. Grigory Anikeev hopes that the institution created by him will reduce the number of children provided to "himself" and forced to be brought up "on the street." The deputy in the near future intends to develop youth tourism in the region. Representatives of the younger generation, in his opinion, are in great need of attention and assistance from adults.

Council of Elders

From time to time, Grigory Viktorovich initiates the holding of meetings of the Council of Elders, at which everyday problems are discussed and resolved.

Anikeev Grigory Viktorovich family

For example, the lack of leisure centers foryouth, sports clubs. In addition, issues that are of particular importance for children with disabilities, in particular the possibility of their education and rehabilitation, are addressed.

"Cognitive Strategies for Schoolchildren"

The purpose of this project is toTo awaken the interest of the students to the knowledge they receive in the school curriculum. For each child, an individual approach is applied, taking into account the peculiarities of his psychology. To implement this project, Grigory Viktorovich Anikeev invited dozens of experienced teachers from the best educational institutions in the Vladimir region.

Regalia and awards

For merits in public and political lifecountry businessman was awarded many awards and regalia. He repeatedly received certificates of honor from the hands of officials of the administration of the Vladimir region. Thanks to the letter of gratitude representatives of public and state organizations were handed to the deputy. Grigory Viktorovich has a medal "For Courage and Humanism", received from the Association of Veterans of Combat Operations of the Internal Affairs Directorate of the Russian Armed Forces.

Also, the deputy was awarded the Gold Medal of Honor "Public Recognition" for his enormous contribution to the development of the charitable cause and rendering real assistance to the socially needy strata of the population.

Anikeev Grigoriy Viktorovich contacts

In the current year, Grigory Viktorovich was awarded the medal of the Order of Merit for the Fatherland II degree. The initiator of such an award was the President of the country Vladimir Putin, issuing an appropriate decree.

Interesting Facts

Being very, very wealthy person, deputy Anikeev is on the list of the ten richest officials of Russia, according to the authoritative edition of Forbes.

Back in 2010, the financial condition of Grigory Viktorovich was valued at more than 878 million rubles.

And in 2011, the businessman took the first line in the top five of the richest "lawmakers" of the country.

According to the tax return, GregoryViktorovich Anikeev on parity basis has a network of road sections, resource-supplying organizations. He is the owner of large land plots, real estate objects. The businessman travels on cars of brand marks, which also belong to him on the right of ownership.

And is Anikiev Grigory Viktorovich happy in his personal life? The family of a deputy is his minor child. It is also known that officially a businessman is not married.

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