Hotel Evi 3 * (Rhodes, Greece): overview, description and reviews of tourists

The island of Rhodes is a paradise for tourists, since so much sun does not exist on any island of the Dodecanese archipelago. The number of sunny days here is the maximum. Notable is that at the entrance to the port you can see the magnificent statue of the god Helios, who was considered the patron saint of the sun. Another symbol of this magnificent place is Ketmia, or Rhodes Rose, so there is another name - the island of Roses. On the island there are two places that must be visited without fail: this is the Old Town and the fortress of Lindos. These magnificent buildings were built a long time ago. They immediately conquer the hearts of tourists with their size - huge locks with many entrances and exits.

Features holiday on the island of Rhodes

Visiting the island of Rhodes, one should not ignore such bays and beaches as Kalithea, Tsambika, Prasonissi - chic areas for a good rest.Both windsurfers and those who like to relax in the thermal waters will find activities for themselves. Where to visit the travelers who decided to visit the city of blooming roses - Rhodes? In their own unique and unique resorts are Faliraki and Lindos. The first of them is located 15 kilometers from the entrance to the port, but has a huge beach with clean sand. Discos and bars there are closed only in the morning, so having fun there is one sheer pleasure! There are very popular water sports there, such as windsurfing, scuba diving and leisurely walks on catamarans. You can visit the largest water park, where you can relax at 100% - water sports will not make you bored. This article will present a wonderful location - Hotel Evi 3 (Rhodes Island, Faliraki, Kallithea).

Evi 3 Greece about Rhodes 3 line

When planning a trip to Rhodes, you need to take care of your accommodation in advance. For those who are not used to spending a lot of money on accommodation, the Evi 3 Hotel (Greece, Rhodes) Line 3 will be an excellent option.


Evi 3 Rhodes

The hotel complex is located in the town of Faliraki, fourteen kilometers from Rhodes. The same distance the hotel has from the international airport.This complex was built in 1982, the restoration was carried out in 2002. The hotel has everything for outdoor activities, not only adults but also children: a children's pool, a playground, and the rooms have a special and free service - a cot.

Hotel Beach Information

Evi 3 Rhodes reviews

The distance from Evi 3 Hotel (Greece, Rhodes Island) to the sandy beach is 800 meters, between these two objects there is a road. You can get to the beach area on a special tourist train. Shuttle service is paid at certain hours: departure to the beach at 10 am, back to the hotel at one o'clock. The beach with clean sand, there are sun loungers, places to relax with an umbrella are paid. The hotel has one outdoor pool with fresh water.

Condition of hotel rooms

Evi 3 Rhodes Island Faliraki Kallithea

In total, the hotel Evi 3 (Greece, Rhodes, 3 line) has 274 rooms, each of which has air conditioning, shower, telephone, refrigerator. On a hot day, you can go to the balcony or terrace and enjoy the beautiful views of the island. The hotel is equipped with paid internet, cost for 8 minutes - 50 cents. There is a savings chamber at the entrance to the hotel, you need to pay 15 euros (1,100 rubles) for a week of storage, and 20 euros (1,500 rubles) for two weeks.

Additional services

On the territory there is a mini-market with all the necessary products. Wireless Internet is located in the hotel lobby, its cost is about 15 euros (1,100 rubles) for the time spent. For lovers of outdoor activities, there is a hall with table tennis. There is an opportunity to assemble a team for beach volleyball.


Evi 3 Greece about Rhodes

Food is fully balanced, includes a buffet. It is located every morning in the central restaurant from 7 am to 10 hours. After that, there is a full-fledged lunch buffet, it starts at half past twelve and lasts up to two. The beginning of dinner is considered at 18:30 and lasts until half past nine in the evening. If you need a quick snack, you can look at the bar, which is open from 11:00 to 12:30, from 16:30 to 18:30. The snack list includes light sandwiches, delicious pastries, chilling ice cream, and cookies. Drinks can be consumed from 10 am to 11 pm. Beer, wine, soda with different flavors, tea, coffee, brandy, brandy - all these are our own drinks. You can try imported cocktails, but for an additional fee.

Tourist comments

Hotel Evi 3 Rhodes

Reviews of Evi 3 (Rhodes) will tell in more detail about all the advantages of accommodation in this hotel. Rest in this hotel complex is the dream of any tourist.There are many places that will be remembered for a long time, they will give only good impressions. For a small price, you can not only relax on a clean beach, but also visit the surroundings of this Greek island. The village of Faliraki is famous for its beautiful bays Anthony Quinn and Ladiko, which can be reached on foot. On the way you can look at the farm with peacocks. For children, this farm is a real paradise and a storehouse of new experiences.

Hotel Evi 3 Rhodes Reviews

Hotel reviews Evi 3 (Rhodes) testify to the excellent work of the staff. Hotel service is always on top, the girls at the reception will prompt and help in any dispute, the most polite staff. Hot water all year round will allow you to spend days of rest in comfort. If you make a request to the staff, the problem will be fixed as soon as possible.

About nutrition

Fruits give in the evening, peaches, watermelons, everything is fresh. Stewed vegetables abound. There are various types of meat - lamb, chicken, pork. For breakfast, usually scrambled eggs with ham. On a platter is a separate cut of delicious cheese and sausage. You can enjoy local pastries. She is always fresh, no delinquency.Hotel Evi 3 (Rhodes) is also suitable for families with babies. If there are small children under 8 years old - once every three days an animator comes and sings songs. Kids fun and interesting. To reach the sea on foot, you need to spend 10-15 minutes. But a gorgeous view and a sandy beach are a wonderful delight. It is possible to travel with a personal guide who talks about the sights available and very interesting. A true professional in his field. You can use the rental car, it will cost 60 euros (4500 rubles) per day. You can drive around the whole territory and enjoy the most beautiful view. Using the bus, you can go to the old town. Visiting various shops and boutiques is a separate pleasure. In general, the impression of the island is very pleasant, most tourists like everything that the Evi 3 hotel offers (Rhodes, Greece, Faliraki) - cost, service and food - everything is top notch.


If you want to visit cozy taverns, then just call an inexpensive taxi to anywhere in the island of Rhodes. Then you just need to visit Ixia - the territory, which is equipped with convenient road forks.This area is located not so far from the main resort town of Rhodes, just 5 kilometers away. Visiting Ixia, you can use the services of high-class hotels, which are usually located along the coast. This makes it possible to observe a gorgeous view from the window both day and night. A little further from Ixia is the resort of Kolymbia, a picturesque corner for tourists. The nature there is juicy and diverse, so you should visit this place with the whole family. The territory is very well located bay, which are fenced from all sides by high cliffs, which prevents the penetration of wind into these quiet backwaters. Another noteworthy is the long alley - it consists only of eucalyptus trees, which makes it possible to enjoy the wonderful aroma in this wonderful place. Right next to this alley there is a whole complex of bars and restaurants that open their doors until the morning. To the east of the center is a small village - Kiotari - there is everything for outdoor activities. Fishermen will especially feel comfortable in this area, because this village is famous for its fishing skills.There are wonderful shopping areas with fish of any kind and value.

Top 5 places for walking on the island of Rhodes

Here are the main places for walking:

  1. Impregnable fortress of Rhodes. The building, built by monks in the 18th century, stands on the site of the ancient acropolis. This fortress was considered the strongest and longest, the walls stretched for almost 4 kilometers. On the territory of the fortress was once the Palace of the Great Masters, but now there are only unbreakable walls.
  2. Rhodes is a city surrounded by a fortress. Of course, for a leisurely walk the resort town itself is best suited. Its streets and neighborhoods have always caused a lot of admiration for tourists, since all of them are paved with cobblestones. The pristine beauty of local buildings becomes a cause of stormy discussions with the freight forwarder and clarifying the history of the formation of these neighborhoods. In the Middle Ages, there were multiple administrative buildings here, and real knights in brilliant armor walked the streets. 10 large gates lead to the inner territory of the city. Walking through the ancient city will give a lot of positive emotions.
  3. Lindos - the charm of the past.The most interesting fact of this place is that in the city of Lindos there is a whole group of houses painted white, some of them for several centuries. However, it was forbidden to demolish old buildings - they are a recognizable landmark of this town. The time of the construction of the ancient territory is considered to be 10th century BC. The name of this city was due to the temple of Athena Lindia, which was the main place of worship.
  4. Mandraki - the port of antiquity. This harbor existed in the third century BC. In those days, at the entrance stood a huge statue of the Colossus of Rhodes. There you can see the oldest mills, and next to it - the Nikolaev fortress.
  5. Observation deck - Filerimos mountain. Getting into this territory, a tourist can observe several familiar places from a great height - this is the resort of Ixia, the oldest city of Ialyssos. Having been on this elevation, you can touch the painting of the 18th century and visit several Christian cathedrals. At the foot of Filerimos stands a huge cross, 18 meters long.

So you can relax on this island. All the reviews of tourists about this place are enthusiastic.

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