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Igalo - it's very famous both in theMontenegro, and beyond its health resort. He gained such fame thanks to the Simo Milošević Institute, founded here more than half a century ago, in which the most diversified diseases are successfully treated: from rheumatism to skin problems. However, attracts Igalo and ordinary tourists who want to spend a holiday in a quiet place with a healthy climate.

In addition to the Igalo Institute, there are manyhotels of various categories of star rating: from the most simple and cheap to luxury hotels. If you decide to spend your vacation on the Adriatic coast in the town of Igalo and at the same time you are looking for a comfortable but budget accommodation option, then pay attention to the three-star Novi hotel. Today we will introduce you to this hotel in more detail, as well as we will tell you what impressions our compatriots have had with staying here.

novi 3 Montenegro

Where is

Hotel Novi 3 * (Montenegro) is located onthe territory of the famous resort Igalo on the Adriatic coast. Just a few kilometers away from it is a large city - Herceg Novi. Its historical center can be reached in half an hour. Also from here it is literally a stone's throw to the border with Croatia. So, the distance to Dubrovnik is only 30 kilometers. It is convenient to get to Igalo from Tivat airport (about 40 minutes), so from Dubrovnik's air harbor (it will take about the same time, but you will need a national Croatian or Schengen visa). You can take trips from Igalo to other cities of Montenegro by bus, taxi or rented car. As for the beach, the hotel "Novi" does not have. The nearest beach is only one and a half hundred meters and is famous for its curative mud.

hotel novi 3 montenegro

Novi 3 * (Montenegro): photo and description

Novi is a modern hotel, which for the first timeopened its doors in 2010. Here you can stay in 80 comfortable rooms and apartments. The hotel expects quality food ("all inclusive" or "only breakfast"), excellent service and a pleasant atmosphere, setting up a quiet, measured rest on the beach. By the way, this hotel is very popular with our compatriots. According to them, this is a great place for a family vacation away from the city bustle. If you decide to settle in Novi 3 * (Montenegro), the booking can be made through one of the online booking sites or directly through the travel agency.

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Hotel Policies

In accordance with the internal rules of thisa three-star hotel, the arrival of rest tourists is after 13:00. However, if you arrive earlier (for example, due to an early flight), you will be placed immediately if there are available rooms. Otherwise you will be offered to leave things at the reception and stroll around the neighborhood, have a snack or go to the beach, in a word, start to rest. On the day of departure, it is necessary to vacate the occupied room in Novi Igalo 3 * (Montenegro) until 11 am. At the same time it will be necessary to hand over the key to the reception and pay the rent. For payment, both cash and payment cards Visa and MasterCard are accepted here.

Special conditions

In the hotel "Novi" (Igalo, Montenegro) there will always beWe are glad to the guests arriving for rest with whole families, with children of different ages. For your children on request can be installed additional beds. The possibility of such a service for your room category and its cost is recommended in advance to ask the hotel administration. As for guests who do not want to leave their pets even on vacation, then, unfortunately, the policy of the hotel in question does not provide for the accommodation of animals on its territory.

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Number of rooms

Hotel Novi 3 * (Montenegro) has 80 rooms andapartments located in two buildings. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, own bathroom, flat screen TV, telephone, balcony. The apartment also has a kitchenette. Cleaning is done daily, and bed linen and towels are changed twice a week.


Guests of the hotel are offered a choice of two types of food: breakfast only or "all inclusive". You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in the hotel restaurant, where the chefs are buffeted.

Beach holidays

The nearest beach to the hotel "Novi" is only 150 meters away. It is sandy, with a shallow approach to the water and is famous for its curative mud.

hotel novi 3 montenegro reviews


The Novi 3 * (Montenegro) has everythingnecessary for a comfortable stay of guests. So, there is a reception open 24 hours a day, there is a restaurant, a bar and parking, a safe at the front desk. In addition, the hotel has all the facilities for disabled people.

Cost of accommodation

The price for accommodation in the hotel "Novi" (Igalo) is fully consistent with its three-star category. So, a seven-day accommodation per person will cost in the amount of seven thousand rubles.

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Hotel Novi 3 * (Montenegro): reviews of tourists from Russia

In order to make your impression of the hotel"Novi", located in Igalo (Montenegro), was more complete and reliable, we suggest to get acquainted with the opinion of our compatriots, who this year already had a chance to rest here. A little ahead, we note that most of the tourists' reviews are positive. However, there are also a few negative (however, as in the case of other hotels). But we suggest to understand everything in order.

As for the hotel itself, it isquite new and built in a modern style. The rooms and suites of our compatriots seemed cozy and spacious. In addition, they had everything they needed. By the way, furniture and appliances are modern, which many tourists did not expect from a three-star hotel, located far from the richest European country.

As for cleaning the rooms Novi 3 *(Montenegro), then its quality as a whole lodgers were satisfied. True, sometimes maids forgot to replace bed linen in time or replenish the supplies of toiletries, but the appeal to the reception quickly resolved all the problems.

novi 3 Montenegro photo

As we have touched upon the theme of maids, we offerfind out the opinion of travelers about the hotel staff in general. So, many tourists note that the hotel staff are very hardworking and friendly. However, sometimes because of the large influx of guests they do not have time to do everything on time, but our compatriots are not to blame for this not on the staff, but on the owners of the hotel, who did not take care of hiring a sufficient number of employees. As for the knowledge of the Russian language, there are only a few who speak it here. But you can always explain yourself in Serbian, since it is similar in many respects to Russian. In addition, the hotel almost always has a Russian-speaking guide, which can be accessed on any issue.

As for the hotel Novi 3 *(Montenegro), travelers' reviews characterize it as a small one. There is no pool and a special entertainment infrastructure. However, according to tourists, this is quite normal for small European hotels. Pleased guests location of the hotel. So, you can walk to the sea in just a few minutes. Also in the vicinity of the hotel there are restaurants, supermarkets and small shops.

Enough contradictory reviews were awardedmeals at the hotel. So, according to many guests, the food here was delicious and quality. The choice of dishes, of course, can not be compared with four or five-star hotels in Turkey and Egypt, but it was impossible to remain hungry. Every day, guests were offered meat and fish dishes. Some tourists remain unhappy with the choice of dishes and argue that the hotel should give the issue of food more attention.

In general, seasoned travelers recommendFor people planning to stay at Novi 3 * (Montenegro), do not pay for food on an all-inclusive basis by selecting the option "breakfast only." In this case, you will always have the opportunity to go to lunch and dinner in the surrounding taverns, where for more than an acceptable price you can try a variety of dishes of national Montenegrin cuisine.

As for the beach, you can reach itliterally in a couple of minutes. It is sandy here and has a gentle entry into the water. The local beach is famous for its healing mud. Therefore, here, according to tourists, the water is unclear. However, amateurs will be smeared with medicinal mud, as well as families with children who will be happy to play in the sand on the beach, they will surely like it. If you want to relax on the beach with a cleaner water, then it will take only a short stroll along the shore.

As for entertainment, the hotel "Novi", likeMost hotels in Montenegro do not offer guests an animation program. Basically people come here in search of a calm, measured beach holiday away from the city bustle. Therefore, this hotel is perfect for family tourists with children of different ages, as well as older people.

Young people, accustomed to a stormy rest, here,according to experienced tourists, will be boring. For this category of travelers it is recommended to choose hotels in Herceg Novi or Budva. In addition, experienced tourists are strongly recommended to all who spend their holidays in Montenegro, be sure to go on excursions. You can do it both on a rented car and in the tour group. Moreover, Montenegro can offer a lot of places of interest not only on the Adriatic coast, but also in the interior of the country (here there is the famous Skadar Lake, the national park Durmitor, the modern and historical capitals of the state (Podgorica and Cetinje) and many other sights).

In general, summing up, we can say that the hotelNovi 3 * (Montenegro, Hercegnovska Riviera), according to tourists from Russia, is a good place for a measured family holiday on the Adriatic Sea, offering comfortable accommodation and good services.

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