How does Khlestakov behave?

In the comedy of N.V. Gogol "Inspector" Khlestakov takes the place of the main character. The author managed to show the hero, who knows how to develop the action. This is the novelty of the writer. The image of Khlestakov motivates the development of actions in the work. Gogol sends him a new impetus, which makes it possible to develop the plot. Thanks to this hero in the comedy dominates the situation of deception.

The image of Khlestakov

Khlestakov himself is simply emptiness and idealstupidity. This person does not have his own content, he does not have his own content. Therefore, we can see how Khlestakov behaves. His reincarnation and the game of his entrusted roles to him are very easy. He does not understand that he is spinning intrigue. Not knowing the reason for this festive reception, Khlestakov enjoys honors. He has no idea that he is mistaken for an auditor. His actions further convince others that an inspector from St. Petersburg came to see them.

His behavior introduces the protagonist inthe fallacy of the rest. The governor, seeing for the first time, he intimidates, not to get into prison for the hotel debt, although he himself is frightened. Career, which he himself thought up, he tells in the house of the Governor, than raises himself in the eyes of others. Depending on the situation in which Khlestakov turns out, his appearance and behavior change. He has practically no vulnerabilities. The way Khlestakov behaves depends on the situation in the Governor's house. It can be called a chameleon, which changes its color in order to survive.

Quit unscathed from any situation

The protagonist of the comedy leaves without problemsany situation thanks to the sincerity with which he plays the roles that were imposed on him. He twists out like a small fish in his hands so that his lie does not open. For example, Khlestakov claims that he is the author of the work "Yuri Miloslavsky." And as soon as Marya Antonovna makes a remark to him, he immediately says that there are two works of the same name.

Khlestakov, in fact, does not think about the fact,why his position has changed so drastically, he does not want to think and does not know how, he adapts to the occasional progress of events. He makes the most of the right moments, shows his position in the big city with all his behavior. At the same time, he himself believes in his stories, until he refuses the language from drinking alcohol.

The image of the main character Khlestakov from the comedy"Inspector" has its depth. In it lies the truth of life. Khlestakovs are present among us. More than once it is said that such people in the middle of the emptiness. The behavior of Khlestakov makes us think about our actions and about the actions of others.

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