Guns IL-27: characteristics, reviews

Launched in 1973 at the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, the production of the IZH-27 rifle opened a new milestone in the history of the production of domestic double-barreled guns. The model, which is a modification of the previous - the twelfth, very quickly gained popularity and became the best-selling in the USSR.

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The IZH-27 hunting rifle is intended for both amateurs and industrialists. According to statistics, about 1.6 million of these double-barrels were sold in our country. IL-27 is called the "second people's gun" in the open spaces of Russia after TOZ. Both of these shotguns have the same popularity, and, importantly, the same price category.

Gun IL-27

The IL-27 gun, developed under the direction of designer A. Klimov, has been mass-produced since 1973. Being a modernization of the IL-12, it received a modified form of the forearm, box and box, as well as a ventilated aim bar. In addition, an automatic fuse was made on the double-barreled gun equipped with interceptors - interceptor hooks for reliability, and a rubber butt pad appeared on the butt. Another constructive innovation was the ejector.Since the end of 2008, this gun was manufactured under the index MR-27.

general characteristics

Guns IL-27 are available both commercially and in piece and souvenir performance. Depending on the caliber, their weight ranges from 3.3 to 3.4 kilograms. The length of the trunks is from 720 to 730 millimeters, the chamber - 70 mm. The connection of the barrels and pads of the IZH-27 rifle is carried out by means of hinges and rifle hooks. The muzzle narrowing is 0.5 and 1 millimeter for the lower half-half, and the upper one the choke, respectively.

The trunks are equipped with a front sight and a standard or ventilated aiming bar. The channels are chrome plated, their outer surface is coated with black chrome or oxidized. Locking is carried out using the frame, which is included in the groove of the grenade rear hook. As a result of opening the trunks cocks are cocked.

Guns IL-27

The stock and handguard of the IL-27 rifle are made of wood. Depending on the execution of the bed is direct or half-gun. Butt, depending on the modification is equipped with a rubber shock absorber or plastic butt pad.

The barrels of the IL-27 are made detachable. They are located in a vertical plane and pressed into the clutch.The connection between the trunks produced by soldering on the side slats.

Technical features

Fundamental differences from its prototype - IL-12 - had no new model. Of course, some changes were made in the exterior design, in the ergonomic parameters and in the device of the locking mechanism, but in general the design characteristics remained the same. The earliest versions of this double-barrels, which were produced since 1972, were traditionally equipped with two triggers. But since 1977, they were replaced by modifications that were somewhat different.

The sequence in the standard version is as follows: the bottom shot, and then the top one. In this case, by simple manipulations with the locking lever and trigger, it is possible to change the order of shooting. Thanks to a special inertia-type disconnector, the probability of a double salvo from two barrels at once is absent.

IZH-27 hunting rifle

Other common technical features of the IZH-27 rifle include the trigger-release intracurrent mechanism placed on a separate basis. In addition, it provides the option of withdrawing from a platoon. This is done on the weapon by gently lowering the hammer, which is cocked when the barrels are opened.

To prevent accidental firing, the IZH-27 rifle is equipped with a trigger interceptor — an automatic safety device that is easily transformed into a non-automatic version. Combat springs shotgun cylindrical spiral.


The knowledge of the device of this weapon and how the details of the mechanisms interact with each other, both during the preparation process and directly during the shooting, help the owner very much. When loading, the striker, while moving backward with its pusher, retracts the switch to the rear position. Before shots, the fuse is off, and the trigger is located in the lower position. The switch of the front protrusion moved under the side protrusion of the right whisper, the inertial disconnector in the rear position - the IL-27 gun is ready for a shot from the lower barrel.

This should know

From the force of recoil, the shotgun and the arrow can simultaneously push back. The finger will lag behind the movement of the hook spokes, and then the latter will have time to fall, and the switch will interact with the second whisper. Already by inertia, a person can stumble on a knitting needle, and then another will follow.already unintended shot from the upper barrel. In order to prevent this from happening, an inertial disconnector is provided in the mechanism.

IL-27 12 caliber rifle

After pressing the hook, the switch rises along with the blade, affecting the front ledge on the right sear and disengaging it. It should be shot from the first barrel. After releasing the hook, the sear is lowered to the upper plane and remains in a raised position, while the switch moves forward under the influence of a spring. In this case, his rear protrusion, having entered into interaction with the left sear, prepares a shot already from the upper barrel.


Since 1972, the production of IL-27-1C began - rifles without an ejector and with a single trigger, providing alternate firing on the principle of "lower barrel - upper barrel." In general, the mechanism of this modification was recognized as a successful solution, and therefore it later became successfully used in sports versions. Since 1973, the IL-27 base rifle has been produced, the photo of which is not very different from the prototype - the twelfth model.

Since 1976, production of modifications equipped with an ejector mechanism necessary for ejection of spent cartridges was started.The letter “E” appeared in their name in the alphanumeric index.

Modern same gun IL-27This is an improved version. Their difference is reflected in the marking index "M" - "modernized". To date, the Russian market has four variants of such models of the most popular - the twelfth caliber. These are IL-27M, -27 ЕМ, -27М-1С and -27ЕМ-1С.

And in 1995, a very interesting gun appeared on store shelves. IL-27 was for him a basic prototype. The weapon labeled "94" has a twelve-gauge upper smooth barrel and a bottom rifled under a variety of cartridges. It is equipped with a unique device connecting the trunks.

Gun IZH-27 16 caliber


The IZH-27 smoothbore rifle is produced both commercially and in pieces, and even in souvenir versions. The most common are the twelfth and sixteenth calibers. In addition, the gun is produced under the ammunition "Magnum" with 12th, 20th and 410th diameters of the barrel.

IL-27, a 12-caliber rifle, is equipped with an ejector mechanism, with which only the spent sleeves are ejected during the opening of the barrels. Thickness of the walls allowed to use reinforced ammunition when firing.Many even use such cartridges as the "Sunar-Magnum", although, of course, the return from the shots with them is a little more. However, by hunting the fields in a round-robin fashion for migratory geese, this factor can be ignored.

The design features of the IZH-27M rifle became the basis for the development of such modern rifles as the Sever, IZh-39E, MP-251. Their production is widely established today. They are used in both hunting and sports purposes.

What to look for when buying

When buying a gun IL-27 (16 caliber or 12), it is necessary to carefully examine the propane barrels. If a light white bloom is visible under the interposer, then it is better not to acquire a weapon, since after a few shots the interposer can move away.

In addition, you need to pay attention to the muzzle cut on the trunks: they must have the same thickness and be perfectly round. No less important is chromium plating, which should cover the surface completely, and there should be no stains on it.

The plank should also be absolutely flat, without depressions and bulges, and the front sight should be exactly in the middle.In addition, when shaking a gun, nothing should rattle or dangle.

In addition, it is useful to ask the seller to assemble and disassemble it: there are such new instances that have to be closed almost with the help of the knee.

Care and storage

Gun IL-27, like any other, must be kept in a dry place. When storing the trunks are separated, and the trigger and lock fixation descend. This is done by clicking on the small dog inside the landing nest blew. All parts - forend, trunks, block, hinge axis - you need to pre-lubricate.

According to the idea of ​​designers, chrome plating is designed to facilitate the care of the trunks, but it often flies after the first shots. Therefore, it is necessary to clean them after each hunt, even if only one shot was fired. This procedure will help the owner to protect his gun from the rash inside the trunks.

Shotgun IL-27 photo

If there is a large amount of soot, the muzzle channels should first be washed in warm water, and then wiped dry, for example, with a cloth.

If lead has appeared in the trunks, it can be removed with a soft brush. If the owner feels the appearance of shat,then he needs to tighten periodically the clamping screw located in the butt. To do this, you first need to unscrew the two screws and remove the cover-shock absorber.

You can not click a gun idle when there are no cartridges in the trunks, because this reduces the life of the springs, strikers and pins.


Today, you can find Rus models with improved silver engraving and two pairs of trunks. Build quality is very high. Judging by the reviews, it is devoid of all the flaws that the serial models have. Characteristics of piece copies are excellent barrel bluing, as well as improved balance and locking mechanism. The fuse stroke is smoother, and the box and handguard fit perfectly.

Two pairs of barrels make such a gun more versatile. As noted in the reviews, you can go with him to almost all types of hunts. However, the cost of such copies is two times higher than that of the serial ones.

IZH-27 smoothbore rifle


The performance qualities and many advantages of the double-barreled IL-27 have been repeatedly confirmed by the highest awards at prestigious international fairs.However, the recognition of many thousands of users - the owners of this wonderful gun is much more important. Judging by the reviews, many people use it on various types of hunting, ranging from wild fowl up to the Kamchatka bear.

Regardless of the used cartridge or modification, the IZH-27 rifle (16 caliber, 12 or 20) can be called a good choice for such a low price. Of course, the number of marriages does not decrease over the years, however, many opt for the MR-27. In this regard, experts with many years of experience in double-barreled hunting claim that you need to buy models that were released before the collapse of the USSR — in 1991 and earlier. And then the gun IL-27, reviews of which indicate that it is in good condition, will last for a long time. With him it will be possible for many years to go to the beast or feathery game, and, as some users joke, even their children will shoot from it.

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