Hotel Barcelona (Nha Trang, Vietnam): reviews. Barcelona Hotel 3 *

This hotel complex is underlinedThe European name is located entirely in another part of the world - in Asia. Hotel address: Vietnam, Nha Trang. Hotel "Barcelona" accepts mainly European guests.hotel barcelona nha trang

Europeans in their habits are peculiara certain healthy conservatism. They are mostly afraid of poor-quality products, so they joke: "Vietnamese eat everything that casts a shadow." The name of the famous European city in the name of the boarding house sounds like an invitation to them. Therefore, tourists with pleasure stop at the hotel complex "Barcelona" (Nha Trang). The hotel is 3-star, but customer testimonials indicate that the level of comfort in reality corresponds to the type of 3 * + or 4 *.

Nha Trang Resort

Nha Trang is not just the capital of the provincecentral Vietnam, but also a resort on the coast of the South China Sea. It is surrounded by picturesque mountains, as well as generously and tastefully planted with palm trees and other tropical flora. Here on the lawns there are plants that our growers grow at home in pots: aloe, clivia, adeniums. The city is a young resort that grew up on the site of a fishing village. In its central streets, there are many hotels, cafes and restaurants, shops and diving centers.

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Prices here are relatively low, and foodgenerous and diverse. However, a tour to Vietnam is not worth buying and planning from the second decade of November to the second decade of February. The reason for this is the rainy season. In the rest of the time Nyachang is a paradise for rest, because the average air temperature in Vietnam is 23-260C. Local residents are smiling and friendly. It is in the center, in the European quarter is the hotel "Barcelona" (Nha Trang).

Hotel description

A 14-storey modern building with 53 comfortable andcomfortable rooms built in five minutes walk from the beach. The project is a design, purely resort and very aesthetic. From the windows of this hospitable hotel complex, guests can enjoy a panorama of the lovely tropical sea resort. Tour in the hotel "Barcelona" (Nha Trang) will cost inexpensively. The 14-day guest house costs from $ 1150 to 1750.

On the ground floor of the building there is a restaurant,designed for simultaneous service of 80 people. On the roof of the hotel there is a swimming pool, where you can have fun while enjoying the chic tropical panoramic scenery. On the tenth floor, a modern conference room is open.


Travelers who purchase a tour to the Barcelona Hotel (Nha Trang) can choose the suitable number based on the following assortment:

  • deluxe (city view);
  • improved number;
  • deluxe (sea view);
  • luxury Premium.

The rooms are comfortable and stylish. The living area of ​​the first three types is 28 m.2, Luxury rooms - 50 m2. The bathroom has a bathtub. The floor in the living rooms of Barcelona Hotel is lined with solid, natural, noble European wood: elm, oak and mahogany. For the convenience of customers, the furniture in the rooms is selected for the overall design of the room. Completely ergonomic and modern double and two single beds, a pair of chairs, bedside tables, wardrobe can be made of teak, ebony, rosewood. The windows of the rooms are modern, wide, with shutters and thick curtains to protect them from direct sun rays.

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In addition to a good design environment, a new andfunctional household appliances of the client rooms makes the Barcelona Hotel (Nha Trang) really comfortable and comfortable. A guest can use:

  • powerful multi-mode air conditioning (which is very important in the tropics);
  • mini-bar;
  • free Wi-Fi;
  • cable TV;
  • a hairdryer;
  • electric kettle;
  • safe deposit box.

The mini bar works great: the fruits in it do not deteriorate. Rooms are cleaned daily and carefully, towels and bed linen - every three days. Reviews of those living in the hotel complex testify that the Hotel Barcelona (Nha Trang) is comfortable and comfortable, it is nice to live in it.


Tourists and guests of all Nha Trang hotels withenjoy enjoying the local municipal beaches. The last well-groomed, clean and well-maintained. Care of them is financed from cash deductions of hotels and seasonal payments of beach people. And the system works! Chic beaches of the city with white sand and palm trees stretch a seven-kilometer strip. A conditional frontier of comfort (hereinafter the non-tourist option begins) can serve as a landmark - the building of the central city shopping center. Behind it, less clean beaches begin.

hotel barcelona nyachang reviews

Guests at the Barcelona Hotel are quite happy with thisrest and evaluate it with the highest score. The only thing that can be recommended in terms of beach holiday: be sure to visit the beach Zocklet. He is one of the best in the world.


Separate reviews deserve a stylisha modern swimming pool, located on the roof. It is completely safe. The chic panoramic seascape opens with a swim. Thus there is a so-called effect of infinity. That's very beautiful.

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The pool of Hotel Barcelona 3 * is designed forlounge-rest. Therefore, it is acceptable for the bathing person to use a little alcohol to sharpen the perception of the beauty that opens to the eyes to the maximum. Such a lazy rest (it should be dosed) is especially bright and effective in the company. Judging by the reviews, it brings diversity to the recreation of adults, making it more versatile.


The food of a tourist in Vietnam is a special subject, forthis country can rightfully be called a gastronomic paradise. The guests of the Barcelona 3 * hotel prove this truth in their own way. The fact is that there is a possibility of multivariance: boarding, half board, etc.

Of course, the most lazy way to organize yourmeals here - it's just to buy a tour with a boarding house. It should be noted that the food in the hotel complex is excellent. Breakfast is dense: chic soup fo, seafood, a variety of meat, noodles, all kinds of exotic fruits: lychee, "dragon's heart", rambutan. Do not deprive your guests of the hotel "Barcelona" (Nha Trang). Reviews of the buffet dinner and dinner can be expressed only by the word "abundance". And this holiday is a class of "three stars"!

The style of gourmet food in Vietnam outside the hotel

However, some of the guests preferminimal food in the hotel restaurant - only breakfast. But lunch and dinner, they go to the numerous restaurants in Nha Trang. Prices for dishes in them are competitive with hotel, but the range leaves much to be desired. Note that while guests of the Hotel Barcelona 3 * (Vietnam) are wary of cheap local fast food, which is sold simply on the streets.

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Which restaurants are worth visiting in Nha Trang? In the restaurant Lanterns you can order a chicken baked in coconut. Portion costs 90-100 thousand dong (100,000 dong corresponds to $ 4.5), and a serving of soup in different versions (with seafood, pork, beef) will cost 35-50 thousand dong. Cookbook Cafe Restaurant, "Pavilion", Ngoc Trai Restaurant, Lanterns Vietnamese Restaurant offer their customers a cream soup with lobster, grilled salmon, tiger shrimps baked with cheese, a variety of rolls and sushi. They can taste shrimp, crocodile, ostrich, lobster, oyster, cuttlefish, sea mantises, mussels, squid, octopus, sea urchins. By the way, here you can try frog, snake, tortoise lovers of acidic exotics.

Diving in Nha Trang

Visitors to the hotel, especially young people,Nyachange, are attached to diving. This is an exciting hobby. The infrastructure of the resort is rich in inexpensive diving centers. Scuba diving is cheap. It's not uncommon for a Russian instructor here. Neophyte diving, as a rule, take three practical lessons. On the first they sink by 2 meters. On the second dive with a tube and mask (scrolling). On the third they will have a full-fledged deep-water dive.

Among the local coral kingdom (there are about 400 of their species) you can see bright coral fish: clown fish, parrotfish, lion fish and turtles.


Tourists, lovers of outdoor activities go today tour to the island of Vinpearl, located near the coast, where an appropriate modern infrastructure was created: a large water park, a show of fountains, an attraction and an oceanarium.

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Vacationers of the hotel visit the attractions of Nha Trang:

  • located on the mountain Ku-Lao buildings IX-XII centuries AD, the ancient Tyam towers Po Nagar;
  • the island of Honce with the world famous "Vinperl" amusement park;
  • pagoda Long Sean with a 14-meter sculpture sitting in the lotus position of the Buddha;
  • visually demonstrating the beauty of the underwater world of the Institute of Oceanography;
  • The picturesque garden of stones "Honchong", located on the sea cape.


Hotel Barcelona, ​​3 stars has, offersreally good service for its guests. The local climate is not rainy (it's the tourists who fear it). Precipitation is somewhat higher in October, November and December. Belt of the mountains protects the resort from low rain clouds. The sea here is calm. The water of the South China Sea has a temperature of 20 to 27 degrees with a plus sign.

hotel barcelona 3 stars

The hotel staff is attentive to the needs of the guests and exceptionally hardworking: 24 hours a day the hotel complex and its territory are maintained in exemplary order.

Many tourists, rested here, in their reviews promise to return here and in the subsequent vacation.

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