How beautiful to tie a headscarf?

The scarf is one of the most popular femaleornaments. He gives the image of femininity, romanticism, emphasizes tenderness. But in order for all the qualities of this accessory to fully reveal, you need to know how to tie a headscarf beautifully.How beautiful to tie a headscarf on your headMany girls dream of using scarf inhis daily or festive wardrobe, but not everyone knows how to properly tie it. Such familiar ways of tying, as "kerchief", "knot forward" or some "gypsy" techniques are no longer popular.

How beautiful to tie a handkerchief to your head,depends on the general image, the direction in which it is created. One and the same technique can look quite different, supplemented with one or another garment, ornaments. Correctly placed accents play a large role. For example, a handkerchief can perform a central role in the ensemble or be a modest addition.How to tie a handkerchief around your neck

The classic way is a win-win optionhow beautiful it is to tie a headscarf or neck. To do this, the two ends must be wrapped around the neck and tied behind the knot. It is better if the handkerchief is chiffon, very thin and large. It can be wound around the neck in several layers and not pressed too tightly in the head. This is a romantic and beautiful option, which will perfectly emphasize your femininity, will give an image of a touch of mild mystery.

To original clothes can be used and suchoption, how beautiful to tie a headscarf: in the form of an oriental turban. This is a bold decision for fashionistas who are not shy about eccentric images. The main thing in this technique is to press the handkerchief tightly to the head, otherwise the design will look somewhat different. For this method, a shawl made of fine wool or crepe de chine is best. Too thin sliding and flowing fabrics should not be chosen for the turban, because they will not keep the shape. This option is also convenient in the case when there was no time left before leaving the house to build a hairdress, because all the hair can be hidden under a handkerchief.How to tie a handkerchiefOpen only the forehead remains. It perfectly underlines the shape and facial features, elegant make-up, eyes. The ends of the scarf must be hidden so that they do not hang around the edges. It is best to choose a shawl in the tone of a suit. So, the ensemble will look organic. To such along are obligatory stylish ornaments in oriental style, for example, large earrings, necklaces with stones, rings or pendants.

How to tie a handkerchief around your neck, many know, butThe use of it as a headdress is less common. Therefore, such a device will immediately set you apart from the crowd, give individuality. The main thing is to learn how to tie a handkerchief correctly. The hit of this season is a scarf in the form of a hoop. For such an accessory you need a thin, but dense scarf of a small size. It must be twisted into a bundle, tied around the head and fastened to the back of the head. The ears remain open, but the width of the bundle should not be more than five centimeters. From this version, you can create the most original and interesting images. For example, make a tourniquet from two different colored headscarves or leave the ends, beautifully hanging down on the shoulders. The main thing - to show imagination.

Now you know how to tie a handkerchief so that it turns into an interesting and fashionable accessory.

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